Updated June 30, 2017

Fiscal year runs from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Thank you to all who generously donated!

Tamara and Dennis Aarons P'18
Teri and Taylor G. Abbett '85
Rich and Debby Adamo
Laura and Fred Adams P'18
Jerome Ade
Adirondack Foundation
M. Wyatt Agaisse
Rebecca and Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. '73
Peter M. Aiello '16
Deborah and Donald Aikman '52
Debra D. Akin
Abdulsalam A. Alagil '16
Colleen and William Carey Alcott '68
Loren and George P. Alexis P'17
Peter R. Alexis '17
Theodore Allegaert
Elizabeth P. Allen
Allyn's Creek Foundation, Inc.
Christopher M. Ambrose '80
John Ammaturo '99, P'17
Alan E.W. Anderson
Leonidas C. Andreadakis '97
Evan P. Angotti '17
H. Carl Sturcke '61
Louise and Jerome A. Mason '56
Elizabeth Brownson Smith Mason
Judith F. Armstrong
Adirondack Foundation at the request of Margi and Kevin Arquit
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Dianne P. and John J. Avlon
Ellen K. Axelrod
Rita and David F. Bagdasarian '66
Christopher Bailey
Ally Baker
Karen D. Baker
Andrew P. Baker
Jeffrey and Irene Baker
Lisa and Rhodes B. Baker '65
Richard Baker, Jr. '65
Timothy N. Baker '67
Lori and Dennis M. Baldwin '87
Kristen and Nicholas D. Balistreri '91
Kathleen and Nicholas J. Balistreri
Janet and Eugene Ballard P'17
Jesse Ballard '17
Mr. and Mrs. David Bancroft , Sr. P'19
Carrie and Andrew Bank
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Irene and John P. Banning, Jr. '57
David and Rene' Bardua
Albert W. Barile, Jr. '71
Geri and Tim Barker
Carolyn Baron
Norman and Rita Bartczak
Charles E. Barthelemy '98
Bassin & Hession Orthodontics
Dana and Daniel Bassin P'18
Joseph and Barbara Bastidas P'18
Anne and George P. Bastis '54
Damon Bates
Mary Jo and Ralph L. Bates, Jr. '49
Carolyn L. Bauer
Mary Jane and Richard H. Bauer '70
C. Brock Bauknight, Jr. '88
Laura and David M. Baylis '85
Jessica and John C. Baylis '87
Bradley B. Beam
Sally H. Beam
Raymond A. Begey '73
Steven Beisel
Annie and Nicolas Bell
Christine and Andrew Bella P'18
Patricia and James L. Bellis, Jr. '72
Ann Bergland
Jason A. Berkeley '17
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Berkeley
Bessemer National Gift Fund
Margaret and Jeffrey Beusse
Ahmetcan Bidav '12
Gregory M. Bieger '08
Rachel Berk and Bruce R. Birns '70
Douglas R. Birns '73
Ethan F. Black Fernandes '17
Suzanne and Frederick M. Blaicher III '86
The Blauvelt Demarest Foundation
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bobrow
Matt Bockhorst
Peter L. Boggs
Cynthia and John W. Bolton, Jr. '83
Bertram F. Bonner
Paulina Borrego
Bottini Fuel
Mark and Kimberly Bottini
Daniel W. Bowen '99
Jacqueline and Frank L. Bowman '49
Yvonne Bradley-Reid
The Braxton Fund Inc.
Jay and Sheila Bresnehan
William J. Brickelmaier III '83
Marivonne and Peter M. Britton '70
John and Betsy Brockway
Justin W. Brownell '17
Nancy and Richard W. Brownell P'17
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brownlee
Andrew Buckwalter
Thomas A. Bull '17
Caelahn C. Bullen '16
Judith and Andrew R. Burgess '62
Don Burgett
Valerie and Christopher D. Burke
JP Burlington
Michael Burns
Valerie S. Busby
Stephanie A. Busby
Deborah and James N. Byers '63
The Cahill Family
Shane Calderwood '17
Susan and Christopher C. Callahan
Sally and Joseph F. Callo '48
Matthew A. Cameron '17
JoAnne and Sean Campbell '80
Jocelyn K. Bown and Kevin E. Canning P'19
Glenn C. Carey
Kirsten G. Carillo P'21
Michele and Christopher Carlin
Mickey Carroll
