Donor Honor Roll

Thank you for your support!

With much gratitude for their generosity and financial support toward the growth and success of Trinity-Pawling, we honor the following individuals, corporations, and foundations who contributed to the School during the last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2021.

Honoring Our Leadership Donors

Leadership support at Trinity-Pawling is critical to the School’s sustenance. This investment supplements both tuition and endowment, providing necessary funds for all aspects of a Trinity-Pawling education. We extend a heartfelt thank you to the following who gave at the leadership level last fiscal year. 

Leadership gIVING


Anonymous (A)
Stella and Harry J. Abel '59
Debora and Robert Accomando P'22
Christina and Scott Ackerman P'21      
William C. Ackerman '21  
M. Wyatt Agaisse
Rebecca and Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. '73
Peter M. Aiello '16
Deborah and Donald Aikman '52   
Debra D. Akin         
Abdulsalam A. Alagil '16
Tom and Cathey Albertson P'04            
Theodore Allegaert   
Elizabeth P. Allen   
Andrew Keller and Hannah Alley-Keller        
AmazonSmile Foundation          
Laurie and Christopher M. Ambrose '80
Beth and Hamilton Amer 
John Ammaturo           
The Robert G. and Judith P. Anderson Fund    
Leonidas C. Andreadakis '97       
Tae K. Ane '09
Yoon Keun Ane '05 & Garam Kim           
Jennifer and Anthony P. Arcudi     
Annitia and Adam K. Arena '96
Kevin J. Arquit        
Bridgette and Kojo Arthur-Mensah P'23, P'25      
Kweku Arthur-Mensah '25      
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign    
Gabe Avis
Dianne P. and John J. Avlon             
Ellen K. Axelrod  


Anonymous (B)
Jared & Amanda Backus           
Christopher Bailey    
Andrew P. Baker      
Irene and Jeffrey M. Baker '03        
Lisa and Rhodes B. Baker '65               
Richard Baker, Jr. '65
William S. Baldwin '79             
Kristen and Nicholas D. Balistreri '91, P'22
David and Auguste Bannard
Bannard Family Fund            
Robert A. Barich '79 
Albert W. Barile, Jr. '71
Geri and Tim Barker
Susan and Samuel F. Barnard '68
Carolyn Baron
Michael C. Barone '11    
Norman and Rita Bartczak        
Margaret S. Barton            
Anne and George P. Bastis '54                
Lisa Battista    
Richard H. Bauer '70
C. Brock Bauknight, Jr. '88                 
Jessica and John C. Baylis '87   
Marilyn and James Beck P'25        
Jeff Beck           
AJ Beckwith '14       
Linnea and David G. Beckwith '97          
Frederick D. Begeman '96          
Kim and Raymond A. Begey '73 
Edward H. Beimler '24
Julie and John Beimler P'24    
Steven Beisel        
Patricia and James L. Bellis, Jr. '72 
David B. Benham            
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Berkeley      
Suzanne and George J. Berky, Jr. '68               
Brian and Katie Allen Berlandi      
Deborah and Gary Berner GP'19, GP'21
The Berner Family     
Theodore J. H. Berner '19      
Tobias Berner '21  
Colleen Bernuth-Naclerio       
Margaret and Jeffrey Beusse        
Gregory M. Bieger '08 
Wendy and George H. Bigelow          
Rachel Berk and Bruce R. Birns '70   
Jake P. Blackwell '18    
Dianne and Thomas L. Blakeney                 
Sebastien J. Blanchard '21      
Deborah and Sylvain J. Blanchard P'21 
The Blauvelt Demarest Foundation
Jane and David Blaymires           
Melissa and Derek Block P'21          
Michele and Robert Bloder P'22  
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund                
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bobrow          
Robert and Amy Bocompani   
Peter L. Boggs           
Cynthia and Richard Bolding P'20           
Shelley and David P. Bolduc '87  
Jenifer and Peter Bologna P'21  
Jonathan S. Bortis '97      
William J. Bosanko
Jacqueline and Frank L. Bowman '49
Judith and Robert W. Bracken           
Yvonne Bradley-Reid        
Harrison C. Bramhall '10      
Michael and Polly Brandmeyer  
Marlene and David M. Braren '69                
The Braxton Fund, Inc.     
Heidi Voelker and Tim H. Brennwald P'21    
Kristin and Matthew Bresler              
Jay and Sheila Bresnehan               
William J. Brickelmaier III '83  
Verena and Miguel Brion P'21     
Maximillian Brion '21     
Marivonne and Peter M. Britton '70  
John and Betsy Brockway         
Mary Ann and Michael J. Broderick '94           
Jan and Peter D. Brough '65        
Najae Brown '13         
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brownlee   
Rob Bruce      
Sandy Bryant  
William C. Bullock III         
Viola R. Cook and Alvoye P. Bundy P'22   
Don Burgett     
Valerie and Christopher D. Burke       
Craig and Adelene Burlington  
JP Burlington        
Barbara and Kennett F. Burnes       
Tracy L. Miller and Kent Burnham           
Michael Burns   
Timothy Burns   
Valerie S. Busby              
William A. Busch, Jr. '98    
Ariel Byrne


