Donor Honor Roll

Thank you!

With much gratitude for their generosity and financial support toward the growth and success of Trinity-Pawling, we honor the following individuals, corporations, and foundations who have contributed to the School this fiscal year to date, as of June 29, 2019.


Anonymous (A)
Christopher D. Aarons '18
Stella and Harry J. Abel '59
Debora and Robert Accomando P'22
Robert A. Accomando '22
Wendy and Steven J. Ackerman '83
Christina and Scott Ackerman P'21
William C. Ackerman '21
Terri and *Solomon B. Acrish
Rich and Debby Adamo

Conrad Adams ’18

Jerome Ade
Rebecca and Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. '73

Adirondack Foundation - Arquit Family Fund
Trey Aiello '16

Deborah and Donald Aikman '52

Debra D. Akin

Ghada Bint Khaled Al Saud and Faisal Al Saud P'18
Colleen and William C. Alcott '68
Melissa and Joseph C. Alex '96
Loren and George P. Alexis P'17
Peter R. Alexis '17
Theodore Allegaert
Elizabeth P. Allen
Robert E. Allen
Allyn's Creek Foundation, Inc.
Jake Aloi '21
AmazonSmile Foundation
Laurie and Christopher M. Ambrose '80
Beth and Hamilton Amer
Andrew Amer '03
John Ammaturo
Eduardo Ancona '21
Alan E.W. Anderson
The Robert G. and Judith P. Anderson Fund
Melanie and Paul Anderson P'20, P'23

John Anderson ‘79

Philip Andrews
Tae Keun Ane '09
Samuel Arquit '18

Janet and Chauncey B. Armstrong, Jr. '42
Judith F. Armstrong

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Dianne P. and John J. Avlon


Anonymous (B)
Heiner Badilla Sanchez '22
Rita and David F. Bagdasarian '66
Richard Baker, Jr. '65
Lisa and Rhodes B. Baker '65
Andrew P. Baker
Jeffrey and Irene Baker
Timothy N. Baker
William S. Baldwin '79
Kristen and Nicholas D. Balistreri '91, P'22
Kathleen and Nicholas J. Balistreri P'91, GP'22
Seamus Balistreri '22
David A. Bancroft, Jr. '20
Mr. and Mrs. David Bancroft, Sr. P'20
David and Gussie Bannard
Albert W. Barile, Jr. '71
Geri and Tim Barker
Evan Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Barker, Jr.
Glenn C. Baron '98
Joseph M. Barone '14
Charles E. Barthelemy '98
Margaret S. Barton

Rita and Norman Bartczak

Kathleen and Bruce R. Baschuk '68
Connor T. Bastidas '18
Anne and George P. Bastis '54
Elizabeth and James R. Bastis
Lisa Battista
Richard H. Bauer '70

Carolyn L. Bauer

Coralinn and Peter E. Bayer '58
Greg and Crystal Bayer
Jessica and John C. Baylis '87
Marcus A. Beato '19
AJ Beckwith '14
David Beckwith '97
Dean Bedford
Ibrahim I. Bekhiet '19
Jacquelyn and Jason Belcher P'22
Andrew Bella '18
Francisco A. Bendezu '22

Patricia and James L. Bellis, Jr. '72

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Berkeley
Suzanne and George J. Berky, Jr. '68
Brian and Katie Allen Berlandi
Deborah D. Berner GP'19, GP'21
Colleen Bernuth-Neclario 
Heather and Gregory Berner P'19, P'21
Tobias D. Berner '21
Theodore J. H. Berner '19
Colin Bessey '08
Anne and Charles Besterman

Bessemer National Gift Fund

Margaret and Jeffrey Beusse
Hongru Bi '19
Rosemarie Bianco GP'20
Gregory M. Bieger '08
Wendy and George H. Bigelow
Rachel Berk and Bruce R. Birns '70
Douglas R. Birns '73
Ashley and Christopher M. Black '88
Gay and Fred M. Blaicher, Jr.
T. Ahnk Able
Thomas G. Blakney '75
Deborah and Sylvain J. Blanchard P'21
Gabriel S. Blanchard '19
Sebastien J. Blanchard '21
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bobrow

Sheldon J. Bobrow '12

BOCA Pharmacy Group
Peter L. Boggs
Cynthia and Richard Bolding P'20
Richard A. Bolding, Jr. '20
Shelley and David P. Bolduc '87
Jenifer and Peter Bologna P'21
Katherine Bologna
Matthew Bologna '21
Bertram F. Bonner
William J. Bosanko
Jacqueline and Frank L. Bowman '49
Christopher B. Bowring '68
Yvonne Bradley-Reid
Carol Bradshaw GP'20
Connor E. Bradshaw '20
Sara Brazer
Heidi Voelker and Tim H. Brennwald P'21
Lucas H. Brennwald '21
Jay and Sheila Bresnehan
Jackson A. Breton '19

Thomas M. Brewer '12

William J. Brickelmaier III '83
William H. Briggs
Marivonne and Peter M. Britton '70
John and Betsy Brockway

Thomas B. Britton '63

Mary Ann and Michael J. Broderick '94
Jan and Peter D. Brough '65
Rob Bruce
Najae Brown '13

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brownlee

Beth and Grayson Bryant
Jude E. O. Buchanan '22
Andrew Buckwalter
Tuyet Nguyen and Tuan Bui P'18
Judith and Andrew R. Burgess '62
Don Burgett
Valerie and Christopher D. Burke
Cameron J. Burke '09
Megan and JP Burlington ’95
Craig and Adelene Burlington
Barbara and Kennett F. Burnes
Tracy L. Miller and Kent Burnham
Michael Burns
Valerie S. Busby
Stephanie A. Busby
Craig and Lynne Busby
William Busch '98


