Donor Honor Roll

Thank you!

With much gratitude for their generosity and financial support toward the growth and success of Trinity-Pawling, we honor the following individuals, corporations, and foundations who have contributed to the School this fiscal year to date, as of February 1, 2019.


Teri and Taylor G. Abbett '85

Stella and Harry J. Abel '59
Wendy and Steven J. Ackerman '83
Terri and Solomon B. Acrish
Jerome Ade
Deborah and Donald Aikman '52
Debra D. Akin
Colleen and William C. Alcott '68
Melissa and Joseph C. Alex '96
Elizabeth P. Allen
Allyn's Creek Foundation, Inc.
AmazonSmile Foundation
Beth and Hamilton Amer
Andrew Amer '03
The Robert G. and Judith P. Anderson Fund
Tae Keun Ane '09

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign


Richard Baker, Jr. '65
William S. Baldwin '79
Kathleen and Nicholas J. Balistreri P'91, GP'22
David and Gussie Bannard
Geri and Tim Barker
Glenn C. Baron '98
Joseph M. Barone '14
Charles E. Barthelemy '98
Margaret S. Barton
Kathleen and Bruce R. Baschuk '68
Anne and George P. Bastis '54
Elizabeth and James R. Bastis
Lisa Battista
Coralinn and Peter E. Bayer '58
Greg and Crystal Bayer
Jacquelyn and Jason Belcher P'22
Patricia and James L. Bellis, Jr. '72
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Berkeley
Suzanne and George J. Berky, Jr. '68
Deborah D. Berner GP'19, GP'21
Colin Bessey '08
Margaret and Jeffrey Beusse
Gregory M. Bieger '08
Wendy and George H. Bigelow
Rachel Berk and Bruce R. Birns '70
Gay and Fred M. Blaicher, Jr.
Deborah and Sylvain J. Blanchard P'21
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bobrow
BOCA Pharmacy Group
Peter L. Boggs
Jenifer and Peter Bologna P'21
Bertram F. Bonner
Jacqueline and Frank L. Bowman '49
Carol Bradshaw GP'20
The Braxton Fund, Inc.
Heidi Voelker and Tim H. Brennwald P'21
William J. Brickelmaier III '83
Verena Brion and Miguel Brion P'21
Marivonne and Peter M. Britton '70
John and Betsy Brockway
Mary Ann and Michael J. Broderick '94
Tuyet Nguyen and Tuan Bui P'18
Don Burgett
JP Burlington
Barbara and Kennett F. Burnes

Valerie S. Busby


Sally and Joseph F. Callo '48
Agnes Cameron
JoAnne and Sean Campbell '80
Canido Basonas Construction Corp.
Ann and Robert Cantrell
Glenn C. Carey
Nancy Carroll GP’20
Suzanne and John G. Cartier '56
Megan and Thomas G. Cartier
William L. Cartier '61
Ann L. Case
Barbara and Lester D. Catharine '68
Darcie and Christopher R. D. Cattani '93
Marilyn-Joy and Michael V. Cerny P'17
Caroline and Anthony Ciafone GP'18, GP'21
Peter J. Cleary '81
Jamie Coffrin
Judy and Roderick E. Collette
Aniece and Joshua S. Collins '95, P'23
Susan and John J. Coneys, Jr.
Patricia and George H. Cook
Anne P. Cooper
James and Lea Cornell
Betty and Allen L. Cornish
Marilyn and W. David Coughlin '56
Kelty and Rogers L. Crain
Andrew M. Cuello

Ann P. Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Christoph Cushman


John C. Daniels '48
Susan and Dave Daniels
Fayne and C. Ross Daniels, Jr.
JoAnn Langham and Harvey Dann
Sarah and Tyler Dann
Charleigh R. Davis '70
Dealy Family
Marta and Stephen F. Deely
Delaware Community Foundation (DCF)
Joseph, Mark and Laurie A. DelBalzo
John H. Demenkoff '66
William H. Dencker '17
Mary DeNisco
Irene and William A. DeNisco '00
Anne and William B. Diedrick '66
George P. Dilworth
Lucy DiMarco
Gale and Michael F. Donoghue
Bogusia D. Knysz and Christopher Doroszczyk P'20
Susan and Robert Dow P'19
Tom Drake, MD '85
Elizabeth and Emlen M. Drayton '69
Jane and Francis K. Duane '76
Benjamin Duell P'22
Melanie and William S. Dunham
Colleen F. Dunne
Roniece and Henry B. duPont IV '86

