Course Guide

Experiential learning in action

At Trinity-Pawling, we study hard. But at the end of the day, we're all about putting knowledge into action. With dynamic classes, hearty discussions, and hands-on exploration, our courses are designed to expose students to the real world and help them discover their gifts and talents along the way.

Computer Science


Modern Languages

Graduation Requirements

With the objective to graduate well-rounded young men, Trinity-Pawling students must complete a minimum of 120 credits in 8 disciplines to earn their diplomas.  A full year course is worth 6 credits; a single term course is worth 2 credits. A Trinity-Pawling graduate must complete: 

24 credits in English  •  18 credits in mathematics  •  18 credits in science  •  18 credits in history  •  12 credits in a foreign language (excluding English Mastery Program students)  •  6 credits in the arts  •  2 credits in religion  •  22 additional credits in electives from the above disciplines