Anonymous (C)
Al Cafaro
Hernando Caicedo
Sally and Joseph F. Callo '48
Joseph Calihan

Agnes Cameron

JoAnne and Sean Campbell '80
Canido Basonas Construction Corp.
Ann and Robert Cantrell
Glenn C. Carey
Verna J. Carey
Kirsten G. Carillo P'21
Sarah and Earl R. Carlin
Nancy Carroll GP'20
Kathy and John C. Carroll P'20
Mickey Carroll '08
The Rev. Frank A. Edmands
The Rev. Cn. Lynn Carter-Edmands
Suzanne and John G. Cartier '56
Charles M. Cartier
Megan and Thomas G. Cartier
William L. Cartier '61
Robin and Thomas G. Caruso P'21
Thomas G. Caruso '21
Brianne and Timothy Cary
Ann L. Case
William Edward Casson
Barbara and Lester D. Catharine '68
Darcie and Christopher R. D. Cattani '93
Jack Cay
Marilyn-Joy and Michael V. Cerny P'17
Matthew J. Cerny '17
Bi-Chen Lin and Swo-Lin Chai P'19
Chun Kit Ethan Chan '23
Frances and Michael R. Charley

Iris and Micah S. Chase '84

Jack Chipperfield
John H. Choate
Jeung Weon Yoo and In Cheol Choi P'18
Yee Kin Chong '20
Emma Christiantelli
Cameron D. Church
Caroline and Anthony Ciafone GP'18, GP'21
Dave Clarke '92
Ann S. Clarkson
Candace and Robert C. Clarkson '86
Annemarie and Peter Claro P'21
Mr. Peter J. Claro '21
Sam Clougher
Maura Cody
Jamie Coffrin
Trevor J. Cole '20
Dean Coleman '76
Judy and Roderick E. Collette
Bruce D. Colley
Aniece and Joshua S. Collins '95, P'23
Scott A. Collins
Timothy Colmey '18
Nicholas J. Colombo '17
Susan and John J. Coneys, Jr.
Ira D. Conklin IV '17
Jared Conlon
Steven Connell
Stephen T. Connolly III
Patricia and George H. Cook
Charles Cook '08
Linus Cooke
Patrick Cooke
Anne P. Cooper
Deborah and David N. Coratti
Christopher Coratti '08
James and Lea Cornell
William A. Cornell, MD, JD
Betty and Allen L. Cornish
Alexander Corts
John Coughlin '14
Marilyn and W. David Coughlin '56
Sam and Dave Coughlin ’56
The Estate of George M. Coulter
Katherine and John M. Coulter, Jr. '54
W. Scott Coverley
Emily and Dennis P. Coyle '56
Holly and Ian L. Craig '86
Janie and Scott L. Craig '86
Matt and Linda Craig
Margaret and Thomas F. Crowley '53
Tadhg M. Crowley '20
Lucia and Gary P. Csaszar P'18, P'20
Charlie Csaszar
Danny Csaszar
Kathy and Paul J. Cudmore '65
Andrew M. Cuello
Becky and Christopher Cullen '71
Ann P. Curran
Kendra and Charles C. Curran '90
Paula and Christoph Cushman


Anonymous (D)
Ian N. Daly '06
Wally Danforth
Marc J. Daniel DVM
Henry Daniel '20
John C. Daniels '48
Susan and Dave Daniels
Fayne and C. Ross Daniels, Jr.
Stephanie Burlington Daniels
Emma Daniels
Kara Daniels

Matthew Daniels '02

JoAnn Langham and Harvey Dann
Sarah and Tyler Dann
Joy and Douglas Daugherty '52
Mary Jo and Rob Davenport
Charleigh R. Davis '70
Elizabeth and Thomas H. Davis III '90

Scott Davis

James Day
Dealy Family
David DeCelle
Marta and Stephen F. Deely
Elizabeth and Matthew P. Deely '92

Richard Defendorf

Kimberly DeFonce
John DeFonce '06
Thomas DeFonce '01
Nikolai Degenhardt '17
Delaware Community Foundation (DCF)
Joseph, Mark and Laurie A. DelBalzo
Joseph T. DelBalzo '23
Kristopher J. Della Sorte '22
Kristopher DellaSorte & Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson M. DeLoach
Andrew DeMaria
Christopher DeMaria
Luke DeMaria
Matthew DeMaria
John H. Demenkoff '66

Montague Demment

Justin J. Dempsey
Patricia and William Dencker P'17, P'19
William H. Dencker '17
John H. Dencker '19
Mary DeNisco
James Desrosier '73
Noagh Desir '20
Brian J. Desrosier '09

James N. Desrosier '73

Mike and Jenny Devanny P'18, P'21
Ryan Z. Devanny '18
Adam J. DiBenedetto '08
Eugene DiBenedetto
Anne and William B. Diedrick '66
George P. Dilworth
Ronald J. DiMaggio '17
Lucy DiMarco
John and Kasey L. Diotte
Dave Reece Disciple
Ms. Mamou Sissoko and Mr. Ere Djibo P'22
Tjende Djibo '22
Gale and Michael F. Donoghue
Stephen Dora '89
Bogusia D. Knysz and Christopher Doroszczyk P'20
Philip Doroszczyk '20
Susan and Robert Dow P'19
Frances and Paul M. Dow '88
Matthew R. Dow '19

Patricia Downer GP'16, GP'20

Cheryl Mason-Doyle and Joseph Doyle P'20
Karen Doyle
Joseph Doyle '20
Patrick Doyle '96
Tom Drake, MD '85
Eric M. Drath ’88
Elizabeth and Emlen M. Drayton '69
Ron and Kelly Jo Drewery
John C. Duane '19
Benjamin Duell P'22
Marcus Duell '22
Glen Dugdale
Charles M. Duggan '18
Becky and Andy Dunbar ’72