Anonymous (C)
Bryan Cahill      
The Cahill Family
Hernando Caicedo    
Pamela and David Calderwood P'17, P'20       
Sally and Joseph F. Callo '48     
Agnes Cameron      
JoAnne and Sean Campbell '80      
Canido Basonas Construction Services, LLC 
Courtenay and Anthony Caramico P'24, P'26
Alexander Caramico '26
Glenn C. Carey       
Hayden Carillo and Family      
Evelyn and Steven Caron    
Amanita Duga-Carroll and Bruce Carroll P'21      
Mary W. Carter   
Megan and Thomas G. Cartier  
Suzanne and John G. Cartier '56   
Robin and Thomas G. Caruso P'21, P'23
Nicolas R. Caruso '23       
Herbert L. Case '85    
Sean and Jill Casey      
William Edward Casson   
Darcie and Christopher R. D. Cattani '93  
Jack Cay  
Marilyn-Joy and Michael V. Cerny P'17         
Joe Cerra  
Bernadette M. Chalupa            
Mikhail Charlier '24
Iris and Micah S. Chase '84  
Philip G. Chasin '05                 
Nghi N. B. Chau '24     
Jack Chipperfield          
John H. Choate '81    
Emma Christiantelli                    
Mikkel J. Cintron '22            
Harold E. Clark '23
Margaret Clark P'23      
Ann and Newton T. Clark III '88     
Robert Clark         
Margaret Chadbourn and David C. Clarke '92
Annemarie and Peter Claro P'21  
Class Agent '71        
Reggie Claus               
Sam Clougher          
Maura Cody      
Jamie Coffrin       
Adriana Colantonio P'22         
Hope and Anthony J. Colantonio P'20          
Nancy A. Colbaugh          
Trevor J. Cole '20         
Mary and Michael D. Colhoun '70    
Judy and Roderick E. Collette 
Bruce D. Colley           
Sarah and Bryan O. Colley '73       
Aniece and Joshua S. Collins '95, P'23           
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Collins         
Flip Collins                
Scott A. Collins       
Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.  
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Colin J. Coneys '07   
Allison and Wayne M. Conlan '91, P'19, P'20     
Jared Conlon      
Stephen T. Connolly III         
Rachel and John F. Connors III '80            
Charles J. Cook '08           
Torrey M. Cooke       
Patrick Cooke      
Douglas C. Cooney    
Deborah and David N. Coratti     
Betty and Allen L. Cornish         
David A. Cornish '09   
Scott "Booker" Corrigan          
John P. Coughlin '14        
Amy and John P. Coughlin        
Marilyn and W. David Coughlin '56        
John J. Covino '74     
Emily and Dennis P. Coyle '56            
Janie and Scott L. Craig '86    
The Crain Foundation             
Kelty and Rogers L. Crain      
Jackson Crisp '25                    
Nicole and Eugene F. Croddick P'24    
Robert E. Croddick '24            
Margaret and Thomas F. Crowley '53           
Charlie Csaszar          
Danny Csaszar     
Lucia and Gary P. Csaszar P'18, P'20    
Kathy and Paul J. Cudmore '65         
Bill Cummings       
Ann P. Curran  
Charles C. Curran '90                
Richard Cutting 


Anonymous (D)
Brandon Daley '23
Wally Danforth
Marc J. Daniel DVM                    
John C. Daniels '48
JoAnn Langham and Harvey Dann  
The Harvey and Lois Dann Foundation
Sarah and Tyler Dann          
Joy T. Daugherty          
Mary Jo and Robert Davenport 
Charleigh R. Davis '70   
R. Evan Davis '92  
James Day  
William C. de Brun '64  
Angela and Manuel De La Cruz '96      
Dealy Family      
John H. Deely '22             
Elizabeth and Matthew P. Deely '92, P'22           
Marta and Stephen F. Deely P'92, GP'22       
Kimberly DeFonce          
Christian and Melissa Degenhardt P'17     
Joseph, Mark and Laurie A. DelBalzo      
T.R. Dellin         
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson M. DeLoach         
Jim and Lea DeMaio             
Christopher DeMaria               
John H. Demenkoff '66      
Montague Demment              
Paula and J. S. Dempsey '58       
Patricia and William Dencker P'17, P'19          
Mary DeNisco          
James N. Desrosier '73       
Mike and Jenny Devanny     
Ryan Z. Devanny '18          
Anne and William B. Diedrick '66            
Katherine and Adam R. Dilly '99                   
George P. Dilworth 
Ronald J. DiMaggio '17   
John and Kasey L. Diotte          
John J. Doherty '93   
Donarra Thoroughbreds                           
Gale and Michael F. Donoghue  
Michael and Jane Dooley     
Jenine and Stephen J. Dora '89          
Brendan Simandl    
Charles and Faye Dow              
Susan and Robert Dow P'19  
Jean Doyen De Montaillou and Michael A. Kovner '58       
Lara and Brian Doyle    
Cody Doyle              
Matthew P. Dragalin '05        
Tom Drake, MD '85       
Eric M. Drath      
Elizabeth and Emlen M. Drayton '69    
Peter J. Drew  
Ron and Kelly Jo Drewery     
Michael T. Driscoll     
John C. Duane '19   
Abel J. Duarte '21    
Jim Duffy     
Caroline and Brian D. Dumont P'24      
Ryan T. Dumont '24       
Rebecca and Andrew Dunbar '72         
Robert J. Dunbar    
Barbara and William S. Dunbar '69       
Melanie and William S. Dunham        
Cameron Dunlap        
Alexander M. Dunn    
Andrew H. Duplessie '11 
Roniece and Henry B. duPont IV '86
E.A. and Kaye Durham Foundation                      
Kathleen and Kenneth E. Dusebout '92       


