Why All-Boys?

We’re experts in boys’ education.

At Trinity-Pawling, we intentionally design our programs to engage, inspire, and challenge boys as they grow into young men of integrity. Our commitment to experiential learning acknowledges the research that has proven to be successful for boys. Our programs emphasize innovation, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking — in and out of the classroom. A camaraderie of “brotherhood” is enhanced by educators and students who are dedicated to building a culture of honor.

Our faculty — over 20 who have been teaching boys at Trinity-Pawling for over 15 years — provide a vigorous, yet supportive learning environment, where boys are encouraged to invest in themselves, discover their gifts and talents, and unlock their potential for greatness. While young men and boys can and do excel in many types of educational institutions, a growing chorus continues to praise the unique opportunities that an all-boys school, like Trinity-Pawling, provides.

A group of Trinity-Pawling students stand together on Cluett Terrace
Trinity-Pawling students on the quad

A Student's Perspective

Trinity-Pawling students walk to class during the Fall Term, surrounded by vibrant autumn colors
The Importance of Educating Boys

Trinity-Pawling is a boys’ school not because single-sex education is our mission, but because single-sex education helps us accomplish our mission. We provide an environment where boys are encouraged to push themselves and explore their gifts and talents in all phases of life on campus, free from the pressures and distractions that are unavoidable in the context of a co-ed school. Tune in to learn more about the all-boys advantage at Trinity-Pawling!

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These are my brothers from other mothers. We grew from boys to men together. We know each other better than most know us. When we're together, we are the same people we were at T-P and grow closer with each passing year.

Chris LaMorte ’73