Practicum for Civic Leadership

Experiential Learning is just the beginning.

Our three-part Practicum for Civic Leadership fosters problem-solving skills, promotes interdisciplinary exploration, and builds authentic communication skills. Through the Winter ProjectGlobal Collaborative Challenge, and Senior Independent Project, we place our students at the center of the learning process. They become active participants and co-creators — in and out of the classroom.

The Practicum: How It Works

Using a multi-disciplined approach and engaging with the world outside of Trinity-Pawling, students work collaboratively to understand issues, give oral presentations both as part of a group and as an individual, and learn how to ask the right questions when confronted with challenges. The three pronged, multi-dimensional Practicum challenges every student to master these 21st century skills.

The Practicum is a graduation requirement that culminates in our students’ junior and senior years. Students will discover their interests and follow their passions — through the Practicum they will engage with the world in ways that will promote deeper awareness, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. After completing the Practicum, Trinity-Pawling graduates gain a better idea of who they are and a sense of direction in the midst of an ever-changing world. It allows students to explore, figure out how they relate to others, and create an artifact of their experience. This program encourages our students to be engaged, interested, and aware citizens of the world.

Winter Project

Global Collaborative Challenge (GCC)

Senior Independent Project (SIP)

A Trinity-Pawling student and faculty member working together to safely operate the saw mill on campus
Educating Boys — The Practicum for Civic Leadership

The Practicum promotes interdisciplinary exploration and provides engaging opportunities for teamwork and camaraderie. Tune in to this recent Pride Perspectives webinar to learn more about the 3-part Practicum: Winter Projects, Global Collaborative Challenge, and Senior Independent Projects; and how the program enhances our college counseling process.

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There are many skills that our students learn from the Practicum. They learn creative skills that allow them to synthesize information; collaborative skills that allow them to work in teams to come up with insightful ideas and solutions; communication skills that allow them to convey the meaning behind their solutions; and the critical thinking skills that teach them to parse out the relevant from the irrelevant.

Head of school Bill Taylor