Virtual Revisit Days

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A 5-part series of interactive webinars with key members of our school community

Thank you to all of our newly-accepted families who attended the 2021 Virtual Revisit Day webinar series from March 22-26. Our students and faculty had a great time connecting with you, answering your questions, and welcoming you to the Pride! In case you missed one of the webinars, you can watch the full recordings below. Your Trinity-Pawling journey starts here!

Virtual Revisit Day #1
The Value of Active Learning at Trinity-Pawling
Monday, March 22 • 7:00 PM

At Trinity-Pawling, we teach and learn from experience. Our academic programs are active and applied, packed with opportunities for hands-on learning. Join Headmaster Bill Taylor and a dynamic panel of faculty and students to learn more about the advantages of experiential learning.

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Virtual Revisit Day #2
The Benefits of the Arts and Athletics
Tuesday, March 23 • 7:00 PM

Tune in to learn about the strength of Trinity-Pawling's athletic, visual art, music, and performing arts programs and how they prepare our students for the future.

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Virtual Revisit Day #3
The Distinction of the Center for Learning Achievement
Wednesday, March 24 • 7:00 PM

Join us to learn more about the value of the Center for Learning Achievement – a campus-wide resource that gives students strategic support to find their confidence and achieve their academic goals in ways they never expected!

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Virtual Revisit Day #4
The Advantage of the Practicum and College Counseling
Thursday, March 25 • 7:00 PM

Join our College Counseling team and a panel of faculty and students as they discuss the college process at Trinity-Pawling and the Practicum advantage.

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Virtual Revisit Day #5
The Vibrancy of Student Life at Trinity-Pawling
Friday, March 26 • 7:00 PM

There's no greater experience than living on campus with 300 friends and classmates who feel like brothers. Tune in to learn more about student life here at Trinity-Pawling!

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Questions? Reach Out!

If you have any questions about one of the Virtual Revisit Days or the Trinity-Pawling experience in general, please reach out directly to our Admissions team at We'll be happy to help!