We’re not just a team. We’re a band of brothers.

Our student-athletes range from lifelong players to novices — everyone plays sports at their level of experience and ability. The Pride competes in the Founders League, a highly competitive prep-school arena where student-athletes are prepared for college-level competition. College recruiters consider the league to be a prime source for spotting some of the nation's best prep-school talent.

Rather than specializing in one sport, our coaches encourage boys to try a sport every season to develop their skills, sportsmanship, and self-discipline. Trinity-Pawling coaches are well-respected throughout New England, and they follow leading research and best practices for training and supporting our scholar-athletes. They motivate each player to dig deep in practices, training, games, and most importantly, in the classroom. Whether a boy is a recruited athlete or new to the sport, being part of a team at Trinity-Pawling is a life-changing experience.

Yes, we play to win, but to win with the highest character. At Trinity-Pawling, sports teach us about success and failure; leadership and sacrifice; how to find serious stamina and resilience when faced with a challenge. On or off the field, we strive for teamwork.

The Smith Field House on a beautiful spring day
Students playing recreational sports in the Smith Field House

Fall 2019 Season

Powered by Playsight

Trinity-Pawling was the first prep-school in the nation to use PlaySight video and analytics technology to train smarter and compete stronger. Installed in our athletic fields and courts, PlaySight’s professional caliber technology allows our student-athletes and coaches to immediately review footage during practices and games, and hours later from smartphones and devices, creating a connected community of athletes, coaches, and fans. With multiple cameras capturing every angle of movement, athletes are able to track their fitness and zero in on areas for improvement.

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Sports Medicine

Prospective Athletes

Interested in playing for the Trinity-Pawling Pride? Our coaches would love to hear from you!

Athletic Recruiting

When you’re part of a team, you need to understand how to work together. You learn to be a good sport, hold yourself accountable, and be dependable. A lot of virtues and important life skills are developed while playing sports at Trinity-Pawling.

Brian Foster ’79, Athletic Director