Portrait of a Graduate

Trinity-Pawling students graduate as men of integrity who rise to the challenges of an ever-changing world. Throughout their years at the School, students learn to work collaboratively, think critically, act with honor and sincerity, and become passionate, lifelong learners.

Science students conducting an experiment at the pond

Critical Thinking

A graduate of Trinity-Pawling will be a creative and critical thinker. He will:

  • Desire to understand “why” through problem solving, inquiry, design, and iteration.
  • Celebrate healthy intellectual risk-taking through persevering by failing forward.
  • Perceive, comprehend, evaluate, and innovate ideas, information, and media for validity and relevance.
  • Synthesize analysis, interpretation, causal relationships, and point of view with original curiosity and passion.
  • Share the products of intellectual acumen willingly and confidently.
Broadcast Journalism students filming a show

Effective Communication

A Trinity-Pawling graduate will be an effective communicator. He will:

  • Use active listening strategies to enhance understanding and respect.
  • Use reading strategies with a variety of material in order to comprehend literal meaning, to draw inferences and evaluate information.
  • Speak purposefully to inform, to influence, to motivate, or to entertain.
  • Employ writing as a process that involves generating and organizing ideas, connecting with an audience, revising for content, and editing to create an appropriate product.
  • Apply technological skills and current digital tools judiciously.
The school chaplain holds an engaging discussion with students in All Saints' Chapel

Ethical Citizenship

A graduate of Trinity-Pawling will know what it means to be an ethical citizen of the School and the world. He will:

  • Develop cultural competencies by acknowledging and fostering divergent points of view regarding local, national, and global issues. 
  • Exhibit a strong moral compass as a constituent of a variety of communities. 
  • Act responsibly as a steward of the Earth’s resources. 
  • Demonstrate respectful, empathetic, compassionate, and mindful behavior regarding actions and intentions with oneself and with others. 
  • Actively seek to engage in opportunities to serve and to lead others. 
Smiling boy on the quad

Self Awareness

A graduate of Trinity-Pawling will be a self aware young man. He will:

  • Seek to find ways to connect with his community and the environment.
  • Learn to articulate his feelings and thoughts to others.
  • Work to identify his strengths, gifts, and talents as well as recognize areas for growth.
  • Act with a mature approach to situations.
  • Discover how he learns best by being exposed to many approaches to teaching and learning.
Varsity Farming student working at the green house

Thoughtful Collaboration

A graduate of Trinity-Pawling will be a thoughtful collaborator. He will:

  • Engage with others thoughtfully towards a positive action.
  • Be capable of working interdependently with a group by shouldering responsibility, trusting others, and sharing ideas to achieve common goals.
  • Construct and deconstruct arguments and positions to develop and to appreciate a multiplicity of perspectives.
  • Apply feedback loops and performance critiques as a part of continually developing iterations.