Barbara and William S. Dunbar '69
Robert J. Dunbar

Melanie and William S. Dunham
Cameron Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Colin R. Dunn
Alexander M. Dunn

Danielle and Russell Dunn '99

Joan W. duPont

Roniece and Henry B. duPont IV '86

Kathleen and Kenneth E. Dusebout '92


Anonymous (E)
Meg and Lawrence C. Eaton '68
Linda and Douglas E. Ebert '64
Rodger and Celia Ecker P'20
Rodger L. Ecker '20

Marlene and Brian Edmonds P'19
Kevin K. Edwards

Roseanne Pedicini Egnatuk

Curt Ehler ‘78

Denise and Christopher Ekstrom '85
Marcus A. Eldredge '19
Lincoln Ellis P'21
Afif El-Solh
Laura and Timothy B. Ely '67
Jeanette and Robert D. Emerson
Sam M. Engelhardt '90
Susan Erdmann
Jean and Christopher J. Ernster P'18
Robert J. Espersen
Catherine and Gustavus J. Esselen IV '71
William F. Estony '17

Eugenie S. Wright Foundation, Inc.

Margaret P. Everett
Taylor Ewing '20


Anonymous (F)
Mrs. Joseph Fahey
Morgan Fahey
Ron and Carol Falbee
Hongying Jiang and Anjiang Fang P'20
Connie and Reginald Farr '65
Dave Reece Disciple
Beverly and Morton L. Fearey, Jr.
Thomas C. Fears '21
Ed Feather
Marlene and Thorsten Fechner P'20
Sam E. Fechner '20

Elizabeth and Ralph Fedele '04

Chris Fennell
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Ferguson
Nicolas Fernandez '98
JB Ferrarone
James D. Ferrarone '02
Fidelity Charitable

Blake and Brian E. Fidler

Schuyler and Richard D. Field
Daniel and Annie Fierman
JT Fine
Robin and Dennis B. Fischer '68
Geoffrey Fitzgerald

Alycia and Tyler J. Fitzgerald '04

Melissa and Joseph M. Flaccavento P'20, P'21
Joseph J. Flaccavento '20
Givanni S. Flaccavento '21
Harold E. Flack III '06
Richard M. Flint '80
Nicole Shearman and Nicholas Fluehr P'20
Griffin Fluehr '20
Curtis Fellows Flynn
Sarah and John H. Foehl '60

Andrew "Foley" Foley

Rory T. Foley '18
The Foley Family
Jennifer M. Follett
Scott Follett '04
Molly and Richard S. Ford '73
Barbara and Robert P. Fornshell
Amy and Brian R. Foster '79
Kevin W. Foster
Kerry Foster
Lauren Foster
Megan Foster
Mary and George Fountaine
Four Bees Foundation
Andrew P. Fournier '16

Grant Frautschi '86

Linda and Eugene J. Frechette III '68
Thomas and Rosemarie Frenza
Justin Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Friedman '97

Roger Friedman

Kristin Frisina P'21
Marianne and Peter H. Fritts '59
Katy and Frank Fritts
Michael Fritz
Ashley and Joshua T. Frost '04
Kelly and Andrew C. Fuller '81
Hadwen Fuller

Rui Fukuda '00


Anonymous (G)
Heidi and Peter Gaillard P'19
Peter R. Gaillard '19
Sean T. Gallagher
Deborah and Ronald W. Gallagher, Jr.
Charles W. Gallagher
*Elizabeth S. Gallagher
Zachary Galvin
Paul Gambal
Victor M. Garcia '19
John M. Garvey '19
Marguerite and William G. Gatchell '63
Lucile P. Gatchell
Peter C. Geagan
Sandra M. Geagan

Cam Geer ‘84

Saskia and C. Meade Geisel, Jr. '56
Christine and Tim Gelatt P'20
John R. Gelatt '20
Elizabeth and David C. Genter '80
Peter B. Gesswein '97
Christine and Kevin Giancola P'20
Christopher Giancola '20
Denise and David J. Giannone P'20
Deborah Gibbs P'21
Laura and Malcolm A. Gilbert '81
Duncan AC Gilkey
Lisa and Joseph P. Gillette P'19
Dean J. Gillette '19
Polly and R. Bruce Gillie '63

Chris Gillman

Brett Ginac '19
Ginsburg & Redmond, P.C.
Jonathan I. Girard '17
Louise and James J. Glasser
Dan and Melissa Glasser
Lauren and Sean P. Gleeson '03
Jim Glotfelty
Bob Glotfelty
Bill Glover
Tyler A. Gmyr '21
Joao Eduardo Gonzalez '19
Darcy A. Duval and Michael P. Goodbody '65
Alanna and Samuel R. Gottlieb '89
Thomas C. Governale '22
Nicholas Grande '19
Liz Gray
Carol and Lushon Greene P'20
Susan and Christopher M. Greene
J. Scott Greer
Harvey G. Gregory
Cameron Grillo '21
Kieran P. Grogan '10
Devora and Robert W. Gronauer '70
David P. Grum '78
Robert F. Gunkel, Jr. '71
Robert G. Gustavson
Sandy Guthrie

Anonymous (H)

Willard C. Hadley '42

Jennifer Hague
Charlotte and Eric P. Haims P'19
John H. Haims '19
Ann and John L. Hall II
B. Christine and Robert W. Hall, Jr. '72

Winston (Chip) Hart

Jason Haller and Ashling Keenan
Barbara and Christophe G. Haller
Dillon H. Halloran '13

