The goal of the mathematics department at Trinity-Pawling is to educate students in the fundamental skills necessary for the study of mathematics, the physical and social sciences, and any subject that requires the use of logic, sequential reasoning, abstract thought, and problem solving. Every student must successfully complete three years of study in mathematics. This may be accomplished through one of the course sequences outlined below. In all courses, students are required to use graphing calculators and other computer technology in their study of mathematics.

Mathematics Courses

My first goal for all Trinity-Pawling students is for them to be comfortable with numbers. The days of being able to avoid numbers are over. I am not saying that every boy will be an engineer or scientist; however, they will all be required to evaluate, think critically about, and make decisions from numbers and/or numerical models.

Dr. Glenn Mandigo,
Math Department Chair

Meet the Mathematics Department

Cody Doyle

Mathematics Teacher

Brian Foster ’79

Athletic Director, Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Glenn Mandigo

Mathematics Department Chair

Jeff Mandigo

Mathematics Teacher

Misha Mrotchek

Math Teacher

Taylor Pirie

Mathematics and Economics Teacher

Erin Smith

Academic Technology Coordinator, Math Teacher

Tim Smith

Computer Science Teacher, Math Teacher