The English Department’s goals are to ensure that each student graduates with the ability to think critically, write effectively, analyze a text thoughtfully, present information well through a variety of methods, and synthesize information. To that end, students read challenging, insightful texts, develop their skill at both analyzing and writing, collaborate with each other on presentations and projects, and enhance their public speaking skills. While vocabulary, grammar, and close readings are critical elements of each individual course, thinking critically about what is being examined is paramount. Whether a student is in an Advanced Placement course or a lower section, teachers are focused on designing a curriculum that prepares him for success in college and beyond.

English Courses

The most lovable thing about teaching English is the lack of exactness inherent to it…rules get bent, communication proceeds regardless of proper grammar or punctuation, and a book says what we interpret it to say. The author may have written it, but the book belongs to me. I love that. 

John Teaford,
ENglish Teacher

Meet the English Department

Matt Bresler

English Teacher, Technical Theater Coordinator

Rob Davenport

English Teacher, History Teacher

Bill Dunham

Associate Director of College Counseling, English Department Chair

Ralph Fedele ’04

English Teacher

Chris Gillman ’05

Center for Learning Achievement Coordinator

Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

English Teacher, Sports Information Coordinator

Tarik Smith

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Self-Awareness, English Teacher

John Teaford

English Teacher

Arlene Toscano

English Teacher