Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines the School’s behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for all members of the Trinity-Pawling School community. 

  • Learn, work, and live together in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards;
  • Put the interests of the community and those we serve ahead of our personalindividual interests;
  • Take personal responsibility for our actions, decisions, and behavior;
  • Work hard, with persistence and resilience, to accomplish our shared goals;
  • Maintain a positive attitude in our work and in our interactions with students,parents, and colleagues;
  • Are dependable, collegial, and motivated in our work, study, and life;
  • Recognize the inherent dignity of all human beings, treat  each other with courtesy, and maintain healthy boundaries at all times;
  • Promote the interests of the students by being a good role model, establish and reinforce clear boundaries, encourage student’s autonomy and independence, and act in a transparent manner; 
  • Actively support each other in the effort of all to meet these behavioral standards.