A Transformative Experience

At Trinity-Pawling, we see that spark of greatness in each boy. We help our students turn hopes into achievement and hard work into results. Along the way, they discover that greatness takes many forms — a breakthrough English paper, an act of kindness, a game winning goal. It's all about discovering talents and putting them into action. At Trinity-Pawling, no one sits on the sidelines. Get ready, go far.

Dive In

I wouldn't be the person I am today without Trinity-Pawling. This journey that my brothers and I are on together gives us a foundation for the men we want to be. Nolan Laplante ’19, Prefect

The faculty here both nurtured me and held me accountable. Their unfiltered honesty forced me to acknowledge my shortcomings and change my approach. Shayne Skov ’09

The campus has improved significantly since I was here, but the feeling of brotherhood is exactly the same. Everyone treats each other well and the sense of community infiltrates everything we do. I feel fortunate to be able to raise my family in this atmosphere. Bobby Ferraris ’93, Varsity Hockey Coach

Distinctive Programs

Rise to the Challenge

Active, engaged, and out of their seats. Our distinctive programs bolster the way boys learn best: by doing. Every moment spent as a boarding or day student at Trinity-Pawling takes students farther than they ever thought possible.

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Bold Discoveries

Reach your potential and beyond

We’re a school that celebrates giving your all to everything.
It’s our focus on effort and character where things get interesting and life-changing learning begins. 

We're a Family

We're a Family

No one falls through the cracks at Trinity-Pawling because we’re 100% invested in the growth of each boy. We’re more than a school—we’re a family.

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Ambitious and Hands-On

Ambitious and Hands-On

We prepare our students to enter college and the world as confident, well-rounded young men who are in charge of their learning, eager for discovery, capable of innovation, and ready for leadership.

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Brotherhood for Life

Brotherhood for Life

There's no greater experience than living on campus with 300 friends and classmates who feel like brothers.

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Culture of Effort

Culture of Effort

Our boys tell us it's the most transformational experience of their lives. Our alumni still draw on it to guide them in work and in life.

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