A Trinity-Pawling teacher helps a student in his office

It’s all about putting knowledge into action.

The goal of a Trinity-Pawling education is to unlock the potential for greatness that exists in each boy. At Trinity-Pawling, you’ll find a vigorous learning environment that cultivates 21st century skills like innovation, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, because we believe that learning should be about applying knowledge, not just absorbing it. Our dedicated teachers make learning as active as possible because they understand how boys learn best — they're experts in boys education. On graduation day, our students see how much Trinity-Pawling has changed them, and they know they're ready to achieve more than ever before. They are the next generation's problem solvers, game changers, and thought leaders.

Course Guide

View Trinity-Pawling’s academic departments and course offerings.

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Practicum for Civic Leadership

Active, engaged, and out of their seats — this is how boys at Trinity-Pawling experience learning.

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Center for Learning Achievement

Reaching potential — and beyond.

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The Effort System

It's our focus on effort and character where life-changing learning begins to take place.

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