Center for Learning Achievement

We are leaders in proactive learning strategies.

A national model for teaching and learning, our Center for Learning Achievement gives students the strategic support and proven skills that lead to academic independence and intellectual empowerment.

Everyone learns differently — we are experts at leading the way. Every year, students with learning differences graduate from Trinity-Pawling prepared for college. The Center for Learning Achievement recognizes the potential in each one of our students and helps them achieve their academic goals, renew their confidence, and plan for their futures.

Our Programs

Our programs are tailored to students who have dyslexia, language-based learning differences, executive function challenges, or who lack academic English proficiency. Students with neuropsychological evaluations and/or educational testing will be assessed and placed into the specific program that will best serve their academic needs.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of teachers is trained in the successful Orton-Gillingham approach. The nurturing, yet challenging learning environment sets the bar high. Rather than simplifying content, we give students the tools they need to process and retain information, unlocking their innate intelligence and curiosity.

A teacher in the Center for Learning Achievement assists a student in class
A teacher in the Center for Learning Achievement assists a student in the classroom

Overview of CLA Programs

LEAD teacher Chris Gillman works on the smartboard with a Trinity-Pawling student
Educating Boys — The Center for Learning Achievement

Tune in to this recent Pride Perspectives webinar featuring our exceptional Center for Learning Achievement team of educators and learn more about this signature program and our students' transformational results.

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Questions? Reach Out!

If you have any questions about Trinity-Pawling's Center for Learning Achievement, please reach out. Our team is here for you every step of the way!

Chris Gillman ’05
Director of the Center for Learning Achievement

Office of Admission

The Allen Reading and Writing Lab

Located in the Dann Building, the Allen Reading and Writing Lab is home to the Center for Learning Achievement. It is an inviting, designated space where every student can easily access support in all aspects of academics. We offer drop-in hours, which allow students to work with faculty, peer tutors, and learning specialists for a range of guidance, from basic technology questions to in-depth writing support. At Trinity-Pawling, seeking help is a strength and a skill, and we encourage all students to visit the Center for Learning Achievement.