Anonymous (E)
Susan and Manuel D. Eads '62          
Dylan F. Eaton '22   
Meg and Lawrence C. Eaton '68   
Linda and Douglas E. Ebert '64       
Kevin K. Edwards    
Marcus Eldredge '19               
Brewster Ellis       
Elizabeth and Lincoln Ellis P'21  
Laura and Timothy B. Ely '67                 
Diana K. and Frederick E. Emrich          
Auric K. Enchill '14          
Sam M. Engelhardt '90    
Susan Erdmann    
Robert J. Espersen           
Catherine and Gustavus J. Esselen IV '71         
William F. Estony '17       
Margaret P. Everett 


Anonymous (F)
Geny and William Fabbri P'25
Suzanne and William P. Fackner, Jr. '66
Mrs. Joseph Fahey
Morgan Fahey
Ron and Carol Falbee         
Annika Falkenrath P'23    
Connie and Reginald Farr '65                 
Thank You Dave Reece        
Beverly and Morton L. Fearey, Jr.              
Molly Feeney      
Ethan Fehrenbaker '22    
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Ferguson   
Lauren and Nicolas Fernandez '98     
Robert and Sara Ferraris             
Ferraris Family    
JB Ferrarone                                 
Kristin and James D. Ferrarone '02       
Daniel and Annie Fierman        
JT Fine     
Robin and Dennis B. Fischer '68         
Irene Fischl           
Darren B. Fisher '86                 
Geoffrey Fitzgerald     
James R. Fitzgerald '69       
Melissa and Gregory Fleming      
Ann C. Fletcher     
Richard M. Flint '80  
Michelle and David W. Florence            
Curtis Fellows Flynn            
Sarah B. Foehl       
Martha and Tom Fogu P'22     
Andrew "Foley" Foley  
Colleen and Fergal Foley P'18
Noel and Edward J. Foley III '64
Scott Follett    
Sarah and Charles L. Forbes      
Katherine and Patrick M. Ford P'21        
Barbara and Robert P. Fornshell            
Amy and Brian R. Foster '79
David L. Foster           
Kevin W. Foster 
Four Bees Foundation    
Diane and William J. Foster IV '65           
Adam N. Franasiak '22     
Donna and Kenneth Franasiak P'22   
Justin Fried    
Tracy and Michael B. Friedman P'24        
Kristin R. Frisina and Frank J. Boula P'21, P'24
Katy and Frank Fritts       
Marianne and Peter H. Fritts '59      
Michael Fritz, Jr. '21    
Ashley and Joshua T. Frost '04    
Jennifer and Eric Fugelsang P'25      
Justin Fugelsang '25   
Kelly and Andrew C. Fuller '81         
Hadwen Fuller            
Leslie and Austin O. Furst, Jr. 


Anonymous (G)
Tina Covington and Dominick Gaccino P'23         
The Gaffney Foundation  
Trent T. Gaffney '96 
Sean T. Gallagher         
Renee Gallizzo      
Paul Gambal
Elizabeth W. Gardiner                      
Lucile P. Gatchell   
Marguerite and William G. Gatchell '63    
Chris Gaylord      
Peter C. Geagan    
John P. Gedrick III   
Elizabeth and David C. Genter '80                     
Linda and Robert W. Georges '94               
Peter B. Gesswein '97            
Christine and Kevin Giancola P'20 

Deborah Gibbs P'21                  
James H. Gibson
Laura and Malcolm A. Gilbert '81 
Duncan AC Gilkey     
Polly and R. Bruce Gillie '63           
Chris Gillman     
Gillman Family        
Thomas J. Gilmour III '69   
Kristina and Louis S. Gimbel IV P'23                     
Nicholas Gimbel '23        
Jonathan I. Girard '17           
Benjamin H. Girolamo '18        
Lisa and Thomas J. Giroux, Jr. '86 
Dan and Melissa Glasser               
Lauren and Sean P. Gleeson '03 
Polly and Barry Gleichenhaus
Jim Glotfelty                  
Bob Glotfelty        
Marion M. Glowka   
The GoGo Foundation            
Mazzie and Charles Gogolak    
Dennis Golden           
Matthew Golden            
Melissa and Seth Goldman   
Nancy Goldner, LICSW       
Darcy A. Duval and Michael P. Goodbody '65     
The Robert and Janet Gould Charitable Fund
The Richard and Mary Graham Charitable Foundation
Mary and Richard W. Graham II                      
Jennifer Grahn           
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grasing II
Bobby Gray   
Great Saves Goaltending LLC               
Marilyn Grebey           
Susan and Christopher M. Greene        
J. Scott Greer and Susan H. Greer 
Harvey G. Gregory   
Daniel Griffin           
Cecelia and Brian T. Grimm '92              
Devora and Robert W. Gronauer '70           
David P. Grum '78    
Barbara and Joseph M. Guglielmi         
John C. Gump '18    
Susan and Rynard G. Gundrum, Jr. '84, P'17     
Robert F. Gunkel, Jr. '71           
Robert G. Gustavson   
Sandy Guthrie   

