Fine Arts

Trinity-Pawling Studio Art teacher works with student in the studio

Whether our students are sketching a self-portrait, sculpting a clay mask, spinning a bowl at the pottery wheel, or developing black and white film in the dark room, our fine arts courses aim to inspire. Our classes allow students to dive into a medium that supports their interests and experience, with an array of choices from foundation-level to advanced.

Digital Design

Trinity-Pawling students collaborate on a digital design project in the Dann I-Site

Digital Design

Our Digital Design courses introduce students to the principles and practices of design using contemporary technologies. Each course emphasizes hands-on instruction, experimentation, imaginative innovation, and critical thinking. Students have access to the Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling and open source software, and traditional fabrication tools to bring their ideas to life. From foundation-level to advanced, students are able to develop their digital design portfolios while cultivating new skills and design techniques. 

Drawing & Painting

An art student at Trinity-Pawling painting in the studio

Drawing and Painting

Whether rendering drawings in charcoal, matching colors in a still life, or creating an oil painting, our art instructors encourage experimentation with various mediums and finding the inspiration that comes from trying something new. A wide range of methods and subjects are explored as a means to cultivate each student’s core artistic skills. In our drawing and painting courses, students collaborate, inspire each other, and grow as young artists.


A Trinity-Pawling photography student prepares for a photoshoot


Our Fine Arts curriculum offers courses in both traditional and digital photography. Students have the opportunity to learn the functions of a 35mm film camera while mastering traditional darkroom techniques. They are also introduced to digital SLR cameras, scanners, printers, and digital darkroom processes. Our talented instructors emphasize visual language skills, composition techniques, and the creative possibilities for manipulating digital images. From traditional to digital, students are encouraged to think creatively and critically while developing their own photographic eye. 

Pottery & Sculpture

Mr. Reade working with an art student at the pottery wheel

Pottery & Sculpture

From sculpting a 3D figure to spinning a piece on the potter’s wheel, students are introduced to the many aspects of clay work. They explore form and texture and gain an understanding of the many stages of clay as a medium. Our curriculum is supplemented with guest artist workshops, where students can observe and learn new techniques from expert potters and sculptors. 

Beyond Trinity-Pawling

Trinity-Pawling is proud that many of our artistically gifted students pursue the arts in college. Our students have attended top NASDA, NACAC-accredited, and NPDA-member programs across the United States, including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Rhode Island School of Design, the Corcoran School of Art and Design at George Washington University, and more.

Seeing a boy succeed in an area where he didn't have prior experience is fantastic. 'Did you ever imagine you could draw or paint, or act, or sculpt like this?' They just light up with a genuine sense of accomplishment.
Ned Reade, Arts Department Chair

Trinity-Pawling students collaborate on a sketch in the art studio
A student creating an ink drawing