Luis A. Cartagena, Jr. '17
William L. Cartier '61
Brianne and Timothy Cary
Ann L. Case
Sean and Jill Casey
William Edward Casson
Darcie and Christopher R. D. Cattani '93
Joseph P. Celiberti '91
Matthew J. Cerny '17
Marilyn-Joy and Michael V. Cerny P'17
Joe Cerra
Christy MS Chang P'18
Julie and John L. Chapman, Jr. '77
Nicholas D. Charron '17
Iris and Micah S. Chase '84
Li-Hsiu Hou and Jarn-Chun Chen P'18
Xiaole Gu and Jiang Chen P'18
Jack Chipperfield
Jeung Weon Yoo and In Cheol Choi P'18
So Young Yang and Kwang Ho Choi
Man Hang Chong '17
Davis J. Chung '17
Cameron D. Church
Caroline and Anthony Ciafone GP'18
Mary and Mario Ciampi P'18
Coastal Thoracic Surgical Associates, P.A.
William J. Cody '17
Jamie Coffrin
Bruce D. Colley
Catherine and Cornelius E. Colley '75
James D. Collins
Aniece and Joshua S. Collins '95
Scott A. Collins
Nicholas J. Colombo '17
The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.
Donna M. Conklin P'17
Ira D. Conklin III P'17
Ira D. Conklin IV '17
Christopher Connolly '17
Heather and Michael Connolly P'17
Stephen T. Connolly III
Rachel and John F. Connors III '80
Patricia and George H. Cook
Patrick Cooke
Anne P. Cooper
James Cooper
Linda and John F. Cordes P'17
William Cordes '17
James and Lea Cornell
Betty and Allen L. Cornish
Jonas T. Correa '17
Vivian and George "Sandy" Couch
*Judith and Edward J. Coughlin III '52
Amy and John P. Coughlin
Marilyn and W. David Coughlin '56
Katherine and John M. Coulter, Jr. '54
Emily and Dennis P. Coyle '56
The Crain Foundation
Kelty and Rogers L. Crain
Debra and Dale C. Critz, Jr. P'18
Margaret and Thomas F. Crowley '53
Lucia and Gary P. Csaszar P'18, P'20
Andrew M. Cuello
Rafel E. Cuello
Sam Cuello
Ann P. Curran
Rob and Sue Dailey P'17
Robert E. Dailey '17
Marc J. Daniel DVM
John C. Daniels '48
Matthew David Daniels
Melinda Daniels
Susan and Dave Daniels
JoAnn and Harvey Dann IV
Ray Darcy
Joy and Douglas Daugherty '52
Charleigh R. Davis '70
James Day
Colleen and Patrick Dealy
Marta and Stephen F. Deely
Nikolai L. Degenhardt '17
Delaware Community Foundation
Christopher DeMaria
John H. Demenkoff '66
William H. Dencker '17
Mary DeNisco
Irene and William A. DeNisco '00
Brian J. Desrosier '09
Mike and Jenny Devanny P'18, P'21
George P. Dilworth
Ronald J. DiMaggio '17
Lucy DiMarco
Gale and Michael F. Donoghue
Kerry and William F. Dore III
Elizabeth Dow P'18
Frances and Paul M. Dow '88
Susan and Robert Dow P'19
Tom Drake, MD '85
Eric M. Drath
Elizabeth and Emlen M. Drayton '69
Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. Duane '76
Samantha and Roy D. Duckworth IV '01
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Duggan P'18
Rebecca and Andrew Dunbar '72
Barbara and William S. Dunbar '69
Melanie and William S. Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Colin R. Dunn
Colleen F. Dunne
Roniece and Henry B. duPont IV '86
Joan W. duPont
Susan and Manuel D. Eads '62
Meg and Lawrence C. Eaton '68
eBay Foundation
Linda and Douglas E. Ebert '64
Rodger and Celia Ecker P'20
Marlene and David W. Eldredge P'19
Selena and John G. B. Ellison III '91
Afif El-Solh
Ahmed Eltigani
Laura and Timothy B. Ely '67
Jeanette and Robert D. Emerson
Robert J. Espersen
William F. Estony '17
Margaret P. Everett
Suzanne and William P. Fackner, Jr. '66
Fearey Family
Beverly and Morton L. Fearey, Jr.
Ed Feather
Elizabeth and Ralph A. Fedele '04
Dan Lu and Ruiguang Feng
Chris Fennell
Nicolas Fernandez '98
JB Ferrarone
Thomas H. Fey, Jr. '00
