The American Historical Association defines history as “the never-ending process whereby people seek to understand the past and its many meanings.” Ultimately, we hope to help students understand how the present is shaped by past events and to answer the question, “how did we get here?” This serves to guide Trinity-Pawling’s History Department as we explore the past, consider why events or developments occurred, and to understand the historic context of the given event or development. Additionally, students are challenged to consider the concepts of change and continuity over time. The department challenges students to develop their critical-thinking skills, their interpretative and reading skills, and their writing and communication skills.

Graduation Requirements

18 credits of history are required, which equates to 3 full years of history courses. 6 of these credits must be in United States History.

Course Sequences

Regular: The Creation of the Modern World → The Modern World → United States History

Honors: The Creation of the Modern World, Honors → The Modern World, Honors → Advanced Placement American History → AP Macro or Micro Economics

History Courses

Active and Applied

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Learning about the past gives us the unique opportunity to see where mistakes were made or where positive change happened. We see how countries have developed and how humankind has evolved. We can look back to learn from our experiences and thus never stop improving.Dr. David Hooks, History Teacher

Meet the History Department

Frank Fritts

History Teacher

Todd Hoffman

Middle School Coordinator, History Teacher

Jim McDougal

History Department Chair, History Teacher

Slade Mead

Director of College Counseling, History Teacher

Bill Taylor

Head of School, History Teacher

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