Newly-Enrolled Students

Welcome to the Pride!

Thank you for enrolling at Trinity-Pawling School! We are so excited to welcome you to campus this fall. Our goal is to make your transition as new members of the Trinity-Pawling community smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. The purpose of this page is to keep you well-informed of the enrollment process and what you can expect in the coming months. Please be sure to check back often for updates. As a reminder, all details of the 2021-2022 school year are subject to change if forced by the response to COVID-19.

Updated April 29, 2021

School Departments

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Community Handbook

We are excited to welcome you to the Trinity-Pawling family! We are humbled by your investment in your son's education and future and motivated to deliver the best experience that we can for your son.

- Headmaster Bill Taylor