Kathleen and Kenneth E. Dusebout '92


Meg and Lawrence C. Eaton '68
Linda and Douglas E. Ebert '64
Kevin K. Edwards
Roseanne Pedicini Egnatuk
Laura and Timothy B. Ely '67
Jeanette and Robert D. Emerson
Susan Erdmann
Jean and Christopher J. Ernster P'18
Robert J. Espersen
William F. Estony '17

Margaret P. Everett


Mrs. Joseph Fahey
Ron and Carol Falbee
Hongying Jiang and Anjiang Fang P'20
Beverly and Morton L. Fearey, Jr.
Chris Fennell
JB Ferrarone
James D. Ferrarone '02
Fidelity Charitable
Schuyler and Richard D. Field
Daniel and Annie Fierman
Nicole Shearman and Nicholas Fluehr P'20
Curtis Fellows Flynn
Sarah and John H. Foehl '60
Noel and Edward J. Foley III '64
Jennifer M. Follett
Barbara and Robert P. Fornshell
Amy and Brian R. Foster '79
Mary and George Fountaine
Linda and Eugene J. Frechette III '68
Thomas and Rosemarie Frenza
Marianne and Peter H. Fritts '59
Katy and Frank Fritts

Kelly and Andrew C. Fuller '81


Trent T. Gaffney '96
Elizabeth S. Gallagher
Paul Gambal
Marguerite and William G. Gatchell '63
Lucile P. Gatchell
Sandra M. Geagan

Elizabeth and David C. Genter '80

Duncan AC Gilkey
Jonathan I. Girard '17
Louise and James J. Glasser
Sean P. Gleeson '03
Bill Glover
Mazzie and Charles Gogolak
Corinne and Maurice R. Greenberg
Alanna and Samuel R. Gottlieb '89
Robert and Janet Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grasing II
Susan and Christopher M. Greene
J. Scott Greer
Harvey G. Gregory
Devora and Robert W. Gronauer '70
Robert G. Gustavson

Sandy Guthrie


Charlotte and Eric P. Haims P'19
Ann and John L. Hall II
B. Christine and Robert W. Hall, Jr. '72
Jason Haller and Ashling Keenan
Barbara and Christophe G. Haller
Stephen B. Hand '59
Elizabeth and Steven Handler
Claudia and John Harkin P'18
Thomas P. Harkin '18
David and Angela Harner
Cheryl and C. Stephen Harrington '68
Winston (Chip) Hart
Hartley Corporation
Elizabeth and Eric W. Hasselman '56
Leslie and Patricia Heerdt
William Heerdt
H. Alexander Henry
Monica and Thomas J. Herits, Sr.
Thomas R. Hess
Tim King and Eileen Heubel
Barbara B. Hickey
Molly O. Higgins
David Hill
Varun Himatsingka '17
Paul J. Hinkle '74
David W. Hobbs '82
Elizabeth and Richard A. Hoefer, Jr. '68
Constance C. Rafferty and Todd E. Hoffman
Dorothy and William J. Holinger '62
Mathilde Hopkins P'22
Sylvia Congett Hughes and John T. Hughes P'20, P'22
Lynn and Robert E. Hughes, Jr. '64
Carolyn C. Hunsicker

John W. Hutchinson, Jr.


Margaret and Peter M. Imbrogno
Laurel and Joseph Impellizeri P'23
Kenneth W. Inch '83
Interisland Mortgage Corporation
Jack Irwin
Jason Isaly

Kathleen and Robert G. Ix '83


Andrew E. Jacknick '01
Elaine and Robert A. C. Jacoby
Erin and Christiaan P. Jacques '96
Sandra and Jacob D. Jamron P'20, P'22
Jewish Communal Fund
Angeline and Michael D. Johnson '49
Nancy and Richard A. M. C. Johnson, Jr. '63
David Jollin
Hawley Jones
Regina and Van Jorgensen P'17

Charmaine and John P. Judson


Carole A. Kalba
Refet J. S. Kaplan '79
Renee and Daniel R. Kaplan
Marilyn and Stephen Keiner
Marny Williams and Michael J. Kelley '56
Rachel and James W. Kellogg P'10, P'15, P'23
Pamela and Richard W. Kellogg '64
Celinda and Sinclair W. Kinsey '73
Janet and Paul Kirkaldy
Carol and Theodore Kneeland
Cynthia and Mark R. Koch
Jean Doyen De Montaillou and Michael A. Kovner '58
Elyn and Jeffrey A. Kronemeyer '73

