Global Collaborative Challenge

In the winter term, the entire junior class works on multiple global issues. Students are placed into randomly-selected groups of five, and each group chooses a global topic from the GCC offerings. The groups present a “solution” to their global issue in a twelve minute collaborative presentation to a group of faculty. After the presentation, the group must defend its position in a Q&A panel format. The group is graded on its ability to address the enormity of the global issue, the depth of their research, the quality of the presentation, the collaborative dynamics of the group, and the group’s defense of its presentation. This aspect of the Practicum for Civic Leadership is designed to encourage boys to become creative problem-solvers and informed communicators. 

How is it graded?

The Global Collaborative Challenge is graded as High Pass, Pass, or Fail. This Practicum is reported on the student’s transcript and given two academic credits.

Trinity-Pawling juniors present their Global Collaborative Challenge in April 2018

Tackling Real-World Problems

Each year, the Global Collaborative Challenge groups address a wide range of real-world topics, from healthcare and mass pollution to the evolution of the media and international policy. Students collaborate to take on these relevant global issues and are challenged to fine-tune their presentation skills when showcasing their findings to a faculty panel.

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Students learn how to work as a team, put forth a quality presentation, and literally think on their feet — especially when asked questions by the faculty panel. These skills are essential.
Slade Mead,
DIrector of College Counseling