Student Spotlights

Logan Morales '20 performs in the annual Trinity-Pawling Rock Concert

Original Musical Composition
Logan Morales ’20

Enjoy this original composition by Logan Morales ’20.
April 20, 2020

"False Editing" 
Composed by Logan Morales '20

Saxophone: Chris Kelsey
Bass: Logan Morales

Copyright © Logan Morales and Chris Kelsey

Original Musical Composition
Sam Fechner ’20

Enjoy these two original compositions by Sam Fechner ’20.
April 3, 2020

"The first one, entitled “Sunrise,” is inspired by the amazing sunrises at Trinity-Pawling. I’ve always enjoyed the walk from Cluett down to the dining hall with the sun getting up behind me. The second piece is called “Uncertain Times.” It reflects my thoughts and feelings during this time of uncertainty. Writing this music has helped me calm down when I was nervous or anxious about not knowing what news the next day might bring. I thought it might help some people on campus as well."

Copyright © Sam Fechner

Trinity-Pawling scholar-athlete Sam Fechner ’20