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The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame shall be to honor former student-athletes and coaches for outstanding contributions to Trinity-Pawling School (or its predecessor, The Pawling School) athletics while contributing to the welfare of their community,  profession, or  alma mater, and in doing so, reflect the philosophy of a college preparatory education and the ideals of sportsmanship. In addition, outstanding teams whose records of achievement have brought honor to the School and its programs shall be honored by induction to the Athletic Hall of Fame.


A. An alumna or alumnus who participated and excelled in varsity athletic competition while pursuing a Trinity-Pawling degree and who has completed his/her secondary school athletic career at least ten years prior to the year of election.

B. A coach or athletic administrator whose distinguished record or contribution to the Trinity-Pawling athletic program for at least ten years shall be eligible.

C. A team which has brought recognition and honor to Trinity-Pawling School by its significant achievement.


Nominations should be made in writing. Please include a brief summary of the nominee’s accomplishments and why you feel they should be inducted to the Trinity-Pawling Athletic Hall of Fame. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Inductions take place during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend in the fall.