Anonymous (H)
Katherine F. Hackett        
Thomas B. Hackett            
Kimberly and Adam Hade P'21       
Charlotte and Eric P. Haims P'19         
John H. Haims '19    
Barbara and Christophe G. Haller    
Jason Haller     
Dillon H. Halloran '13   
Angie and William Hammel P'20, P'24            
Stephen B. Hand '59         
Elizabeth and Steven Handler  
Stephen W. Hannock '69                  
Jane Hanrahan           
Bradford and Shelley Hardy '83      
Scott Harff                    
Mr. Kyle J. Hargens '01     
Claudia and John Harkin P'18       
Maris and James S. Harmon '70   
David and Angela Harner           
Winston (Chip) Hart                    
Hartley Corporation                                            
Lois and William Hartog III '65         
Elizabeth and Eric W. Hasselman '56        
Sirikan and Henry C. Hatfield P'20    
Henry H. Hatfield '20          
The Haughey Company, Inc.    
Margaret and Philip C. Haughey '53           
Walt Hauser                
Douglas A. Hawley   
Hayden T. Hawthorne       
Brigitte and Darren Hayes P'22    
Michael D. Hayes '22  
Patricia and Brian R. Hayum '84                  
Kim and Doug Haywood         
Frederick Hazlewood     
Sidney and Julie Head P'24  
Samuel D. Head '24   
Leslie and Patricia Heerdt         
William Heerdt     
Samuel S. Hemingway '70
Grace and Miguel E. Hennessy '80                   
Sean Hennessy '91      
Fletch Henningsen
H. Alexander Henry    
The Henry Foundation  
Monica and Thomas J. Herits, Sr.       
Sharon and Clark S. Herman '71    
Thomas R. Hess           
Janet and Jim Heubel         
Shawna and John E. Heydt '80            
Barbara and William T. Hickey           
Thomas J. Higgins, Jr.         
David Hill    
Toni and Alexander E. Hilton II '71               
Paul J. Hinkle '74      
Doris and *John F. Hitchcock '56 
Jamie Hiteshew   
Patricia J. Jenny and Kent Hiteshew                
Daniel D. Hoag '16                   
David W. Hobbs '82 
Elizabeth and Richard A. Hoefer, Jr. '68
Robert Bolling Hoffman    
Constance C. Rafferty and Todd E. Hoffman
Jane and Robert C. Holder                 
Janet and Joe Hollander     
Shelly Anderson and Thomas W. Holman '81
Teresa and Thomas A. Holton       
Lesley and Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.       
Bud Hoopes  
Mathilde Hopkins P'22               
Mrs. Raymond C. Horncastle         
Mark G. Horncastle             
Kimberlee and Daniel F. Horton, Jr. '71             
Patrick Houst    
Jonathan Howe      
Janet Page Hubbard     
Jeffrey M. Hubbard '82    
Sylvia Congett Hughes and John T. Hughes P'20, P'22       
Lucas P. Hughes '20 
Carolyn C. Hunsicker      
Richard A. Huoppi    
John W. Hutchinson, Jr.                   
The Hyman Foundation                     
Suzanne and Jeffrey A. Hyman '64


Anonymous (I)
Margaret and Peter M. Imbrogno      
Laurel and Joseph Impellizeri P'23, P'25      
Kenneth W. Inch '83   
Caren Irushalmi
Kathleen and Robert G. Ix '83


Anonymous (J)
Andrew E. Jacknick '01           
Lynda and Mark Jacob P'22          
Erin and Christiaan P. Jacques '96
Sandra and Jacob D. Jamron P'20, P'22
Jordi J. Jefferson '17
Jewish Communal Fund          
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund   
Yang Cui and Xiaohui Jiang P'19        
Yin Jiang '19 
Helen, Dee and Tom, and Brad and Allison      
Angeline and Michael D. Johnson '49    
David Jollin                 
Jean and Lawrence W. Jones, Jr. 
Mary Daniels Jones and Rick Jones          
Regina and Van Jorgensen P'17     
Benjamin A. Joseph '06          
Charmaine and John P. Judson


Anonymous (K)
Carole A. Kalba     
Jonathan M. Kalin '10     
Christopher Kalisch               
Regina and Richard M. Kane P'21
Refet J. S. Kaplan '79           
Renee and Daniel R. Kaplan      
Bill Keating   
Janet Keating            
Annie and Donald Keel       
Marny Williams and Michael J. Kelley '56     
Richard D. Kelley        
Rachel and James W. Kellogg P'10, P'15, P'23    
Kathryn and Michael D. Kellogg '10     
Pamela and Richard W. Kellogg '64       
Tucker P. Kellogg '23     
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelly   
Theo Kelly     
Jeanette and William W. Kelly '69               
Sandy Keys   
Fariba Soleymanzadeh and Behzad H. Khameneh P'24   
Milan R. Khameneh '24      
Chico Kieswetter    
The Heubel King Families        
Celinda and Sinclair W. Kinsey '73        
Erin and Andrew Kirkaldy             
Carol and Theodore Kneeland             
Mark Knepshield 
James C. Knowlton '03                  
Dana Koch '90       
Linda and Bruce Koe    
Cindy and John A. Konrad V P'24               
Elyn and Jeffrey A. Kronemeyer '73        
Charles F. Kuyk, Jr. '44