Angie and William Hammel P'20

Stephen B. Hand '59
Elizabeth and Steven Handler
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hanrahan P'18
Benjamin R. Hanrahan '18
Scott Harff
Claudia and John Harkin P'18
Thomas P. Harkin '18
David and Angela Harner
Tami S. Harrah
Cheryl and C. Stephen Harrington '68
Connor Harris '19
Truth T. Harris '20
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hart
Hartley Corporation
William Hartog
Elizabeth and Eric W. Hasselman '56
Margaret and Philip C. Haughey '53

Annee and Walter D. Hawkins, Jr. '59

Douglas A. Hawley
Francis W. Hazlewood '21

Susan and Drayton Heard '87

Leslie and Patricia Heerdt
William Heerdt
Samuel S. Hemingway '70
Class Agent '71

Grace and Miguel E. Hennessy '80 

Sean Hennessy '91
Fletch Henningsen
Monica and Thomas J. Herits, Sr.
Solomon C. Hess '20
Tim King and Eileen Heubel
Barbara B. Hickey
Frederick J. Higgins
Molly O. Higgins
Thomas J. Higgins, Jr.
David Hill
Wyatt J. Hill '14
Dick Hilmer
Varun Himatsingka '17
Paul J. Hinkle '74
Jamie Hiteshew

Daniel Hoag ‘16

David W. Hobbs '82

Elizabeth and F. Worthington Hobbs III

Elizabeth and Richard A. Hoefer, Jr. '68
Constance C. Rafferty and Todd E. Hoffman

Robert Hoffman ‘86

Dorothy and William J. Holinger '62
Kareem Holloway '19
Youngcheon Hong '19
Bud Hoopes

Lesley and Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.

Mathilde Hopkins P'22
Henry R. G. Hopkins '22
Sean Hopper
Mark G. Horncastle

Kimberlee and Daniel F. Horton, Jr. '71

Patrick Houst

Jean O. Houston

Maura and Jonathan Howe ’62

Janet and Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. '57

Jeffrey M. Hubbard '82
Philip M. Huber '95
Ariel and Adam J. Hubschman '07
Sylvia Congett Hughes and John T. Hughes P'20, P'22
Lynn and Robert E. Hughes, Jr. '64
Jack C. Hughes '22
Lucas P. Hughes '20
Mason Hughes '22
Scott Humphrey
Carolyn C. Hunsicker
Mary Ann Huston
John W. Hutchinson, Jr.
Robert J. Hutchison '03

Jeffery Hyman '64


Anonymous (I)

IBM Corporation

Laurel and Joseph Impellizeri P'23
Kenneth W. Inch '83
Interisland Mortgage Corporation
Jack Irwin
Jason Isaly
Rebecca and Frederick A. Ix '90


Anonymous (J)
Andrew E. Jacknick '01
James Theodore Jackson III (Thad)
Elaine and Robert A. C. Jacoby
Erin and Christiaan P. Jacques '96
Andrew G. James '14
Bridie and Ronald L. Jamron P'98, GP'20, GP'22
Sandra and Jacob D. Jamron P'20, P'22
Ethan Jamron '98
Isaac R. Jamron '22
Liz and Erik D. Javier '83

Jordi Jefferson '17

Hyun Bong Jeung '16
Seong Bong Jeung '14
Jewish Communal Fund
Zixian Jia '19
Yin Jiang '19
Yunhan Jiao '19

Yang Cui and Xiaohui Jiang P'19
Avery Johnson '17

Angeline and Michael D. Johnson '49

Wendy and Eric S. Johnson '86

Nancy and Richard A. M. C. Johnson, Jr. '63
Bryan Johnson
David Jollin
Hawley Jones
Regina and Van Jorgensen P'17
Charmaine and John P. Judson


Anonymous (K)
Carole A. Kalba
John and Heather Kalin P'21
Jack C. Kalin '21
Regina and Richard M. Kane P'21
Ryan M. Kane '21

Evan Kanouse ‘12

Dr. Philipp Kanzow
Refet J. S. Kaplan '79
Renee and Daniel R. Kaplan
Janet Keating
Bill Keating
Annie and Donald Keel
Marilyn and Stephen Keiner
Richard D. Kelley
Marny Williams and Michael J. Kelley '56
Rachel and James W. Kellogg P'10, P'15, P'23
Michael D. Kellogg '10
Pamela and Richard W. Kellogg '64
Tyler J. Kellogg '15
Tucker P. Kellogg '23
Jeanette and Bill Kelly '69

Doreen and Chris Kelly '81, FF

Patrick Kelly
Theo Kelly
Lisa and Chris Kelsey
Kevin Kent

Philip Kessler

Sandy Keys
Perry A. Keys

Chico Kieswetter '57

Mike Kijowski '69
Yoonjae Kim '19
Celinda and Sinclair W. Kinsey '73
Jesse D. Kirk
Janet and Paul Kirkaldy
Erin and Andrew Kirkaldy
Robert Kloss
Carol and Theodore Kneeland
Bruce E. Knickerbocker, Jr.
Cynthia and Mark R. Koch
Dana Koch '90
Michael N. Koch '19
Steven R. Kotton '07
Jean Doyen De Montaillou and Michael A. Kovner '58
Elyn and Jeffrey A. Kronemeyer '73
Carolyn and Timothy J. Kucharski P'20
Charles F. Kuyk, Jr. '44
Yun Hyoung Choi and Tae Sam Kwak P'18


