Center for Learning Achievement

Everyone learns differently.
We are experts at leading the way.

Each year, students with learning differences graduate from Trinity-Pawling prepared for college and beyond. The School’s Center for Learning Achievement recognizes the potential in each and every one of these students. For over 45 years, this signature program and individualized academic support have been providing an environment where students are transformed — achieving their academic goals in ways they never expected, finding their confidence, and preparing for their futures. 

Center for Learning Achievement teacher assists a student with homework

Allen Reading and Writing Lab

Located in the Dann Building, the Allen Reading and Writing Lab is home to the Center for Learning Achievement. It is an inviting, designated space where every student can easily access support in all aspects of academics. We offer drop-in hours, which allow students to work with faculty, peer tutors, and learning specialists for a range of guidance, from basic technology questions to in-depth writing support. At Trinity-Pawling, seeking help is a strength and a skill, and we encourage all students to visit the Center for Learning Achievement.

As teachers, we understand that our students’ challenges and opportunities vary — things that are very simple for one boy can be challenging and effortful for another. But we are not going to lower the bar because we always look at the potential of each boy.

Roberta Lidl,
Director of the Center for Learning Achievement

A Dedicated Learning Experience

The Center for Learning Achievement offers individualized, vigorous programs to strengthen a student's academic growth. These programs are tailored to boys who have dyslexia or other language-based learning differences, students with executive function challenges, and international students aiming to improve their academic English proficiency. Using a modified Orton-Gillingham method, our teachers provide a nurturing, yet challenging learning environment and set the bar high. Rather than simplifying content, we give each boy the tools he needs to process and retain information, unlocking his innate intelligence and curiosity. 

As students learn and grow in these programs, we witness tremendous transformations. Our students draw on newfound strength and resilience to exceed their previous expectations, proving to themselves that they’re capable of academic achievement and success. Most dramatically, our students leave Trinity-Pawling more self-assured than they’ve ever been, armed with the tools required to succeed in college and in life.

LEAD Program

English Mastery Program

Executive Skills Program