Senior Independent Project

During the Spring Term, juniors select a Senior Independent Project topic — a personal interest to explore in-depth. Over the summer and throughout the fall term, each senior works on an independent project with a faculty member and a mentor — alumnus or friend of the school. With guidance from both the assigned faculty member and mentor, each senior explores their topic in great detail. The SIP consists of an oral presentation as well as a final presentation to the entire school using an alternative medium such as a chapel talk, newspaper article, or video. Part of the exercise is finding a creative way to share the findings with the community. 

How is it graded?

The Senior Independent Project is graded as High Pass, Pass, or Fail. The Practicum is reported on the student’s transcript and given two academic credits. 

Trinity-Pawling offers a Diploma With Distinction for students who choose to go above and beyond with their Senior Independent Projects. The Diploma With Distinction is designed in an effort to reward students who are self-directed and create outstanding products that can be shared with the entire School community. The Diploma With Distinction process includes a presentation to a panel of faculty members and the SIP Committee before gaining approval to present their product to the larger community during the winter marking period.

Past Senior Independent Projects

I’ve always been passionate about current issues and I pay close attention to politics at both the local and national levels. I’ve wanted to get involved for a while, and since I can’t vote yet, I thought this was the perfect way. I think that’s the most rewarding part of Senior Independent Projects — I was able to choose a project I’m passionate and truly care about.

Robby Phillips ’19