Executive Skills Program

Promoting academic success

The Executive Skills Program is a one-year, college preparatory course for students who need additional support with planning and organizing, initiation, working memory, problem-solving, and self-monitoring. Our small classes allow teachers to develop individualized strategies based on each student’s specific needs.

Students work with a teacher at a half-circle table in the Center for Learning Achievement
A student taking notes during class at Trinity-Pawling

Becoming Lifelong Learners

We measure progress based on a student’s ability to work independently and to self-advocate under a wide range of circumstances — executive functioning traits that are necessary for success in a college and work environment.

When I'm helping boys become better learners, I start with improving their confidence. When they believe in themselves, they are capable of achieving anything. Often, knowing someone believes in them makes all the difference.
Rachel Kellogg,
Executive Skills Teacher