Anonymous (L)
Florent Lacroix         
Regan and Nick LaFontaine
Linda and Gilbert K. Lamb '53             
Rachel Lamson              
Patricia and William C. Langley            
Pamela and Mark W. Lappen 
Cort Larned III P'17
Elizabeth M. Larned                       
Robert W. Larson, Jr.           
Josephine and Ka Ming T. Lau '91      
Laurel Ledge Park Association    
Stephanie and Christopher M. Lauro '99
Lewis P. Lazare '70 
Joseph W. LeBlond '81        
Tom Leck           
Charles A. Lee '90        
Po-Wei Lee '23      
Emily and T. Carleton Lee 
Daniel P. Leech '91         
Catherine and Richard L. Leeds, Jr. '64      
Mr. and Mrs. Hill Bransford Lenderman               
Abigail and Daniel Lennox      
Naomi Leonard      
Alanna and Cameron P. Lewis P'22     
Lei Qu and Dong Li P'21            
Roberta and Godfrey Lidl              
Lingbi Huang and Jun Lin P'24          
Thomas C. Linacre, Jr. '62    
Teal and David D. Lindsay '64            
Michele and Erik J. Link P'21, P'23 
Peter J. Link '23          
Ken Lippmann, Jr.           
Nancy Liptrot             
Daniel A. Lisanti '22     
John Litscher '16       
Wei Xiao and Jingtian Liu P'20             
Jingxuan Liu '21
Su Peng and Wentao Liu P'24         
Peter Lockwood   
Pooh Lockwood and Charles C. Lockwood
Loring and Son Masonry Restoration, Inc.  
Lott Custom Communications, LLC   
Kathryn and P. David Lott '68             
Rachel and James R. Lowell III '70       
George H. Luce '55           
Kathryn and Lawrence R. Luce '86      
Amy and Brian J. Lucey '87   
Svetlana Lundstrom P'21   
Sheryl and David A. Lynn '94    
Jane and L. Edward Lynn      
Daniel J. Lyons '00


Anonymous (M)
Madeline and Ken Macanka P'24             
Noel MacCarry              
Mr. and Mrs. Macchio      
Jean and Peter G. MacGregor       
Lydia A. MacLear P'21        
Jack Thomas Makris         
David B. Maltz '07     
Brittany and Paul E. Mancuso '06          
Mary D. Mandeville  
Jeffrey Mandigo      
Lori and Maurice K. Mangan P'21           
Devin Manning aka "Boston"   
Marin Shabbat Dinner Club           
Davis C. Marks '21
Kim and Gregory P. Marks P'21   
Daniel J. Marma P'19   
Tyler J. Marma   
Miles M. Martin '16 
June and Peter B. Marx '73         
Andrew Masset           
W. Taylor Maury     
Elizabeth and David A. Mayeri '87            
Timothy McCabe & Karen McCabe
Susan and Peter J. McCabe '68           
*Gretchen McCague   
Kevin McClatchy    
Dana and Thomas H. McCoy, Jr. '03   
Jennifer and Thomas J. McCrady '85                    
Terrell and John F. McDermid '65     
Bish McDonnell       
Nicolle and James McDougal P'17    
Kenneth C. McDougal '17  
Joseph B. McElligott IV           
Cynthia and Daniel McEvoy               
Robin and Kevin C. McGrath '73   
The Donald C. McGraw Foundation, Inc.   
Robert L.W. McGraw                                   
Jane McGuigan P'24    
Dr. Cecilia McHugh and Tony McHugh      
A.J. McHugh          
Jovonnie and Russell A. McInerney '62    
Barbara and Thomas W. McKelvey                  
Stewart McKnelly '86                
Michael L. McKnelly '21      
Rebecca and William J. McLaughlin    
Deborah and Charles McMaster '83 
Connor T. McNamara '15     
The McNamara Family  
Alison and Slade Mead       
Peter and Carol Meenan
Anne C. Shera Mehlich and Robert W. Mehlich
Marcia and Jefferson D. Meighan '57   
Michael R. Melford '68       
Margaret and Richard A. Melgard '54 
Richard A. Mellon '83      
Scott S. Menzies     
Merrill Lynch  
Van Metcalf       
Courtney and J.L. Osei Mevs '94 
Frederick C. Meyer '68           
Rebekah and Vernon J. Meyer '82  
Douglas Michals    
Sean Michie      
Peter L. Milford '63               
Mill Pond Company, LLC          
Lisa and Kenper W. Miller '64            
Lorin and Jeffery J. Miller P'21, P'25
Maureen and Robert C. Miller                    
Michele and Joseph E. Miller, Jr. '90        
Maxx A. Miller '25      
Paul Miller Family Foundation 
Sally and David Miller P'18 
Taylor Miller     
Thomas Miller 
Dana Mills P'18              
Paul A. Miranda  
Declan G. Mitchell '21           
Sean and Stefanie Mitchell        
TJ  Mitchell '91           
Vicki and Frederick T. Modell '58      
Sally and Henry R. Molwitz '49      
Robert S. Mompere '68        
Ryan P. Monahan '14           
R. Bruce Moody '51           
Megan and Joseph A. Moran P'20             
Michael Morgan P'21       
Nicklas K. Morgan '19    
Victoria Ward and Marvin Morning P'21    
Francesca and Michael J. Morrissey P'17
Howard C. Mount                 
Nancy B. Mourtides                    
Owen Mulhern      
Pamela Gannon and Robert T. Mullaney '79
James S. Muncey                  
David Murphy '77   
Luke S. Murray '14      
Judith and Ronald J. Murray            
Deborah and Sanford G. Myers '86 