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Daniel and Annie Fierman
Geoffrey Fitzgerald
Mickey Fitzpatrick '15
Richard M. Flint '80
Curtis Fellows Flynn
Suzanne and Geoffrey D. Flynn
Noel and Edward J. Foley III '64
Colleen and Fergal Foley P'18
Barbara and Robert P. Fornshell
Amy and Brian R. Foster '79
Pierce Foster
Mary and George Fountaine
Four Bees Foundation
Sarah and Grant J. Frautschi '86
Thomas and Rosemarie Frenza
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Friedman '97
Katy and Frank Fritts
Marianne and Peter H. Fritts '59
Ashley and Joshua T. Frost '04
Kelly and Andrew C. Fuller '81
The Gaffney Foundation
Trent T. Gaffney '96
Katherine and Jose Galarza P'17
Matthew G. Galarza '17
Elizabeth S. Gallagher
Paul Gambal
Elizabeth and Robert M. Gardiner '40
Susan and John M. Garvey, Sr. P'19
Marguerite and William G. Gatchell '63
Kala Gause and Jeanell Holmes P'17
Glyn Ge '17
John P. Gedrick III
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A.M. Geer
Elizabeth and David C. Genter '80
Oleg G. Gentry '16
Peter B. Gesswein '97
Kristen and Mario Gigante '91
Alison and Gary Gignac P'19
Duncan AC Gilkey
Bryn and Kirsten Gillette
Brian Gillie
Polly and R. Bruce Gillie '63
Chris Gillman
Benjamin J. Gilman '17
Jonathan I. Girard '17
Alfred C. Glassell III '82
Louise and James J. Glasser
Sean P. Gleeson '03
Polly and Barry Gleichenhaus
Jim Glotfelty
Bob Glotfelty
Bill Glover
Gale and Darius Goff '61
Fernando J. Gonzalez '10
Darcy and Michael P. Goodbody '65
Edwin and LaRita Gordon P'18
Robert and Janet Gould
The Richard and Mary Graham Charitable Foundation
Mary and Richard W. Graham II
Jimmy Joe Granito
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grasing II
Susan and Christopher M. Greene
J. Scott Greer
Harvey G. Gregory
William E. Griess, Jr.
Devora and Robert W. Gronauer '70
David P. Grum '78
Tyler R. Gundrum '17
Robert F. Gunkel, Jr. '71
Robert G. Gustavson
Sandy Guthrie
Willard C. Hadley '42
Joanne Chung and David Hahn P'17
Charlotte and Eric P. Haims P'19
Jerome Haims GP'19
B. Christine and Robert W. Hall, Jr. '72
Dillon H. Halloran '13
Alison and Thomas F. Halloran
Nancy A. and David B. Hamilton '83
Kay and Douglas M. Hanafin '80
Stephen B. Hand '59
Elizabeth and Steven Handler
Randall F. Hanke '04
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hanrahan P'18
David and Angela Harner
Brandon K. Harris '17
Winston (Chip) Hart
Hartley Corporation
Dakota K. Harvey '17
Sirikan and Henry C. Hatfield P'20
Christopher M. Hatter '14
Margaret and Philip C. Haughey '53
Walt Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hawkins
Robert B. Hayutin '17
Robyn and Kevin Hayutin P'17
Frederick A. Hazlewood, CMG
Leslie and Patricia Heerdt
William Heerdt
Heffron Company, Inc.
Samuel S. Hemingway '70
Grace and Miguel E. Hennessy '80
Sean Hennessy '91
Anne and Timothy F. Henningsen '79
The Henry Foundation
H. Alexander Henry
Thomas R. Hess
Wyatt J. Hill '14
Amitabh and Supriya Himatsingka P'17
Varun Himatsingka '17
Paul J. Hinkle '74
David W. Hobbs '82
Elizabeth and F. Worthington Hobbs III
Elizabeth and Richard A. Hoefer, Jr. '68
Constance C. Rafferty and Todd E. Hoffman
Jane and Robert C. Holder
Dorothy and William J. Holinger '62
Robin K. Hood
Allison and Donald M. Hooper
Lesley and Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.
Sean Hopper
Mark G. Horncastle
Mrs. Raymond C. Horncastle
Kimberlee and Daniel F. Horton, Jr. '71
Vahak Hovnanian '15
Ying Zhu and Beijian Huang P'17
Zimo Huang '17