Charles F. Kuyk, Jr. '44


Regan and Nick LaFontaine
Robert W. Larson, Jr.
Joseph P. Lasala
Mary Lou and Arnold S. Lawson P'18
Emily and T. Carleton Lee
Paige and Michael Levine P'20
Paige and Michael Levine P'20
Lei Qu and Dong Li P'21
Lili Yi and Ke Li P'21
Thomas C. Linacre, Jr. '62
Teal and David D. Lindsay '64
HJ and James E. Lineberger
John Lintner
Pooh Lockwood and Charles C. Lockwood
Gwynne Lockwood Hales
Deede and Paul H. Loffler '58
Lois and Richard M. Lovisa '72
George H. Luce '55
Amy and Brian J. Lucey '87
Lisa and Michael G. Lukas P'19
Jane and L. Edward Lynn
Sheryl and David A. Lynn '94

Daniel J. Lyons '00


Macchio Family
Lydia A. MacLear P'21
Lauren and Gregory Manning P'20
Andrew Masset
Diane and John R. Mayeri
Susan and Peter J. McCabe '68
Karen and Timothy D. McCabe '69
Kathy and Paul T. McCabe '61
Allison and Henry F. McCance
Dana and Thomas H. McCoy, Jr. '03
Terrell and John F. McDermid '65
Nicolle and James McDougal P'17
Mary Ellen and D. Richard McDougal GP'17
Joseph B. McElligott IV
Sean F. McEvoy '13
Elliott Glass and Patrick McGettigan
Kevin C. McGrath '73
Ellen and Douglas J. McHale P'19
Toni B. and Martin McKerrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McLean
The McNamara Family
McNamara Purcell Foundation
Alison and Edward Mead
Peter and Carol Meenan
Anne C. Shera Mehlich and Robert W. Mehlich '69
Michael R. Melford '68
Margaret and Richard A. Melgard '54
Richard A. Mellon '83
Van Metcalf
Rebekah and Vernon J. Meyer '82
Sean Michie
Peter L. Milford '63
Mill Pond Company, LLC
Paul Trent Miller
Maureen and Robert C. Miller
TJ  Mitchell '91
Beryl and Errol D. Mitchell
Vicki and Frederick T. Modell '58
Robert S. Mompere '68
Ryan P. Monahan '14
R. Bruce Moody '51
Megan and Joseph A. Moran P'20
Francesca and Michael J. Morrissey P'17
Howard C. Mount

Zhongsi Huang and Biao Mu P'23
Jeanne and James S. Muncey


National Philanthropic Trust
Lynn and David P. Neligan '75
Dr.  Luke Nelligan
Network for Good
Jacqueline and Thomas C. Newcomb '55
Linda and David S. Nixon
Nor' Easter Foundation
Philip A. Norkeliunas

Nancy and Peter F. Nostrand '65


Derek Oberschall
Kathleen and Erik K. Olstein '86, P'11, P'14, P'17
Ryan Olstein
Kevon Olstein
Hunter B. Olstein '17
The Reverend Canon Thomas Orso

Phillip J. Osterhaus '75


Denise and Dennis Palmer
Barbara and Preston S. Parish '37
Daniel Victor Parker
Elizabeth and Walter H. Parkinson '62
Ian J. Patterson '75
Dorothy J. Patterson
Paul Miller Group
Allan B. Payne '72
Michele and Fred Peasley ‘65
Nikita and William J. Peden '82
Amanda M. and Henry B. Peltz
Kathleen and Richard L. Perkal
Joan and Donald S. Pettit '72
Joseph H. Porto II P'22
William and Patricia M. Potts
Jeffrey and Diane Powell P'18
Germaine and Glenn Price
Margot C. Pyle


Joan R. Quigley


Jane and Kevin M. Rahill '77
Virginia and Albert T. Ray '49
Robert B. Recknagel '55
Susan and Robert V. Reece '63
Albert H. Reinauer
Franci Blassberg and Joseph L. Rice III '50
William L. Richards '67
Andrea '81 and John Rickert P'16, P'19
Frances and Michael Robinson
Donna DiCenzo and Robert Robles
Rochester Area Community Foundation
Susan and Alvah O. Rock '59
Patricia R. Rooney
Eleanor and William W. Rose, Jr. '50
Sara M. Rosen
Will Rosenbaum VMD
Nina C. Rosselli Del Turco
Barbara and G. Christian Roux ’73