Anonymous (L)
Matthew J. LaCalandra '19
Regan and Nick LaFontaine
June Cheung and Jeffrey Lai P'18
Yaorong Lai '20
Carol and Charles A. Langdon, Jr. '80, P'19
Charles D. Langdon '19
Nolan S. Laplante '19
Robert W. Larson, Jr.
Joseph P. Lasala
Josephine and Ka Ming T. Lau '91
Jane R. Lauerman
Stephanie and Christopher M. Lauro '99
Paul Law GP'20
Mary Lou and Arnold S. Lawson P'18

Scot Lawson ‘18

Lewis P. Lazare '70

Chia Ming Lee '14

Joon Sub Lee
Kyle A. Lee '22
Emily and T. Carleton Lee
Catherine and Richard L. Leeds, Jr. '64
Mr. and Mrs. Hill Bransford Lenderman
James Leske

Mary-Ann and Richard G. Lessard

Paige and Michael Levine P'20
Jacob T. Levinson '23
Anne and Stephen M. Lewis '63
Lei Qu and Dong Li P'21
Lili Yi and Ke Li P'21
Junyue Li '18
Peilun Li '21
Ziyi Li '21
Junyi Lin '19
Thomas C. Linacre, Jr. '62
Thomas R. Lincoln, Jr. '71
Teal and David D. Lindsay '64
HJ and James E. Lineberger
John Lintner
Ken Lippmann, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Lippmann, Sr.

Pooh Lockwood and Charles C. Lockwood
Laura M. Lockwood
Peter Lockwood
Fitch H. Lockwood
Paula Lockwood
Gwynne Lockwood Hales
Deede and Paul H. Loffler '58

Stephen M. Louro, Jr.

Meredith and Thomas C. Lovejoy '91
Lois and Richard M. Lovisa '72
Kenneth L. Lovisa
Caldwell D. Lowrance III '19
George H. Luce '55
Amy and Brian J. Lucey '87
Mitchell J. Lukas '19
Jane Lurie
Sharon and David Lynch
Sheryl and David A. Lynn '94
Jane and L. Edward Lynn
Daniel J. Lyons '00


Anonymous (M)
Macchio Family
Paul Macchio
Noel MacCarry ’69
Jean and Peter G. MacGregor P’03, ’07, ‘09
Lydia A. MacLear P'21
Nolan MacLear '21

Madison Community Foundation

Marc P. Maestri '18
Rita and Charles Magyar
Jack Thomas Makris

Melissa A. Makris P'17
David B. Maltz '07

Bray Manderson
Jeffrey Mandigo
Lauren and Gregory Manning P'20
Daniel F. Manning '19
Timothy J. Manning '19

Jack Margiotta ‘13

Daniel J. Marma P'19
Tyler J. Marma
Barbara E. Carr and David Marsh
Sophia and David C. Martin '95
Miles Mufuka Martin '16
June and Peter B. Marx '73
Carter and Mark F. Mascotte '88
Andrew Masset
Jason D. May
Diane and John R. Mayeri
Lisa McAleer
Jackson N. McAvoy '21
Kathryn Burton and William D. McBeth P'19
Ryan W. A. McBeth '19
Susan and Peter J. McCabe '68
Kathy and Paul T. McCabe '61
Karen and Timothy D. McCabe '69
Joe McCall '69
Allison and Henry F. McCance

Jackie and Patrick McCormack '81

Dana and Thomas H. McCoy, Jr. '03

Robin and Thomas McCoy P’03

Patricia McCracken
Jen and Thomas J. McCrady '85
Terrell and John F. McDermid '65
Elizabeth and Eugene B. McDermott '83
Bish McDonnell
Nicolle and James McDougal P'17
Mary Ellen and D. Richard McDougal GP'17
Kenneth C. McDougal '17
Joseph B. McElligott IV
Sean F. McEvoy '13
Elliott Glass and Patrick McGettigan
Kevin C. McGrath '73
Ellen and Douglas J. McHale P'19
A.J. McHugh
Jovonnie and Russell A. McInerney '62
Mark McKallor
Tracey Ann McKay P'22
Conor McKay '19
Dorthy Ann and George S. McKearin III '62
Cole S. McKenzie '19
Toni B. and Martin McKerrow
Stewart McKnelly '86
Sylvia and Michael McLaughlin P'19
Rachel and Thomas C. McLaughlin P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McLean
The McNamara Family
McNamara Purcell Foundation
Connor McNamara '15
Peter and Carol Meenan
Anne C. Shera Mehlich and Robert W. Mehlich '69
Michael R. Melford '68
Margaret and Richard A. Melgard '54
Richard A. Mellon '83
Chengzhen Meng '19

Scott S. Menzies
John Merrill

Deborah and Michael M. Messina '91
Van Metcalf
Patrick P. Metzger '19
Courtney and J.L. Osei Mevs '94
Frederick C. Meyer '68

Louise Meyer

Pamela and Christopher J. Mezzatesta P'20
Christopher J. Mezzatesta, Jr. '20
Douglas Michals
Sean Michie
Peter L. Milford '63
Mill Pond Company, LLC
Lisa and Kenper W. Miller '64
Maureen and Robert C. Miller P’12, ‘15
Edith and William C. Miller '62
Michele and J. Edward Miller, Jr. '90
Thomas Miller
Nathan Miller '18
Dana Mills P'18
Jisuk Lee and Byunghoon Min P'18
Ernest Mingolla
Paul A. Miranda
TJ  Mitchell '91
Beryl and Errol D. Mitchell
Katy Miu P'18
Vicki and Frederick T. Modell '58
Charles F. Moller '15
Robert S. Mompere '68
Ryan P. Monahan '14
R. Bruce Moody '51
Nicholas B. Mooney '20
Griffin Moore
Logan J. Morales III '20
Megan and Joseph A. Moran P'20
Nicklas K. Morgan '19
Michael Morgan P'21
Aidan C. K. Morgan '21
Victoria Ward and Marvin Morning P'21
Christine and Kenneth V. Morris '92
Francesca and Michael J. Morrissey P'17

