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Take a Look at Our New Field House!
Take a Look at Our New Field House!

Trinity-Pawling Dedicates Athletic Field House To Former Headmasters

On Friday, October 6, 2017 at 5:30 PM, Trinity-Pawling School faculty, Board of Trustees, alumni, students, parents, and friends will gather for the dedication of their new 20,000 sq. ft. field house, to be named after former Headmasters Phillips Smith and Archibald Smith.

Marlynn and Bill Scully ’57 issued a historic challenge to strengthen Trinity-Pawling’s endowment and build the Smith Field House.

Marlynn and Bill Scully ’57 have long made Trinity-Pawling a primary focus of their generosity. Grateful to the School that has transformed so many young men’s lives, they have parlayed their appreciation into philanthropic support, creating numerous and meaningful opportunities for today’s students, scholar-athletes, and faculty. Understanding that philanthropic leadership is vital to every school, the Scullys now seek to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

The Scullys committed $10 million to enable the School to build the Smith Field House, with the expectation that other members of the Trinity-Pawling family will contribute a matching $10 million to the Trinity-Pawling endowment.

Through the dual nature of their challenge, the Scullys encourage alumni, parents, and friends to reflect on the role of Trinity-Pawling in their lives and hope to inspire the Trinity-Pawling family toward philanthropic leadership at new, substantial levels.

Trinity-Pawling School includes cutting-edge software in their athletic facility enhancement and is the first prep school in the nation to install PlaySight video and analytics technology to train smarter and compete stronger—the same technology used by the Golden State Warriors.

Installed in Tirrell Rink—making this the first SmartRink in the country, Coratti Turf Field, Hubbard Gymnasium and Rock Squash Courts, PlaySight’s camera-and-kiosk system allows student-athletes and coaches to immediately review footage during practices and games, and hours later from smartphones and devices. With multiple cameras capturing every angle of movement, athletes can track their fitness and zero in on areas for improvement.

Trinity-Pawling is on the leading edge of student performance and athletic development, and this partnership with PlaySight is further proof of that commitment. Installation of  the SmartCourt, SmartField, and SmartRink technology makes Trinity-Pawling one of the first fully-equipped SmartSchools in the country, creating a connected community of athletes, coaches—and 1000’s of fans around the world who can view Pride athletic events.