Board of Trustees

Officers 2018-2019

Erik K. Olstein ’86, P’11,’14,’17 – President
William W. Taylor – Vice President
Douglas E. Ebert ’64 – Vice President and Treasurer
G. Christian Roux, Esq. ’73 – Secretary

Headmaster Emeritus 

Phillips Smith P’79

Current Members

Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. ’73 – Private Investor
Elizabeth P. Allen – Volunteer
Dianne P. Avlon P’96 – Volunteer
James L. Bellis, Jr. ’72 – Entrepreneur
Michael V. Cerny P’17 – Attorney
W. David Coughlin ’56 – Retired Educator
W. Wallace Danforth ’82 - Investment Advisor
John B. Ferrarone ’98 – Residential Construction
David C. Genter ’80 – Corporate Executive
Maurice R. Greenberg P’77, GP’15 – Insurance Executive*
Samuel S. Hemingway ’70 – Corporate Executive
Janet M. Keating P’99 – Volunteer
Michael A. Kovner ’58 – Real Estate Executive
Peter J. McCabe ’68 – Marketing Executive
Maureen F. Miller P’12,’15 – Volunteer
Philip A. Norkeliunas ’89 – Architectural Historian and Preservationist
John Oh ’10 - Equity Research Associate
Alton W. Ray ’55, P’01 – Exporter
Toussaint “TC” Romain ’96 – Assistant Public Defender and Adjunct Professor
David M. Sample ’67 – Retired International Business and Sales Executive
Ryan Schell ’92 – Medical Sales Professional
George T. Stewart – Educational Consultant
Victoria E. Zoellner P’91 – Investor*

Committee Members of the Trustees

Henry B. duPont IV ’86 – Private Investor
Morton L. Fearey II ’84 – Investment Executive
David W. Hobbs ’82 – Insurance Executive
Charles E. Stewart III, Esq. P’05,’07 – Attorney

* = Honorary Trustee

I am proud and honored to be President of the Board of Trustees at Trinity-Pawling. I have the opportunity to give back to an institution which has had such an impact in my life. It's exciting to be a part of contributing to Trinity-Pawling's future growth and success in educating young men."
Erik K. Olstein ’86, Board President

Important Communication

From Headmaster William W. Taylor and Board President Erik K. Olstein ’86
(November 2019)

Letter to the Community