Middle School

The brotherhood starts here.

Our Middle School curriculum is built on five themes that help boys gain a deeper understanding of their self-awareness, creativity, character, honor, and their place in an ever-changing world. As an all-boys school, our students are able to push themselves and explore who they are in a safe, low-pressure environment. Our small classes allow teachers to get to know the boys individually, as they guide each of them on this journey of self-discovery — uncovering their gifts and talents and laying the foundation for success in high school and beyond. As they learn and grow academically, our Middle School students also learn how to carry themselves with honor and integrity. They emerge with the understanding that being accomplished is about being thoughtful, caring, and empathetic.

8th Grade Boarding

In the Classroom

The Trinity-Pawling Middle School is an accepting and open-minded community. The teachers are always ready to help out when you need it and the students make you feel welcomed. It's a time I won't forget!
Joseph DelBalzo ’23