Janet and Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. '57
Elizabeth and Bruce W. Huffine '58
Sylvia Congett Hughes and John T. Hughes P'20
Lynn and Robert E. Hughes, Jr. '64
Richard A. Huoppi
John W. Hutchinson, Jr.
Robert J. Hutchison '03
The Hyman Foundation
Suzanne and Jeffrey A. Hyman '64
Lisa Kopecky and Michael Iaria P'18
Philip T. Ignarra '07
Joonatan Ilmela '17
Michael Imbrogno
Margaret and Peter M. Imbrogno
Osuman Imoro '17
Kenneth W. Inch '83
Louis S. Inghilterra '17
Interisland Mortgage Corporation
Jason Isaly
Mildred and *Robert E. Ix
Kathleen and Robert G. Ix '83
G. Brinton Jack III '44
Andrew E. Jacknick '01
Louis A. Jacobowski '17
Ethan Jamron '98
Georgette and Jamie Jefferson P'17
Jordi J. Jefferson '17
Catherine and Charles M. Jelinek P'17
Charles J. Jelinek '17
Jewish Communal Fund
Xiaohui Jiang P'19
Avery P. Johnson '17
Angeline and Michael D. Johnson '49
Nancy and Richard A. M. C. Johnson, Jr. '63
Johnson Family P'17
David Jollin
Hawley Jones
Kurt Jones
Luke S. Jorgensen '17
Regina and Van Jorgensen P'17
Charmaine and John P. Judson
Gyeongbin Song and Jibok Jung
Carole A. Kalba
Wodia Kande P'17
Evan Kanouse III
Ibrahim K. Kante '17
Beth and Francis J. Karalak
Janet Keating
Annie and Donald Keel
Marilyn and Stephen Keiner
Andrew Keller and Hannah Alley Keller
Marny Williams and Michael J. Kelley '56
Rachel and James W. Kellogg
Pamela and Richard W. Kellogg '64
***Edward T. Kenyon
Susan C. Carmichael and Ronald S. Kesicki P'19
June H. Dwyer-Khalil and Mark E. Khalil P'20
Young Jin Lee and Hyeon Seo Ki P'18
Chico Kieswetter
Ji Hyun Kim and Han Wook Kim  P'19
Dogyun Kim
Jeong Hwan Kim '17
Seung Hee Jeon and Young Min Kim P'17
Celinda and Sinclair W. Kinsey '73
Carol, Ted and Doug Kneeland
Martha and Kenneth E. Knowles III '69
Cynthia and Mark R. Koch
Colin M. Kott '02
Jean Doyen De Montaillou and Michael A. Kovner '58
Charles F. Kuyk, Jr. '44
Jin Wook Kwon '17
Eun Hye and Jung Joo Kwon P'17
Regan and Nick LaFontaine
Linda and Gilbert K. Lamb '53
Phoebe and Nicholson G. Lamdin III '67
Justin L. Lampert '17
Antoinette Lanni-Lampert and Todd Lampert P'17
Graham A. Lang
Brendan E. Lantieri '17
Michael J. Lardy '17
Elizabeth and Cort Larned III P'17
MacLean S. Larned '17
Robert W. Larson, Jr.
Monique and Peter C. Lathrop '65
Josephine and Ka Ming T. Lau '91
Christian R. Layne '17
Donna and Michael J. Lazarcheck
Lewis P. Lazare '70
Trung H. Le '16
Patrick I. Leary '09
Mi-Sook Goo and Ho Gil Lee
Emily and T. Carleton Lee
Catherine and Richard L. Leeds, Jr. '64
Ellen and James Legris P'19
Sandra and John LePino P'20
Mary-Ann and Richard G. Lessard
Judy Levine GP'20
Paige and Michael Levine P'20
Paige and Michael Levine P'20
Anne and Stephen M. Lewis '63
Lora Banks and Greg C. Ley P'18
Sunye Li and Xiaoliang Yan P'18
Jamie and John W. Lilley '61
Thomas C. Linacre, Jr. '62
John C. M. Linder '17
Teal and David D. Lindsay '64
HarrietJo and James E. Lineberger
Chris Lippmann
Lois and Kenneth C. Lippmann, Sr.
Ken Lippmann, Jr.
Wei Xiao and Jingtian Liu P'20
Live Oak Foundation
Peter Lockwood
Emily and Michael Loeffel
Deede and Paul H. Loffler '58
Wendy and Glenn F. Lois P'14, P'17
Troy J. Lois '17
Rene Lopez-Duprey
Stephen M. Louro, Jr.
Andrew S. Lovett '80
George H. Luce '55
Kathryn and Lawrence R. Luce '86
Amy and Brian J. Lucey '87
Lisa and Michael G. Lukas P'19
Pamela and Denis N. Lusignan
David A. Lynn '94
Jane and L. Edward Lynn
Daniel J. Lyons '00
Tianyi Ma '17
Hongman Li and Xuguang Ma P'17
Zesheng Ma '17
Macchio Family
