The Arts

Trinity-Pawling offers a wide selection of visual, musical, and performing arts courses, ranging from introductory to advanced levels. Students are encouraged to explore new mediums and cultivate their artistic expression while thinking creatively and critically. From Studio Art to Instrumental Music, Video Production to Theater Practices, the Arts Department prides itself on our diverse course offerings, the strength of our small class sizes, and the expertise of our accomplished artist instructors. 

Graduation Requirements

6 credits of courses in the arts are required for all Trinity-Pawling graduates.

Visual Arts Courses

Performing Arts Courses

Art teacher assists a student with his painting in the art studio
One Room Schoolhouse (ORS) Approach

Some of our arts offerings incorporate a “One Room Schoolhouse” (ORS) approach. In the ORS model, beginner students are joined by their more advanced student peers. Instruction is geared primarily to the newer students, as experienced and returning students can work independently, receiving more focused and specific feedback. ORS allows the teacher to give more individualized attention to each student, and encourages older students to offer peer-to-peer guidance to the newer students.

Any arts class noted with “ORS” can be taken by any student with any level of experience, and it can be taken more than once in a year and/or over the course of his time at Trinity-Pawling.

Active and Applied

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Music education is the ultimate in project-based learning. Generating enthusiasm and opening boys up to the joy of collective creation is paramount. I tend not to focus on attaining perfection. Music is marvelously subjective, which means there is ample room for everybody to contribute to the whole and make it stronger and better.

Chris Kelsey, Director of Instrumental Music

Meet the Arts Department

Gabe Avis

Arts Department Chair, Art Teacher

Joseph Garguilo

Art Teacher

Chris Kelsey

Director of Instrumental Music

Ricky Oliver

Director of Theater Arts

Mark Templeton

Director of Vocal Music

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