College placement

Slade Mead, College CounselingWitnessing and guiding each student’s exciting transition from high school student to grad on his way to college, is the ultimate reward for student, parent and Trinity-Pawling.  The Trinity-Pawling College Counseling Office finds that college match which awaits each of our students.  Please direct any questions you have about the process to Director of College Counseling, Slade Mead at or call 845-855-4839.

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SAT / ACT Prep

All classes will be held here on campus and will provide preparation for the April ACT and the June SAT. All enrollment is handled directly through Brian Mahronic at High-End Test Prep. Brian's email address is Once the classes are enrolled the Trinity-Pawling college office will communicate further details pertaining to the class, which includes meeting places and class materials. 


MONDAY, MARCH 27TH             6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29TH      6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

MONDAY, APRIL 3RD                  6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

THURSDAY, APRIL 6TH               6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM


MONDAY, MAY 15TH                  6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

THURSDAY, MAY 18TH              6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

MONDAY, MAY 22ND                 6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND                      6:45 PM TO 8:45 PM

Request a Transcript

Contact Denise Palmer at


Trinity-Pawling utilizes the Naviance Network, which is designed for counselor, student and parental access during ongoing college processes. This outstanding database has the ability to:

- Track college applications

- Manage school documents ranging from transcripts, evaluation reports and teacher recommendations

- Create student graphs showing where an individual stands in comparison to other applicants to a particular college

- Provide data on each college with summarizing statistics on the average and minimum SAT scores, ACT scores and GPA's of accepted students

- Usernames and passwords can be obtained at the College Counseling Office


100% of Trinity-Pawling graduates are admitted to a four-year college or university. In recent years over 85% of our graduates have received offers of admission from their first or second choice schools. This list is a three-year compilation of matriculations.

Nic Bell, Slade Mead, College Counseling

Contact Us

Director of College Counseling:  Slade Mead 

Assistant Director of College Counseling:  Nic Bell

Assistant Director of College Counseling:  Nick LaFontaine

Assistant Registrar:  Denise Palmer

2017-18 Secondary School Profile

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Each year Trinity-Pawling sends over 35% of its graduates on to well-known college and university athletic programs. Attached is a list of where student-athletes have matriculated recently.

Trinity-Pawling has a complete program to assist the collegebound student-athlete.

All potential Division I and II college-bound student athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. See their Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.


A Commitment to Character

As we prepare young men for the world beyond Trinity-Pawling, we seek to convey this fundamental lesson: Character is the single most influential force to propel us forward - whether academically, physically, socially, or spiritually.

Trinity-Pawling has so much to offer!

Check out everything you can do and be in the pages on our site.  And if you'd like to contact us, we'd be happy to hear from you.  You can reach the admission office at 845-855-4825 or by email at

Not Just In the Classroom

What makes Trinity-Pawling unique? The Effort System is at the heart of everything we do.

The Pride

At Trinity-Pawling, every boy is a three-season athlete.  Whether he is learning the basics or has been excelling for years, he is part of the School's century-old athletic tradition.  T-P competes in the Founders' League, a highly competitive arena showcasing some of the nation's best prep school talent. T-P offers 13 interscholastic sports with 30 teams.

We're Seriously Creative

The Arts are an integral part of every Trinity-Pawling student's education. Whether they wish to develop existing talents or experiment with an entirely new form of expression, each student will have at least one year of music, theater, visual art or art history.


As a parent or guardian of a Trinity-Pawling student, you are a welcome member of the community. Your involvement through event attendance, participation in the Parents' Association, or simply staying connected is appreciated.

This could be you!

Over 100 years ago, Frederick Luther Gamage, Trinity-Pawling's Founding Headmaster, said, "Whether a boy succeeds or fails in the first instance at everything he tries is irrelevant.  The only boy who truly fails is the boy who fails to try."  Today, a century later, 315 boys live learn and grow together in an environment that fosters commitment, effort and character across the board.

Stay Connected!

Trinity-Pawling has a rich tradition of alumni connectivity. We want you to participate in the life and vitality of the School. Through this engagement, alumni will help Trinity-Pawling propel forward.

Stay Connected!

Trinity-Pawling has a rich tradition of alumni connectivity. We want you to participate in the life and vitality of the School. Through this engagement, alumni will help Trinity-Pawling propel forward.

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