Anne Mosle and Jim Whitney
Bradley Mostowy

Howard C. Mount
Zhongsi Huang and Biao Mu P'23
Xingjian Mu '23
Owen Mulhern
Pamela Gannon and Robert T. Mullaney '79
Jeanne and James S. Muncey
David Murphy '77
Shane Murphy '19
Peter W. Murray '19
Joseph M. Musa '19
Jack T. Musa '22


Anonymous (N)
Patricia Gimenez-Nash and Dwayne Nash P'19
Mark D. Nash '95
Bryce B. Nash '19
National Philanthropic Trust
Lynn and David P. Neligan '75
Dr. Luke ’81 and Carroll Nelligan
Network For Good
Wendy and Mark Nevid P'23
Jacqueline and Thomas C. Newcomb '55
Bach T. Nguyen '22
Alan, Elizabeth and Olivia Nick
Linda and David S. Nixon
Francis R. Nolan '23
Chris Nolan
James O. Nolan '21
Nor' Easter Foundation
Norfolk Southern Corporation Good Government Fund
Philip A. Norkeliunas
William Norton
Nancy and Peter F. Nostrand '65

NY Pizza Guy, San Jose


Anonymous (O)
Christine and Joshua R. Obercian '90
Derek Oberschall
Nora O'Buck P'19
Aron J. O'Buck '19
Kenneth O'Connor
John Oh '10
William J. O'Hare, Jr.
Danny O'Kane
Michael P. O'Keefe
Davvid O'Keefe, Jr. '20
Kathleen and Erik K. Olstein '86, P'11, P'14, P'17
Ryan Olstein
Kevon Olstein
Hunter B. Olstein '17
Michael W. O'Rourke '22
The Reverend Canon Thomas Orso
Phillip J. Osterhaus '75
Cecilia Owen



Anonymous (P)
Nancy and Jules B. Paderewski
Michael Paderewski
Denise and Dennis Palmer

Frankie Palmer ‘14
Kyle Palmer ‘08

Barbara and Preston S. Parish '37
Jong Ha Kim and Ju Hyuk Park P'18
Daniel Victor Parker
James J. Parker
Elizabeth and Walter H. Parkinson '62
Christina and James Parsons P'19
Ryan C. Particelli
Ian J. Patterson '75
Dorothy J. Patterson
Paul Miller Group
Allan B. Payne '72
Penelope and Schuyler V. Peck '66
Mary and David H. Peck '86
Nikita and William J. Peden '82

Stana and Edward C. Peete '80

Amanda M. and Henry B. Peltz
Jill Penza
Al and Leonor Perez P'19
Stephen Perez '19
Joan and Donald S. Pettit '72
Taylor Peucker
Shannon and Douglas C. Phillips '90
Donna and Robert G. Phillips P'19, P'21
Nicholas F. Phillips '21
Robert F. Phillips '19
Stuart W. Phillips '21
Parents of James H. Philpott '96

Emily and Jay Philpott

Robert Crawford Pike
Roxana and Peyton Pinkerton '49, FF
John Taylor Pirie
John W. Pitts '54
Courtney and William S. Platt '83
Lynn and Gary Playsted P'20
Kyle C. Playsted '20

Chris Polletta ‘17
Elsa Poon and Bun Chak Poon PP

Joseph H. Porto II P'22
Joseph H. Porto III '22
Dennis A. Postiglione '96
Justin Postiglione '99
William and Patricia M. Potts
David J. Poulos '21
Jeffrey and Diane Powell P'18
Edwin B. Powell (Biggs) 1990
Andrew D. Poynton '19

Jane and Robert E. Preston '59

Germaine and Glenn Price
Jacob D. Provost '22
Margot C. Pyle


Anonymous (Q)
Anthony B. Quartararo '81
Joan R. Quigley
Francee Matt Quinlan


Anonymous (R)
Jane and Kevin M. Rahill '77
Quran S. Rahman '19
Bill Railton
Sandy Rand
Virginia and Albert T. Ray '49

The Ray Family
Carolyn and Sean Ray '01

Maria and Ned Reade
Robert B. Recknagel '55
Judy Redder
Susan and Robert V. Reece '63
Albert H. Reinauer
Daniel Remick
Paul Renzulli
Jake V. Repaci '20
Madelyn Ricciardi GP'21
Franci Blassberg and Joseph L. Rice III '50
Marc Nicholas Rice
William L. Richards '67
Maria and Kevin Richards
Andrea '81 and John Rickert P'16, P'19
Henry S. Rickert '16
William R. Rickert '19
Helen and Theodore M. Riehle III '65

Christine and Edward J. Rigney '83
Anne K. Ringham

Michelle and Christon P. Robbins P'23
Rhys F. Robbins '23
Frances and Michael Robinson

Jean Robinson

Donna DiCenzo and Robert Robles
Rochester Area Community Foundation
Susan and Alvah O. Rock '59
J. Christopher Roe
Uta and John E. Rollins '62

Tunisia and Toussaint C. Romain '96

Matthew T. Romeo '21
Patricia R. Rooney
Daniel Michael Rooney
Douglas H. B. Roper
Eleanor and William W. Rose, Jr. '50

Will Rosenbaum VMD

Sara M. Rosen
George Ross '77
Nina C. Rosselli Del Turco
Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

John Roughen

Barbara and G. Christian Roux '73
Stacey and Daryl J. Rubinstein '94
Charles K. Rudolph, Jr. '58
Marilyn and Robert A. Rudolph '61
Bruce E. Rueppel '55

