Institutes for Active Learning

The Future of Boys' Education

The world is changing, and so have academics at Trinity-Pawling! Get ready for dynamic tracks of study meant to stretch the mind and encourage exploration beyond the textbooks. During Saturday Programming each week, students have their choice of exciting and challenging learning experiences that follow a track of immersion in one of the four Institutes for Active Learning: Leadership, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Stewardship.

These four cornerstones propel the development of other critical skills for 21st-century learners — including communication, collaboration, creativity, character, critical thinking, service, and self-awareness. Together, they hold the key to the future of boys’ education.

A group of students and faculty participate in a West African drumming demonstration at Trinity-Pawling

Participating in a West African drumming demonstration (Citizenship)

A Trinity-Pawling student swings on a low ropes course on campus

Designing a ropes course on campus (Entrepreneurship)

Trinity-Pawling students planting an orchard at the campus farm

Planting an orchard on the campus farm (Environmental Stewardship)

A Trinity-Pawling student hosts an interactive game show in Gardiner Theater

Designing and hosting a game show about current events (Leadership)

The Institutes for Active Learning

Student-Centered Learning

Paired with the three-part Practicum, Trinity-Pawling students are able to reimagine and take ownership of their education with the Institutes for Active Learning. These signature programs were purpose-built to develop problem-solving skills, promote interdisciplinary exploration, and provide engaging opportunities for teamwork, camaraderie, and the discovery of talents and passions.

In addition to the Saturday Programming activities each week, during Wintersession, students also choose a Winter Project, Global Collaborative Challenge, and Senior Independent Project with an area of emphasis from one of the four Institute sectors. This furthers their growth as co-creators and active participants — in and out of the classroom.

A group of students work together to lift a wooden board during the Environmental Stewardship Institute programming
Educating Boys — The Institutes for Active Learning

In this recent Pride Perspectives webinar, meet the dynamic faculty leaders behind each Institute and the active, hands-on learning that takes place each Saturday on campus!

Watch Webinar

Faculty Leaders
The Institutes

Citizenship Institute
Liz Moore

Entrepreneurship Institute
Mike Webber

Environmental Stewardship Institute
Josh Frost

Leadership Institute
Dr. David Hooks

Through the Practicum and now the Institutes for Active Learning, Trinity-Pawling encourages boys to nurture emerging passions by providing opportunities to tinker, explore, and discover new areas of interest.

Head of School Bill Taylor