Commencement 2019

Trinity-Pawling School Class of 2019
112th Commencement Ceremony

Trinity-Pawling's 112th Commencement Ceremony honoring the graduates of the Class of 2019 was held on campus on Saturday, May 25, 2019. 


Trinity-Pawling School • Class of 2019


Yin Jiang


Zixian Jia
Yunpeng Li
Evan U. Ruschil
Ziqing Wang


Nolan Sebastian Laplante
Ryan W. McBeth
Robert Frederick Phillips
William Robert Rickert
Zewen Zhao


Marcus Armand Beato
Ibrahim Ihab Bekhiet
Theodore Berner
Hongru Bi
Gabriel Blanchard
Jackson A. Breton
Jake Louis Conlan
John H. Dencker
Matthew Richard Dow
John Duane
Marcus Eldredge
Peter R. Gaillard
Victor Manuel Garcia
John M. Garvey
Dean Joseph Gillette
Brett Ginac
Joao Eduardo Gonzalez
Nicholas Grande
John H. Haims
Connor Stephen Harris
Kareem Holloway
Youngcheon Steven Hong

Yunhan Jiao
Christian J. Keyes
Yoonjae Kim
Michael Koch
Richie LaCalandra
Charles Devoy Langdon
Junyi Lin
Caldwell Lowrance III
Mitchell John Lukas
Daniel F. Manning
Timothy J. Manning
Tyler J. Marma
Douglas M. McHale
Conor J. McKay
Cole McKenzie
William McLaughlin
Chengzhen Meng
Patrick Metzger
Griffin Moore
Nicklas Konrad Morgan
Shane M. Murphy

Peter Will Murray
Joseph Musa
Bryce Barrington Nash
Aron O’Buck
Aleksi Olavuo
Stephen A. Perez
Andrew D. Poynton
Quran Rahman
Cameron Shepheard
Benjamin Osgood Sleeper
Sandy Sossoadouno
Jesnel Soto
Scott Stensrud
Samuel V. Stone
Mark E. Trainor
Philip S. Waugh
Shjon Patrick Whitehead
Ziqin Zhang
Maxwell F. Zheng*
Hongyi Zhu

* Diploma with Distinction for Senior Independent Project of exemplary research and presentation


Awards and Recipients

Commencement Awards

The following were presented with Commencement Awards at Trinity-Pawling's 112th Commencement Exercises on Saturday, May 25, 2019. Congratulations, all!

McCollum Award to the Head Prefect   John M. Garvey

Valedictorian for the Class of 2019   Yin "Leo" Jiang

Dunbar Award for Service   Dutch Keel, Dean of Residential Life

Art   Zixian "Jason" Jia

Instrumental Music Award    Douglas McHale and William Rickert

Vocal Music Award    Yin "Leo" Jiang

Excellence in Theater    Christian Keyes

Henderson Prize in English    Robert Phillips

Norwood L. Pinder Prize in Journalism    Robert Phillips

Excellence in History (Senior)    Timothy Manning

French    Sandy Sossoadouno

Spanish    Yin "Leo" Jiang

Anderson Prize in Latin   Robert Phillips

Elliot Prize in Senior Mathematics   Ziqing "Tim" Wang

Environmental Science Award  Ziqing "Tim" Wang

Ernest J. Reiter Award for Physical Science  Yunpeng "Bob" Li

Outstanding Achievement in Senior Independent Project  Yin "Leo" Jiang

Honor Student: Grade Twelve   Yin "Leo" Jiang

Headmaster’s Award for Excellence  Nicklas Morgan

Elizabeth Peale Allen Community Service Award   Robert Phillips

Colley Award for Leadership   William Rickert

Creighton E. Gatchell, Jr. Sportsmanship Award  Evan Ruschil

Weeman Athletic Award   Joseph Musa

Senior Citizenship Prize    Robert Phillips

Kevin Neal Acrish Award   Robert Phillips

Gamage Award for General Excellence   Nolan Laplante

Award Descriptions

The Dunbar Award for Service is given each year to honor Bill and Helene Dunbar who spent more than 30 years at Trinity-Pawling as Assistant Headmaster and Librarian respectively. Though both these extraordinary people lived well into their 90s, their impact remains strong at Trinity-Pawling today. Not long after their retirement in 1978, the Dunbar Award for Service was created to honor their service to the School and to recognize those members of the community, be it a student, a faculty member, a spouse, a staff member, or a friend who served the School with the same steadfast devotion as Bill and Helene did for more than three decades.

The Headmaster’s Award for Excellence is given to a young man who has made a difference in a distinctive way during the course of the year.

The Eugene O. Colley Award for Leadership is given in honor of Gene Colley, past parent, Former Trustee, and stalwart supporter of Trinity-Pawling School. The Award is presented each year to a student whose leadership has been instrumental to the life of the School. More specifically, the Award recognizes a leader who does not seek leadership for the spotlight or for the seeming rewards that can come with it. Rather, it recognizes someone who prefers to lead behind the scenes, someone who steps in when others do not in order to make a difference. These are the qualities of leadership embodied by the namesake of this award.

The Creighton E. Gatchell, Jr. Sportsmanship Award, donated in memory of Creighton, class of 1961, by his brother Bill, a member of the class of 1963, is given to a member of the Senior Class who best exemplifies Creighton’s love for sports and his level of sportsmanship.