Aline Rumonge P'19
Margaret S. Runnette

Evan Ruschil '19
David Rutter
Patrick Ruwe
Chris Ryan '14
John W. Ryan III '68
Alexander J. Ryman '14


Anonymous (S)
Billy Sabia '07
Bilal Sadiq '10
Peter C. Salaverry
David A. Salisbury, Jr.
Lisa Martini Salisbury P'20

Connor Sallee ’08

Francisca Moreno Lazaro and Abelardo Salvo P'15, P'18
David Sample '67
Desmond Sampson '21
Thomas E. Sanders
Jodi Sandler
Gregg Sanik
Andrew M. Sanita
C. Richard Sarle
The Sarno Family
Elizabeth and David Sarosi '95

Molly and Ferd J. Sauereisen

Kelly and William Sawyer P'20
Jack Sawyer '20
Scott Schaub
Ryan Schell
Brooke and Mike Schell ’88
Randall Schmid
Cheryl and Stephen H. Schmid '69
Susan and Peter O. Schundler
Schwab Charitable
Norman Schwartz
Andrew and Roberta Schwarz
Marc Schwarz
Peter Schwarz '93
Tomlin and Robert D. Scott '54
Marlynn and William P. Scully '57
Ian Sears
Nicole and Barrett S. Seaton '88
Tommy and Eryn Seitz '90, P'15
Taylor W. Seitz '15
Seitz Family Partnership, L.P.
Jessica and James K. Selden III P'20
Devin A. Selleck '20
Jennifer Sessa P'22
Dominic Sessa '22
Merrill C. Shafer P'14, P'17
Samuel C. Shafer '17

Tom Shafer

William P. Shannon, Jr. '69
Tianyi Shao '20
Allison Shay P'20
Patricia and Burton T. Sheaffer '83
Cameron A. Shepheard '19
Jon S. Shore
Karin and Christopher Shultz P'20
Matthew J. Shultz '20

Michelle and John Shuttleworth '69
Mary and John S. Sikes '77

Brendan Simandl '18
Dee Dee and Robert F. Simes, Jr. '68
Ryan J. Simpson '05
Piper Skelly
Dennis Slater '68
Laurie and Myron O. Sleeper III P'19
Benjamin O. Sleeper '19
G.E.B. Slocum
Myra and Thomas B. Slocum, Jr. '66
Christopher Small
Danny Smith '08
Sara and William C. Smith III '87
Elliott Smith
Mark Smith
Holly and Phillips Smith
Todd Smith '89
Clayton Paul Smith
David H. Smith III
Chase A. Smith '05
Kristin and Alan H. Snow '85
Pete Sobol
Kathleen and Michael Solecki P'16, P'20
Sean W. Solecki '16
Thomas J. Solecki '20

Daniel and Anine Somers
Cameron Somers '16

Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group
Sandy Sossoadouno, Jr. '19
Jesnel Soto '19
Elizabeth and Robert L. Spang, Jr. '71

M.K. and Greg Spore '85, P’13
Tom Spore '13

Gary Squires
Bill Staby

Stage 2 Networks LLC

Tim Stehly
Cal Stempel
Alex C. Stempel '23
Scott L. Stensrud '19
Will Stephens '73
Jim Stephens
S. Dwight Stephens
Barbara and Philip J. Stevens, Jr. '67
Benjamin C. Stewart '90
Alexandra Turner and George T. Stewart
Don Stewart
Louise and Christopher L. Stewart '67
Cameron Stewart
Jake Stiles

JC Stites

Marcy and Mike Stober P'21
Samuel V. Stone '19
Thomas D. Stott, Jr.
Michaelle and Thomas D. Stott, Sr.
Christian J. K. Strader '21
Sarah and Paul K. Strader P'21
Pamela Strader
Susan Strader

Perry and Donald Streett P’83

Gari M. Stroh III '90
Melissa and Linden Stuart III '62
Nick Stufano '07
H. Carl Sturcke '61
Flip Suarez
Eric W. Suits '20
Gail and Richard J. Sullivan, Jr.
Cara and Mark B. Sullivan '97

Lonna & Jay Sullivan Class of 96

Mark Sullivan '84

Jennifer and Timothy P. Sullivan '94
Zhou Sun '17

Christian A. Sundahl

Thomas Swon

Virginia and John B. Syer
Monika and Piotr Sywak P'20
Alex Sywak '20
Samantha Reiss and Jeffrey Szymanski P'20
Nicholas B. Szymanski '20


Anonymous (T)
Armando Taddei
Tailored Marketing Incorporated
Susan Dunton and James C. Tanner, Jr. '73
Kyle A. Tanner '21
Susan and Mark D. Tanner '75

Nate Tanner ‘18

Jennifer and William W. Taylor

Chris Taylor ‘17

Margi and John Taylor P’98, ‘00

William S. Taylor '00
Noah W. Temple '95
Annabelle and Jason T. Temple '91
Judy and John Temple P’91, GP’16
Becca Moscowitz and Mark Templeton
Tianyi Teng '20
Scott Tennant
Virginia and Duncan C. Tenney '70
Textor Family Foundation
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Braxton Fund, Inc.
The Crain Foundation

The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.

The Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation
The Gaffney Foundation
The GoGo Foundation
The Harvey and Lois Dann Foundation

The Haughey Company, Inc.