Anonymous (N)
Suzanne Najman                 
National Philanthropic Trust       
Dr. Luke Nelligan  
Lynn and David P. Neligan '75                 
Meghan and Andrew H. Nelson '90            
Ben W. Nelson '59            
Network For Good        
Wendy and Mark Nevid P'23 
Leanne and John G. Nichols, Jr.  
Linda and David S. Nixon             
Chris Nolan         
Nancy and Timothy Nolan P'21, P'23   
Nor' Easter Foundation   
Philip A. Norkeliunas         
Andreina North    
William Norton    
Nancy and Peter F. Nostrand '65            
Patricia and Jeffrey B. Nugent '53


Anonymous (O)
Oh Bear       
Derek Oberschall     
Cal O'Callaghan       
Terri and Peter Ogden      
William J. O'Hare, Jr.     
Michael P. O'Keefe                
Alicia and Chukky S. Okobi '96         
Geep Oliver    
Anna and William Olsen         
Hunter B. Olstein '17  
Kathleen and Erik K. Olstein '86, P'11, P'14, P'17
Kevon Olstein                                  
Ryan Olstein   
Emma and Terrence J. O'Neill '09                    
Tari Lee and Christopher H. Onthank '80 
Michael W. O'Rourke '22      
Kristie and Sean O'Rourke P'22      
The Reverend Canon Thomas Orso          
Colin J. O'Shea '09               
Phillip J. Osterhaus '75      
A. Oswinkle      
The Oswinkles


Anonymous (P)
Michael Paderewski       
Darren J. D. Palmer '10         
Denise and Dennis Palmer       
Junyoung Park '22 
Sukhwan Park P'22   
Daniel Victor Parker       
James J. Parker       
John H. Parker '66 
Elizabeth and Walter H. Parkinson '62             
Suzanne Parmly  
Geoff Partel '88   
Ryan C. Particelli      
Christopher W. Pateman '21      
Ian J. Patterson '75  
Mary and David H. Peck '86       
Penelope and Schuyler V. Peck '66            
Nikita and William J. Peden '82      
Stana and Edward C. Peete '80                
Diane and Christopher M. Pellitteri P'22    
Dylan Penebre           
Stephen Perez '19        
Albert G. Perkins, Jr. '77  
Ann and W. Hollis Petersen '64     
Joan and Donald S. Pettit '72  
Katherine and William D. Pettit, Jr. '67        
Shannon and Douglas C. Phillips '90               
Robert F. Phillips '19   
Patricia and Robert M. Phillips                  
Stuart W. Phillips '21         
Parents of James H. Philpott '96       
Elizabeth and Robert C. Picoli, Jr. '80                 
Crawford Pike           
Roxana and Peyton R. H. Pinkerton '49       
John Taylor Pirie      
John W. Pitts '54   
Courtney and William S. Platt '83      
Lynn and Gary Playsted P'20                    
Kyle Playsted '20      
Francesca and Andrea Ponzellini '75                
Melinda and Joseph Poon               
Joseph Porto '22    
Joseph H. Porto II P'22            
Carrie and James Poulos P'21, P'22                    
Edwin B. Powell (Biggs) 1990            
Deirdre and Cyril Prendergast P'24                
Mary and S. Lawrence Prendergast
Jane and Robert E. Preston '59        
Germaine and Glenn Price
Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Edward Pryor  
Adrienne and Charles Ptak
Margot C. Pyle