John W. Ryan III '68


David A. Salisbury, Jr.
Lisa Martini Salisbury P'20
Philip Salisbury P'20
David Sample '67
Jodi Sandler
Ellen and James L. Sanford '66
Nancy Adams and Scott Schoen
Susan and Peter O. Schundler
Schwab Charitable
Andrew and Roberta Schwarz
Tomlin and Robert D. Scott '54
Marlynn and William P. Scully '57
Tommy and Eryn Seitz '90, P'15
Taylor W. Seitz '15
Seitz Family Partnership, L.P.
William P. Shannon, Jr. '69
Allison Shay P'20
Patricia and Burton T. Sheaffer ‘83
Dennis Slater '68
Laurie and Myron O. Sleeper III P'19
G.E.B. Slocum
Myra and Thomas B. Slocum, Jr. '66
Sara and William C. Smith III '87
Elliott Smith
Mark Smith
Holly and Phillips Smith
Kristin and Alan H. Snow '85
Somers Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Group
The Starr Foundation
Lucinda and Theodore L. Stebbins
Cal Stempel
Will Stephens '73
S. Dwight Stephens
Barbara and Philip J. Stevens, Jr. '67
Benjamin C. Stewart '90
Alexandra Turner and George T. Stewart
Melissa and Linden Stuart III '62
H. Carl Sturcke '61
Lizabeth Fiedler-Styles and Stuart T. Styles '83
Flip Suarez
Mark Sullivan '84
Christian A. Sundahl
Virginia and John B. Syer
Monika and Piotr Sywak P'20

Samantha Reiss and Jeffrey Szymanski P'20


Tailored Marketing Incorporated
Judy and John Temple, Parents & Grandparents
Scott Tennant
Virginia and Duncan C. Tenney '70
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Crain Foundation
The Estate of George M. Coulter
The Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation
The Gaffney Foundation
The GoGo Foundation
The Harvey and Lois Dann Foundation
The Henry Foundation
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
The Robert Thomas Family
James E. Thomashower
Dorothea and Alexander L. Thomson
Thrill Hill Foundation
Marsha and  R. Michael Tierney
Philip and Isabella Timon
Mary and Peter M. Todebush '52
Andrew N. Triandafilou '66
Emily and Keith Tucci
Mei-Tuan Tung P'18
Helene R. Kluger and Robert A. Tweed

Kyle Tyll


Donald Van Dyne
James Van Hoven

Sallie and Alexander T. Van Rensselaer '52


Bobby Waegelein
Maria-Elena and Michael L. Waller '75
Jiang Li and Chi Wang P'21
Suzanne and David B. Waters '65
Bernadette and John Waugh P'19
Carol and Ross M. Weale '58
George H. Weatherbe III '70
William C. Weaver IV
Jean F. Webb IV
Gretchen and Kevin M. Webb P'22
Mike and Sue Webber P'17, P'18
Charlotte C. Weber
Alice and Frederick G. Weeman '63
Molly and Peter D. Weinberger '83
Walter H. Weld
David Weld
Kathleen and James H. Wellman '66
Wells Fargo Foundation
Bruce T. Welsh
Melissa and William H. West, Jr. '68
Judy and George M. Wheatley, Jr.
Mary Kay and Ernest C. Whitbeck IV '87
Pamela Steele White Family Foundation
Griselda and Duncan A. White '66
Barbara L. Whittaker
Wicks Chapin, Inc.
Dana and Richard Wiehl
James A. Wierzba '03
Lucy and Laurence E. Wildrick
Emily M. Williams
Joan and Scott F. N. Wing '67
Asa Wint '17
Diana S. Wister
Jane and Charles J. Wittmann
Victoria and Ronald L. Wozniak
Jaqueline and Christopher S. Wren '53
Constance and Andrew M. Wright '99
Elizabeth and James H. Wright

Peter L. Wyeth '64


Yuanyuan Zhu and Anzhuo Xu P'22


David and Margaret Yawman
Yu Zhang and Shuhai Yin P'20
Logan Yonce '85

Kirstin and Linton L. Young '87


Julie and Michael W. Zacharewicz
Anthony M. Zane
Xiangjin "Peter" Zhang '18
Gezhong Li and Wensheng Zhong P'21
Qijuan Wang and Yulong Zhu P'19
Zoot Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation

Please note: This honor roll does not include Chapel Flower donors.