The Henry Foundation

The Hyman Foundation

The Laurence and Cindy Bloch Fund
The Richard and Mary Graham Charitable Foundation
The Starr Foundation
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
The Robert Thomas Family
James E. Thomashower
Jeffrey E. Thompson '17
Kathy Thompson P'17
Thaddeus A. G. Thompson
Dorothea and Alexander L. Thomson
Thrill Hill Foundation
Marsha and R. Michael Tierney

TisBest Philanthropy

Lynn and James H. Titus '73
Mary and Peter M. Todebush '52

Dante Tomassini ‘14

Angela and Daniel Tompkins
Jose Torrado '22
Pedro Torrado '21
José and Arlene Toscano
Mark Trainor '19
Tin B. Tran '14
Andrew N. Triandafilou '66
Stefan Trifunovic '20
Raj Trivedi
Emily and Keith Tucci

Charles Tumazos '06

Mei-Tuan Tung P'18
Erica and Bryan Turner

Helene R. Kluger and Robert A. Tweed

Kyle Tyll
David B. Tyree


Anonymous (U)
Julian Uejima '20
Chizurum Umunakwe '18


Anonymous (V)
Lisa and Ronald J. Van Amberg '62
Donald Van Dyne
Noreen and Richard H. Van Horn '59
James Van Hoven
Anne and Gregory M. Van Zandt '68
Deborah and Robert J. Vanecek, Jr. '78

James Varian '17

Marguerite and Kirk S. Vartan '84
Carmen A. Vazqueztell P'19
Kate and Tony Vengrove

June and L. Robert Vermes '63

Bonnie and Albert Vesper '63
Patrick Vincent


Anonymous (W)
Bobby Waegelein
Dorothy and Andrew F. Wagner
Allison and Justin C. Waite '95
Dan Walbolt, Jr.
Alison Waldmann
Suzanne and Robert B. Walker '92
Nathaniel F. M. Walker '22
Maria-Elena and Michael L. Waller '75
Nate and Kate Wallis
Gabriel and Joy Walsh
Jiang Li and Chi Wang P'21
Kuang-De Ma and Chiu-Shih Wang P'18
Ziran Wang '20
Ziqing Wang '19
Jiayang Wang '21
Ledi Wang '21
Zeyu Wang '23
Marquese K. Ward-Morning '21
Suzanne and David B. Waters '65
Bernadette and John Waugh P'19
Philip S. Waugh '19
Carol and Ross M. Weale '58
George H. Weatherbe III '70
William C. Weaver IV
Jean F. Webb IV
Gretchen and Kevin M. Webb P'22
E. Gedney Webb
Kevin T. Webb '22

Elise and Rodman Webb '59

Joseph H. Webber '18
Mike and Sue Webber P'17, P'18
Charlotte C. Weber
Taylor "T. Webs" Weber
David J. Wechsler
Alice and Frederick G. Weeman '63
Ken Weeman '59
Molly and Peter D. Weinberger '83
Luke D. Weis '23

Ladd Weinberg '63

Susan Welch P'18
Marc G. Welch '18
Walter H. Weld
David Weld
Kathleen and James H. Wellman '66
Wells Fargo Foundation

Alexander J. Welch '18

Bruce T. Welsh
Timothy P. Welsh '05
Jie Wen
Jie Wen '18
Melissa and William H. West, Jr. '68
Keegan B. West '15

Zulma and Craig D. Westney

Judy and George M. Wheatley, Jr.
Alex Wheeler
Pamela Steele White Family Foundation
Griselda and Duncan A. White '66
Theodoros A. White '16
Donna and John Whitehead P'19
Shjon P. Whitehead '19
Kristin and Russell J. Whitlow P'16, P'20
Barbara L. Whittaker
John Wick IV
Wicks Chapin, Inc.
Dana and Richard Wiehl
Lucy and Laurence E. Wildrick
Stephan Wilkinson and Susan Crandell
Felix N. Williams III '84

Jane and Douglas C. Williams '59

Emily M. Williams
Lana and Donte' Williams, Sr. P'20
Todd J. Williams
Donte' V. Williams, Jr. '20
Martha and Donald P. Wilmot '62
Howard C. Wilson '68
Jean Wilson
Carrie Wilson
Sam Wilson
Jeanne Windbiel
Joan and Scott F. N. Wing '67
Ryan M. Winn '17
Asa Wint '17
Diana S. Wister
Jane and Charles J. Wittmann
Zachary W. Wolkoff '21
The Woods Family

Heidi and Brian D. Woolf '51

Victoria and Ronald L. Wozniak
Linus A. Wramage '20
Jaqueline and Christopher S. Wren '53
Constance and Andrew M. Wright '99
Elizabeth and James H. Wright
Walter Wright
Dave Wu
Peter L. Wyeth '64
David and Laurie Wyman
Andrew Wyman '16


Anonymous (X)
Yuanyuan Zhu and Anzhuo Xu P'22
Ziyao Xu '22


Anonymous (Y)
Junhan Yan '18

Sunye Li and Xiaoliang Yan P'18

Kyungsun Jung and Jinho Yang P'18
David and Margaret Yawman
Nicholas Yawman

Scott Yeaw

Yu Zhang and Shuhai Yin P'20
Jia Yin '20
Logan Yonce '85
Joanne J. and Robert H. Yunich '61


Anonymous (Z)
Julie and Michael W. Zacharewicz
Kyle Zacharewicz
Rima Zaitoon
Anthony M. Zane
Nadia and Brett B. Zanger '91
Xiangjin "Peter" Zhang '18
Andrew Zhang '20
Xiaoyan Zhang and Xiaoyan Li P'19
Yuhao Zhao '23
Maxwell Zheng '19
Iris Zhang and Gutuan Zheng P'19
Gezhong Li and Wensheng Zhong P'21
Mingcheng Zhong '21
Qijuan Wang and Yulong Zhu P'19
Hongyi Zhu '19
Barbara Ziegler
Ray Zimmerman '17
Zoot Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation

* = deceased