Anonymous (R)
Jane and Kevin M. Rahill '77          
Charles Ramsden        
Lance Rappaport     
Deborah and Alton W. Ray   
Sean and Carolyn Ray   
Virginia and Albert T. Ray '49 
Ray Family         
Maria and Ned Reade  
Robert B. Recknagel '55       
Susan and Robert V. Reece '63      
Elena and Donald P. Reed '70      
Albert H. Reinauer         
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.           
Valerie Falls and Marc Renaud P'21      
Paul Renzulli     
Jake V. Repaci '20  
Madelyn Ricciardi GP'21        
Marc Nicholas Rice
William L. Richards '67  
Andrea '81 and John Rickert P'16, P'19          
Henry S. Rickert '16         
William R. Rickert '19    
Melvin D. Riddick III   
Helen and Theodore M. Riehle III '65     
Christine and Edward J. Rigney '83  
Zacklynn and John B. Rintoul III '75            
April Roach     
Christina M. Roberts         
Cathryn and Dean M. Rocco P'21
Susan and Alvah O. Rock '59             
J. Christopher Roe     
Julie Luster-Roell & William Roell Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Andrea and Timothy C. Rollins '81 
Uta and John E. Rollins '62          
Toussaint C. Romain '96  
*Patricia R. Rooney       
Daniel Michael Rooney       
Jessica and Jonathan R. Root P'23
Eleanor and William W. Rose, Jr. '50                
George Ross '77  
Stephen Ross             
Nina C. Rosselli Del Turco
Amy Roth            
Joan Rothermel
Barbara and G. Christian Roux '73   
Marilyn and Robert A. Rudolph '61 
Stacey and Daryl J. Rubinstein '94         
Bruce E. Rueppel '55 
Rueppel Companies         
David Rutter                    
Chris Ryan                              
Jack Ryan '23
John W. Ryan III '68


Anonymous (S)
Peter C. Salaverry    
Connor Sallee   
David Sample '67         
Debra and Dwayne Sampson P'21      
Bryan Sanchez '97         
Jodi Sandler 
Ellen and James L. Sanford '66          
Gregg Sanik     
Andrew M. Sanita '77
Edwin C. Sapp '02
Elizabeth and David Sarosi '95       
Judith and John M. Sartorius, Jr.      
Kelly and William Sawyer P'20              
Mike Schell      
Ryan Schell 
Cheryl and Stephen H. Schmid '69   
Randall Schmid 
Tom Schnautz         
Nancy Adams and Scott Schoen       
Norman Schwartz  
Marc Schwarz                
Tomlin and Robert D. Scott '54      
William L. Scott '71 
Marlynn and William P. Scully '57          
Ian Sears      
Nicole and Barrett S. Seaton '88   
B. Peter Sebring '80                
Scott Campbell Seckel            
Suzanne and Howard G. Seitz    
Tommy and Eryn Seitz '90, P'15     
The Aaron or Peggy Selber Foundation, Inc.    
Clark Shafer         
Merrill C. Shafer P'14, P'17    
Thomas H. Shafer III '84, P'14, P'17         
Vibha and Mukesh Shah  
William P. Shannon, Jr. '69              
Susan and Steven D. Shattuck '62  
Robert K. Sheehan '75
Benjamin D. Sherman '90         
Mark Shreiber  
Karin and Christopher Shultz P'20   
Judy and Bill Shumway   
John B. Shuttleworth            
Mary and John S. Sikes '77
Nancy and Joshua Silverman P'22           
Maria and Anthony Simeone P'21      
Susan Heidere and Michael Simko      
Alyssa and Scudder K. Sinclair '86    
Piper Skelly      
Shayne M. Skov '09            
Andrew Slabaugh        
Frederick A. Slack IV    
Dennis Slater '68  
G.E.B. Slocum  
Myra and Thomas B. Slocum, Jr. '66  
Annette Smith   
Danny and Melissa Smith   
David H. Smith III   
Elizabeth L. Smith  
Elliott Smith               
Gay and Archibald A. Smith III      
Holly and Phillips Smith    
Jane and Ken Smith           
Linda M. Smith  
Logan R. Smith '22                   
Nicole and Chase A. Smith '05  
Todd Smith '89                 
Wendy and David W. Smith '67       
Willou and William C. Smith
Kristin and Alan H. Snow '85            
Casey J. Sodolski '22      
Tracy Laumer-Sodolski and David J. Sodolski P'22     
Seijin No and Jinhyeok Sohn P'24      
Zev R. Sonkin '16         
Melissa and Paul R. Soucy '75       
Elizabeth and Robert L. Spang, Jr. '71
Mary Kaye and Gregory A. Spore '85            
Bill Staby            
Deborah and John C. Stanco P'23      
Mitchel A. Stanco '23       
Lucinda and Theodore L. Stebbins           
Tim Stehly   
Cal Stempel       
Jonathan H. Stephens '79   
S. Dwight Stephens                 
Will Stephens '73  
Benjamin C. Stewart '90   
Cameron Stewart            
Gillian and Charles E. Stewart III              
George Stewart and Alexandra Turner   
Jake Stiles      
JC Stites   
Kyle Stober '22  
Brian Stone    
Christian Strader '21             
The Strader Family  
Carolyn and Michael W. Streett '83    
Gari M. Stroh III '90 
H. Carl Sturcke '61                  
Styles Aviation, Inc.        
Janelle and Steven T. Styles '88                        
Flip Suarez
The Sullivan Family    
Brian "Sully" Sullivan '13        
Cara and Mark B. Sullivan '97
Dennis Sullivan
Lonna & Jay Sullivan ‘96
Mark Sullivan '84
Jennifer and Timothy P. Sullivan '94          
Christian A. Sundahl         
Jodi Sussman
Pamela and Jeffery A. Swain P'21          
Guthrie R. Swartz '42     
Thomas Swon           
Monika Sywak P'20  
Piotr Sywak P'20        
Julia and Gregory T. Szazynski '91  
Samantha Reiss and Jeffrey Szymanski P'20