Peter J. MacGregor '03
Madison Community Foundation
Sandra and Bruno Maglione
Jack Thomas Makris
Mrs. Melissa A. Makris P'17
Lauren and Gregory Manning P'20
Felix Marcotte-Hetu '15
Sandy and Howard F. Marks, Jr.
Daniel J. Marma P'19
Haley and Thomas J. Martell
Miles M. Martin '16
Betty and Peter G. Masi P'17
Peter J. Masi '17
Andrew Masset
Hitoshi Matsukage '17
Elizabeth and David A. Mayeri '87
Diane and John R. Mayeri
Zachary M. Mazur '17
Kathryn Burton and William D. McBeth P'19
Kathy and Paul T. McCabe '61
Susan and Peter J. McCabe '68
Karen and Timothy D. McCabe '69
A. Lee McCardell III P'17
Michael A. McCardell '17
Tom and Robin McCoy
Dana and Thomas H. McCoy, Jr. '03
Terrell and John F. McDermid '65
Mary Ellen and D. Richard McDougal GP'17
Nicolle and James McDougal P'17
Kenneth C. McDougal '17
Joseph B. McElligott IV
Raymond E. McGovern III '12
Brennan D. McGuire '17
Ellen and Douglas J. McHale P'19
Cecilia and Anthony J. McHugh
A.J. McHugh
Jovonnie and Russell A. McInerney '62
Alexander K. McIntosh
Mark McKallor
Stewart McKnelly '86
Rebecca and William J. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McLean
Robert J. McMullan P'20
Rachel McPherson and William P. McMullan III
The McNamara Family
Anne C Shera Mehlich and Robert W. Mehlich '69
Margaret and Richard A. Melgard '54
Richard A. Mellon '83
Deborah and Michael M. Messina '91
Van Metcalf
Alec J. Meyer '17
Frederick C. Meyer '68
Pamela and Christopher J. Mezzatesta P'20
Sheila L. Schrock and Michael L. Michelson
Peter L. Milford '63
Mill Pond Company, LLC
Sally and David Miller P'18
Lisa and Kenper W. Miller '64
Paul Trent Miller
Maureen and Robert C. Miller
Dana Mills P'18
Beryl and Errol D. Mitchell
TJ  Mitchell '91
Katy Miu P'18
Vicki and Frederick T. Modell '58
Bessie and Vincent W. Montesano
R. Bruce Moody '51
Colleen and Warner R. Moore II '73
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Morales P'20
Morgan Stanley
Joseph H. Morley '17
Francesca and Michael J. Morrissey P'17
Stephen J. W. Morrissey '17
Bradley Mostowy
Howard C. Mount
Pamela Gannon and Robert T. Mullaney '79
Jeanne and James S. Muncey
Christopher Murphy 2013
David Murphy '77
John M. Murphy, Jr. '91
National Philanthropic Trust
Lynn R. Dunphy and David P. Neligan '75
Dr.  Luke Nelligan
David A. Nelson '17
Jacqueline and Thomas C. Newcomb '55
Chris Nolan
Nor' Easter Foundation
Norfolk Southern Corporation Good Government Fund
Philip A. Norkeliunas
Ricky J. D. Norris '17
William Norton
Derek Oberschall
Ed O'Connor
Terri and Peter Ogden
John Oh '10
Sharon J. Oines
Michael P. O'Keefe
Kathleen and Erik K. Olstein '86, P'11, P'14, P'17
Hunter B. Olstein '17
Ryan Olstein
Samuel Opont '17
Laura and Edmund G. O'Shea
Phillip J. Osterhaus '75
Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation
Amy and Barney Paderewski '87
Soon Chang and Jong Soo Paik
Darren J. D. Palmer '10
Denise and Dennis Palmer
Francis E. Palmer '14
Kyle C. Palmer '08
Barbara and Preston S. Parish '37
Sung Hee Seo and Jin Seok Park P'17
Jong Ha Kim and Ju Hyuk Park P'18
Min Sung Park '17
Daniel Victor Parker
James J. Parker
Elizabeth and Walter H. Parkinson '62
Geoff Partel '88
Ryan C. Particelli
Larry Patrizio
Dorothy J. Patterson
Ian J. Patterson '75
Allan B. Payne '72
Peale Foundation
Anne and Wayne Pearson
Fred and Michele Peasley
Penelope and Schuyler V. Peck '66
Stana and Edward C. Peete '80
Joseph and Hilary Perettine P'18
Albert G. Perkins, Jr. '77
Ann and W. Hollis Petersen '64
Donna and Robert G. Phillips P'19, P'21
