Active and Applied

Wintersession at Trinity-Pawling is a two-week student-centered experiential learning session held between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. It gives students the opportunity to participate in a multi-disciplined project of their choosing with a Winter Project; a dynamic, immersive study of real-world problems with the Global Collaborative Challenge (GCC); or an in-depth exploration of a personal interest with the Senior Independent Project

Guided by faculty and staff, our Wintersession programming allows students to become active participants and co-creators, in and out of the classroom. The program is purpose-built to help students work collaboratively, think critically, problem solve, and become creative life-long learners who are fortified with greater self-awareness of themselves and their world.

A science student at Trinity-Pawling examines a plant in the greenhouse.
A student presents his solution to the Global Collaborative Challenge assignment.

Wintersession: At a Glance

Diploma with Distinction

All seniors may also pursue a Diploma with Distinction — a graduation honor given to students who showcase exceptional independence and determination throughout their Senior Independent Project process.

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Our students and faculty alike appreciate the concentrated time to focus during Wintersession. It makes for an enriching deep-dive, a master class experience of sorts, and a series of innovative and creative collaborations.

Head of School Bill Taylor