8th Grade Boarding

This boarding program is a confidence builder.

Boys don’t have to wait until Upper School to become a boarding student at Trinity-Pawling! With limited enrollment, our 8th grade boarding program is developmentally appropriate, individualized, and intentionally designed to nurture Middle School boys in preparation for the Upper School.

Students in the 8th grade will be engaged in a dynamic and comprehensive boarding school experience. Young scholars will immerse themselves in the boarding program and take part in a selection of vigorous activities which allow boys to experiment and explore: arts and innovation, science and math, English language mastery, and cultural field trips. Boys will also benefit from an array of athletic opportunities, including access to higher-level competition, if appropriate and warranted. This is an educational experience that can make all the difference.

Prepared to Lead

Our 8th grade boys are prepared for leadership by their Upper School mentors, and they’re encouraged by teachers and role models who are versed in the needs of Middle School boys to problem solve, think critically, and take healthy risks.