The Kenneth B. Weeman Athletic Award is given by his widow and sons, members of the classes of 1959 and 1961, and his grandson, a member of the class of 1991. Factors to be considered are the individual sense of sportsmanship, demonstrated leadership, and personal commitment to the athletic program and to the traditions of Trinity-Pawling School. These are the qualities embodied in Kenneth B. Weeman, class of 1929.

The Senior Citizenship Prize is awarded by vote of the faculty to a young man who is committed to the life and growth of Trinity-Pawling School.

The Wells Award, named for its donor, R. J. Wells, a member of the class of 1938, is presented annually to the student who combines outstanding performance and growth in all areas of life at Trinity-Pawling School. Character, a concern for and service to others, also loyalty and dedication to the established traditions of the School are among the criteria for determining this award.

The Kevin Neal Acrish Award is given annually to the Junior Prefect, in honor of the life and legacy of Kevin Acrish, class of 1990.

Dr. Matthew E. Dann was Headmaster of Trinity-Pawling School from 1946 to 1970. This award is given annually by his family and friends to recognize the outstanding boy in the Junior Class whose achievements throughout school life are considered to be superlative.

The Gamage Award for General Excellence, named for Frederick Luther Gamage, the founder and first Headmaster of the Pawling School, is awarded by vote of the faculty to a senior whose overall record is one of general excellence.


Commencement Speakers

Headmaster William W. Taylor's Remarks to the Class of 2019

Head Prefect John M. Garvey's Address to the Class of 2019

Valedictorian Yin "Leo" Jiang's Address to the Class of 2019

President of the Board of Trustees Elizabeth P. Allen's Commencement Speech to the Class of 2019

Watch All Speeches


Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Below is the matriculation list for the members of Trinity-Pawling's Class of 2019.

Beato, Marcus  Roger Williams University
Bekhiet, Ibrahim  Denison University
Berner, Theodore  The College of Wooster
Bi, Hongru  Bentley University
Blanchard, Gabriel  Junior Hockey
Breton, Jackson  Lake Forest College (Junior Hockey)
Conlan, Jake Louis University of New Haven
Dencker, John  Roger Williams University
Dow, Matthew  Providence College
Duane, John  Denison University
Eldredge, Marcus  University of Mississippi
Gaillard, Peter  Rhodes College
Garcia, Victor  The Culinary Institute of America- NY Campus
Garvey, John Michael Mercyhurst University (Junior Hockey)
Gillette, Dean  Drexel University
Ginac, Brett  Gettysburg College
Gonzalez, Joao Eduardo  Queen's University
Grande, Nicholas  Elon University
Haims, John  Colorado College
Harris, Connor  The George Washington University
Holloway, Kareem  Dominican College
Hong, Youngcheon  School of Visual Arts
Jia, Zixian  Cornell University
Jiang, Yin  University of California, Los Angeles
Jiao, Yunhan  Case Western Reserve University
Keyes, Christian  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kim, Yoon Jae  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Koch, Michael Nathan Muhlenberg College
LaCalandra, Matthew  SUNY Albany
Langdon, Chad Postgraduate year
Laplante, Nolan  College of Marin
Li, Yunpeng  University of Michigan
Lin, Junyi  Syracuse University
Lowrance, Caldwell  The University of Alabama
Lukas, Mitchell  Drexel University
Manning, Daniel  University of Vermont
Manning, Timothy  University of Vermont
Marma, Tyler  Syracuse University
McBeth, Ryan  Binghamton University
McHale, Douglas  University of Vermont
McKay, Conor  Salve Regina University
McKenzie, Cole  University of Vermont
McLaughlin, William  Ohio Wesleyan University
Meng, Chengzhen  Brandeis University
Metzger, Patrick  Dickinson College
Montalvo, Ryan  Sacred Heart University
Moore, Griffin  Dickinson College
Morgan, Nicklas  Hampden-Sydney College
Murphy, Shane  Mercyhurst University (Junior Hockey)
Murray, Peter  Syracuse University
Musa, Joseph  Dartmouth College (Junior Hockey)
Nash, Bryce  Muhlenberg College
O'Buck, Aron  SUNY Oswego
Olavuo, Aleksi  American International College
Perez, Stephen  Merrimack College (Junior Hockey)
Phillips, Robert  Duke University
Poynton, Andrew  Endicott College
Rahman, Quran  Hartwick College
Rickert, William  University of Vermont
Ruschil, Evan  Williams College
Shepheard, Cameron  University of New Hampshire at Durham
Sleeper, Benjamin  University of New England
Sossoadouno, Sandy  University of Hartford
Soto, Jesnel  University of Dayton
Stensrud, Scott  United States Naval Academy Prep School
Stone, Samuel  Washington State University
Trainor, Mark  Curry College
Wang, Ziqing  Johns Hopkins University
Waugh, Philip  University of Vermont
Whitehead, Shjon  Salve Regina University
Zhang, Ziqin  University of California, San Diego
Zhao, Zewen  Boston University
Zheng, Maxwell  Cornell University
Zhu, Hongyi  Occidental College

Schedule of Events

10:30 AM  Baccalaureate Service,
All Saints' Chapel
For the Class of 2019, parents, trustees, and faculty

11:00 AM  Commencement Exercises, Trinity-Pawling Quad
For all guests

12:30 PM  Buffet Luncheon, Scully Hall
For all guests