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We’re creating an updated yearbook for our 50th Reunion Class (Class of 1970). Fill in as much as you want, leave the rest, and have fun with it — this is a celebration!

Along with your questionnaire, please attach any photos you may want to include of yourself (yesterday and today), your significant other, your family, and those taken of you and your classmates together, before and after graduation. Again, have some fun with this!


Please complete this questionnaire by October 26, 2020. Everyone will be limited to two pages. The School reserves the right to edit your submission for space limitations.

Please note: Once you begin this form, you will not be able to save your responses and return. If you would prefer to fill in your responses on a Microsoft Word Document, allowing you to save and return to the document, please follow these steps. 

  1. Download the questionnaire
  2. Fill in your responses
  3. Save your completed questionnaire
  4. Email the complete questionnaire, along with any photos, to mdavenport@trinitypawling.org

Contact Information

Life After Trinity-Pawling

After graduation, did you:

Tell us about your family. Did you marry? Have kids? Grandkids? Remain a confirmed bachelor? Do you have a significant other?

Let's have a little fun...

Does it take 10 seconds to scroll to your birth date on a drop-down menu?
Do you turn down the music to back up or park your car?
Do you involuntarily make a noise every time you stand up?
Can you tell the weather with your knees?

What is the best thing you did before 30?
What is the best thing you did after 30?
It seems that most of us get wiser around the age of 30.

Your Trinity-Pawling Experience

True T-P confessions. Don’t worry...your secret’s safe with us. What’s one thing you did but didn’t get caught?
Immunity granted. You many also invoke the statute of limitations.


Max file size: 10 MB