Parents of James H. Philpott '96
Emily and Jay Philpott
Stephen Philpott
Audrey Pincombe GP'18
Liza and Maxwell A. Pincombe P'18
Roxana and Peyton R. H. Pinkerton '49
John W. Pitts '54
Joseph Pizzo '17
Christopher Polletta '17
Vincent Polletta and Debra Cassidy P'17
Elsa S. K. Cheung and Bun Chak Poon
Posh Nosh Imports, Inc.
Jane and Robert E. Preston '59
Preston S. and Barbara J. Parish Foundation
Germaine and Glenn Price
Deanna and Vance T. Procyk P'19
Vikki L. Pryor
Margot C. Pyle
Anthony B. Quartararo '81
Janice and Michael S. Quartararo '85
Francee Matt Quinlan
Jane and Kevin M. Rahill '77
Bill Railton
Nikolaus K. Rango '17
Virginia and Albert T. Ray '49
Ray Family
Hunter C. Ray '14
Sean and Carolyn Ray
Theresa and L. Thomas Raymond III '77
Maria and Ned Reade
Robert B. Recknagel '55
Judy Redder
Susan and Robert V. Reece '63
Cormac J. Reilly '17
Albert H. Reinauer
Joshua M. Reiss '17
Franci Blassberg and Joseph L. Rice III '50
William L. Richards '67
Sandra and Walter H. Richter III '76
Andrea '81 and John Rickert P'16, P'19
Henry S. Rickert '16
Melvin D. Riddick III
Christine and Edward J. Rigney '83
Joyce R. Ritch
Doo Ho Ro '12
MacGregor Robinson
Elizabeth and Timothy J. Robinson '61
Susan and Alvah O. Rock '59
Lesley S. Rock
Beau T. Roeder '09
Patricia and *Franklin Rolff
Michael S. Rolla '12
John and Uta Rollins
Andrea and Timothy C. Rollins '81
Tunisia and Toussaint C. Romain '96
Patricia and *Daniel M. Rooney
Daniel Michael Rooney
Timothy Rooney, Jr.
Eleanor and William W. Rose, Jr. '50
Sara M. Rosen
Will Rosenbaum VMD
Rob Ross
Stephen Ross
Tom Rossmassler
David E. Rothermel
Jake A. Rothman '17
Tim Rothman
Barbara and G. Christian Roux '73
Charles K. Rudolph, Jr. '58
Marilyn and Robert A. Rudolph '61
Bruce E. Rueppel '55
Rueppel Companies
John J. Ruggiero '17
Forrest D. Ruiz '17
Webster T. Russell '58
Kevin J. Salis '17
Roberto A. Salomon '98
David Sample '67
Bryan Sanchez '97
Ethan F. Sander '16
Thomas E. Sanders
Jodi Sandler
Ellen and James L. Sanford '66
Michael Sanguinetti '17
Gregg Sanik
C. Richard Sarle
Mike Schell
Ryan Schell
Randall Schmid
Cheryl and Stephen H. Schmid '69
Tom Schnautz
Elizabeth and Carl F. Schock, Jr. '55
Schwab Charitable
Tomlin and Robert D. Scott '54
Marlynn and William P. Scully '57
Ian Sears
Scott Campbell Seckel
Seitz Family Partnership, L.P.
Taylor W. Seitz '15
Tommy and Eryn Seitz '90, P'15
Jessica and James K. Selden III P'20
Paul Sevigny
Coleen and Brian J. Sewing '78
Merrill C. Shafer P'14, P'17
Samuel C. Shafer '17
Thomas H. Shafer III '84, P'14, P'17
William P. Shannon, Jr. '69
Allison Shay P'20
Patricia and Burton T. Sheaffer '83
Cynthia Shelburne P'15, P'17
Coleane and Stephen W. Shepheard P'19
Seungjae Shin '17
Soojung Lee and Yong Kyu Shin P'17
Jon S. Shore
Karin and Christopher Shultz P'20
John B. Shuttleworth
Mary and John S. Sikes '77
Patricia and T. McFarland Skelly
Dennis Slater '68
G.E.B. Slocum
Gay and Archibald A. Smith III
Clayton Paul Smith
Linda M. Smith
Mark and *Wendy Smith
Holly and Phillips Smith
Todd Smith '89
Tyrone T. Smith '13
Willou and William C. Smith
Sara and William C. Smith III '87
Kristin and Alan H. Snow '85
Kathleen and Michael Solecki P'16, P'20
Daniel and Anine Somers
Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group
Barbie and Stephen F. Sonnett '61
South Shore Builders
Elizabeth and Robert L. Spang, Jr. '71
Mary Kaye and Gregory A. Spore '85
Thomas A. Spore '13
Bill Staby
S. Dwight Stephens
Cameron Stewart
