Sports Medicine

The Trinity-Pawling faculty includes Athletic Trainers Jay Kellogg and Emily Tucci, who teach and live on campus. Both are certified through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and work directly with the Health Center staff and school physician to provide preventative care, emergency procedures, and rehabilitation of injuries and various medical conditions for our student-athletes and faculty. The School has a long-standing relationship with a local orthopedic group, as well as a physical therapy group that provides emergency and long-term care for students who need more intensive treatment.

The Trinity-Pawling athletic trainers are dedicated to each student-athlete’s health and well-being. Throughout each athletic season, our trainers provide the following care, enabling students to function optimally both on and off the athletic field: injury prevention, recognition and evaluation of injuries, management and treatment of injuries, injury rehabilitation, organization and administration, education and counseling, and physician referral.

Trinity-Pawling Athletic Trainer Jay Kellogg wraps a player's knee before practice
Trinity-Pawling athlete lifting weights in the gym

Concussion Tests

Trinity-Pawling is committed to keeping our student-athletes safe. Recent research conducted by professional and collegiate sports experts strongly suggests the need for normative data to assess concussions and head injuries. In accordance with this research and best practice safety measures, Trinity-Pawling requires all students to complete neurocognitive testing upon entry to the School. 
As part of our concussion management program, all new students are given a baseline ImPACT Test before they begin participating in athletic practices. ImPACT is currently the most widely-utilized computerized program in the world and has been implemented effectively across high school, collegiate, and professional-level sports to allow for the safe return of athletes to sports practice following a head injury. 

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Our athletic trainers are community leaders, and the trusting care they give is integral to the fellowship developed between students and faculty at Trinity-Pawling.

Robert Ferraris ’93, Varsity Hockey Head Coach

Meet the Athletic Trainers

Jay Kellogg

Athletics, Science Teacher

Emily Tucci

Athletics, Science Teacher