Anonymous (T)
Armando Taddei       
Mr. and Mrs. P. Talboltt           
Kim and Michael W. Tandy '70    
Susan Dunton and James C. Tanner, Jr. '73   
Kyle A. Tanner '21             
Jennifer and William W. Taylor
Margaret and John C. Taylor     
Judy and John Temple, Parents & Grandparents
Scott Tennant
Virginia and Duncan C. Tenney '70      
The Robert Thomas Family  
James E. Thomashower                       
Kathy and Barry Thompson   
Kathrine and Christopher B. Thompson '96 
Thaddeus A. G. Thompson       
Dorothea and Alexander L. Thomson             
Marsha and Michael Tierney    
Mary Catherine and Michael R. Tierney, Jr. '82
The Tierney Family             
Maureen and David L. Till P'22      
Macklin L. Till '22  
Jim and Tiffany Tinson   
Julia and Christopher Tolman P'23          
Dante A. Tomassini '14
Fanny and Edwin Torres, Jr. P'21         
José and Arlene Toscano 
Total Solutions, Inc.                      
Andrew N. Triandafilou '66                             
Caroline Trottier                 
Emily and Keith Tucci                        
Joanne and Andrew Tumolo P'24   
Amy and Kurt J. Twaddell P'23   
Helene R. Kluger and Robert A. Tweed      
David B. Tyree


Anonymous (V)
Lisa and Ronald J. Van Amberg '62  
Donald Van Dyne        
Noreen and Richard H. Van Horn '59     
James Van Hoven          
Sallie and Alexander T. Van Rensselaer '52  
Pamela Van Rensselaer-Long and William Long
Barbara Van Tronk                             
Deborah and Robert J. Vanecek, Jr. '78  
Maurice "Mo" Samuel Vaughn '86           
NY Pizza Guy in San Jose                
Zef Vataj '14     
Tiara L. Reyes-Vega and Edwin Vega P'22   
Kathryn and Anthony S. Vengrove P'22        
Cooper Vengrove '22      
Cassie and Salvatore Ventarola P'21             
Bonnie and Albert Vesper '63


Anonymous (W)
Bobby Waegelein    
Dan Walbolt, Jr.          
Michael Waller '11              
Maria-Elena and Michael L. Waller '75    
Caroline and Andrew Walker P'22   
Maureen and David G. Walsh            
Gabriel and Joy Walsh         
Zhong Guangping and Xiang Wang P'23
Christopher S. Wardman '05             
Suzanne and David B. Waters '65 
Carol and Ross M. Weale '58          
George H. Weatherbe III '70              
William C. Weaver IV         
Elizabeth and Alexander H. Webb '69         
E. Gedney Webb    
Gretchen and Kevin M. Webb P'22     
Elise and Rodman B. Webb '59    
Jean F. Webb IV   
Mike and Sue Webber P'17, P'18   
Taylor "T. Webs" Weber        
David J. Wechsler 
Alice and Frederick G. Weeman '63   
Ken Weeman '59    
Molly and Peter D. Weinberger '83           
Logan Weis '22   
Marc G. Welch '18     
Walter H. Weld     
Kathleen and James H. Wellman '66    
Bruce T. Welsh                      
Keegan B. West '15          
Holly and Mark R. West    
Susie Westphal       
Edward B. White           
Griselda and Duncan A. White '66    
Whitehall Foundation, Inc.          
Pete Whitlock  
The Whitman Family   
John Wick IV
Wicks Chapin, Inc.       
Jesse H. Wildrick '98      
Lucy and Laurence E. Wildrick    
Stephan Wilkinson and Susan Crandell        
Jane and Douglas C. Williams '59        
Emily M. Williams       
J.A. Dean Williams    
Elizabeth and Richard R. Williams    
Tim Williams              
Todd J. Williams             
David L. Wills II    
Martha and Donald P. Wilmot '62   
Joan and Scott F. N. Wing '67                 
WolfBrook Construction Management Corporation    
Stephanie and David E. Wolkoff P'21                    
Cameron A. Woodin '18     
Heidi and Brian D. Woolf '51       
Jaqueline and Christopher S. Wren '53  
Constance and Andrew M. Wright     
Eugenie S. Wright Foundation, Inc.             
Elizabeth and James H. Wright          
Walter Wright   
Peter L. Wyeth '64       
Andrew T. Wyman '16        
Daniel Wyman 
David and Laurie Wyman


Anonymous (X)
Ming Cheng and Yi Xu P'23
Yuanyuan Zhu and Anzhuo Xu P'22


Anonymous (Y)
Jennifer and Joseph Yamin P'23 
Nicholas Yawman       
Yu Zhang and Shuhai Yin P'20           
Virginia and William T. Yinger            
Jill Einstein and Peter Yolles   
Logan Yonce '85    
Hengyi You '22
Cari and Joseph Young P'24 
Kirstin and Linton L. Young '87
Joanne J. and Robert H. Yunich '61


Anonymous (Z)
Kyle Zacharewicz     
Dominic Zani '26 
Salvatore Zani    
Xuyu Chen and Chi Zhang P'23                  
Xia Zhang P'22        
Zhong's Family '21        
Mary and Harold Zlot    
The Jeff and Connie Huffine Zlot Family

* = deceased