Gillian and Charles E. Stewart III
Louise and Christopher L. Stewart '67
Charles C. Sticka '52
Emily and Thomas H. Stires '80
JC Stites
Thomas D. Stott, Jr.
Gari M. Stroh III '90
Peter Strong
Lynn and Robert R. Stroud, Jr. '61
Melissa and Linden Stuart III '62
Janelle and Steven T. Styles '88
Lizabeth Fiedler-Styles and Stuart T. Styles '83
Brian "Sully" Sullivan '13
Mark Sullivan '84
Hua Luo and Dong Sun P'17
Zhou Sun '17
Christian A. Sundahl
Thomas Swon
Tailored Marketing Incorporated
Susan Dunton and James C. Tanner, Jr. '73
Amy L. and Lance E. Tanner P'18
Christopher T. Taylor '17
Nancy and Jeffrey T. Taylor P'17
Maura Cody and William S. Taylor '00
Jennifer and William W. Taylor
Judy and John Temple, Parents & Grandparents
Scott Tennant
Virginia and Duncan C. Tenney '70
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
The Robert Thomas Family
Kathy Thompson P'17
Jeffrey E. Thompson '17
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus A.G. Thompson '88
Carrie Tillman GP'18
Lawrence L. Timon '15
Philip and Isabella Timon
Mary and Peter M. Todebush '52
Dante A. Tomassini '14
Andrew N. Triandafilou '66
Raj Trivedi
Emily and Keith Tucci P'18
Mei-Tuan Tung P'18
John D. Turner
Helene R. Kluger and Robert A. Tweed
David B. Tyree
John W. Uhlein IV '06
Kim and Anthony M. Uva P'18
Lisa and Ronald J. Van Amberg '62
Donald Van Dyne
James Van Hoven
James T. Varian III '17
Kathryn and James T. Varian II P'17
NY Pizza Guy in San Jose
Jacob A. Verdesi '17
Paul and Brenda Verdesi P'17, P'18
June and L. Robert Vermes '63
Vermont Community Foundation
Bonnie and Albert Vesper '63
Jean-Paul K. Vincent '17
Patrick Vincent
Carolina Nitsch-von Graffenried and Dieter von Graffenried P'19
Voya Foundation
Nhat T. M. Vu '17
Carolyn and Dale Wade
Bobby Waegelein
Christopher B. Waldron '14
Elizabeth and John J. Walker '59
Michael Waller '11
Maria-Elena and Michael L. Waller '75
Gabriel and Joy Walsh
Wei Wang P'19
Yijin Wang '17
Zi Dong Wang '17
Suzanne and David B. Waters '65
Bernadette and John Patrick Waugh P'19
Carol and Ross M. Weale '58
Elizabeth and Alexander H. Webb '69
E. Gedney Webb
Jean F. Webb IV
Laurence Webber '17
Mike and Sue Webber P'17, P'18
Charlotte C. Weber
Taylor "T. Webs" Weber
David J. Wechsler
Alice and Frederick G. Weeman '63
Ken Weeman '59
Gwen and William T. Wegner '72
Ladd Weinberg '63
Molly and Peter D. Weinberger '83
Eileen Weingarten
Kathleen and James H. Wellman '66
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Timothy P. Welsh '05
Benjamin M. Westney '19
Jacob A. Westney '16
Mary Kay and Ernest C. Whitbeck IV '87
Griselda and Duncan A. White '66
Parrish S. Whitlow '16
Patricia S. Wickham
Wicks Chapin, Inc.
Dana and Richard Wiehl
Stephan Wilkinson and Susan Crandell
David R. Williams '53
Jane and Douglas C. Williams '59
Sam Williams '17
Sheila and D. Clark Willmott '59
Brandon Wilson
Jeremy A. Wilson '17
Ryan M. Winn '17
Asa Wint '17
Thomas Wolkenstein
Cameron A. Woodin '18
Jaqueline and Christopher S. Wren '53
Constance and Andrew M. Wright '99
Elizabeth and James H. Wright
Mianchen Wu '17
Wu Jun Xu and Xutao Wu P'17
Peter L. Wyeth '64
Jianfei Fu and Yongning Yan P'20
David and Margaret Yawman
Logan Yonce '85
Kirstin and Linton L. Young '87
Peter R. Young
Joanne and Robert H. Yunich '61
Julie and Michael W. Zacharewicz
Nadia and Brett B. Zanger '91
Airong Qin and Jiandong Zhang P'19
Jihong Zou P'18
Zhongwen Zhang '17
Qijuan Wang and Yulong Zhu P'19
Raymond Zimmerman '17
Bonnie and Thomas Zinn
Roman Zurutuza

