At Trinity-Pawling, we believe that an understanding of religion is essential to a true comprehension of human history, world cultures, global politics, and international relations. Our religion courses invite students to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of various world religions, develop their critical thinking skills, ask questions, and participate in ongoing, open dialogues.

Religion Courses

Religion 8 • Middle School

8th grade

Religion 8 is an introductory course in the academic and critical study of religion. The primary purpose is to provide students with tools to examine what religion, in particular, Judaism and Christianity, says about God, human beings, and the world. Emphasis is placed on inquiry and open dialogue as students focus on Scripture, history, theology, ethics, and ritual. Offered in fall and winter terms.

World Religions

World Religions is an introductory course in the comparative study of religion in which students explore the beliefs, practices, and ethics of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Students bring their understanding of the world's major faiths into a discussion that attempts to evaluate the pluralistic culture of which we are a part.

The Bible

This is an introductory course in the interpretation of Scripture in which students see how others interpret the Bible and how to interpret the Bible for themselves. Students develop their interpretive skills by studying the Bible's historical context, theology, cosmology, and anthropology.


Ethics is an introductory philosophy course in which students begin to look at that part of the “love of wisdom” that asks, “what makes life good?” Throughout the course, students study the theories about right and wrong and test these theories by considering their application in various case studies.

Sports Ethics

Sports Ethics is designed to examine ethics and morality when applied to situations seen in the world of athletics. The course aims to help students develop an understanding of the processes used to examine ethical issues in sport.