A Commitment to Character

As we prepare young men for the world beyond Trinity-Pawling, we seek to convey this fundamental lesson: Character is the single most influential force to propel us forward - whether academically, physically, socially, or spiritually.

Trinity-Pawling has so much to offer!

Check out everything you can do and be in the pages on our site.  And if you'd like to contact us, we'd be happy to hear from you.  You can reach the admission office at 845-855-4825 or by email at admissions@trinitypawling.org

Not Just In the Classroom

What makes Trinity-Pawling unique? The Effort System is at the heart of everything we do.

The Pride

At Trinity-Pawling, every boy is a three-season athlete.  Whether he is learning the basics or has been excelling for years, he is part of the School's century-old athletic tradition.  T-P competes in the Founders' League, a highly competitive arena showcasing some of the nation's best prep school talent. T-P offers 13 interscholastic sports with 30 teams.

We're Seriously Creative

The Arts are an integral part of every Trinity-Pawling student's education. Whether they wish to develop existing talents or experiment with an entirely new form of expression, each student will have at least one year of music, theater, visual art or art history.


As a parent or guardian of a Trinity-Pawling student, you are a welcome member of the community. Your involvement through event attendance, participation in the Parents' Association, or simply staying connected is appreciated.

This could be you!

Over 100 years ago, Frederick Luther Gamage, Trinity-Pawling's Founding Headmaster, said, "Whether a boy succeeds or fails in the first instance at everything he tries is irrelevant.  The only boy who truly fails is the boy who fails to try."  Today, a century later, 315 boys live learn and grow together in an environment that fosters commitment, effort and character across the board.

Stay Connected!

Trinity-Pawling has a rich tradition of alumni connectivity. We want you to participate in the life and vitality of the School. Through this engagement, alumni will help Trinity-Pawling propel forward.

Stay Connected!

Trinity-Pawling has a rich tradition of alumni connectivity. We want you to participate in the life and vitality of the School. Through this engagement, alumni will help Trinity-Pawling propel forward.

As a convenience, Trinity-Pawling School links to Google Translation which provides an automated translation of our website. The tool is not perfect, and the context of the copy may not be precise when it is translated. As a result, sometimes the translation may lose some of its intended meaning. Therefore, Trinity-Pawling School cannot guarantee the accuracy of the converted text. Where there is any question, the English version is always the authoritative version of the website.

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