MacGregor Robinson Endowed Chair for Mentoring

Named For MacGregor Robinson (1964 – 2017)
One Of Trinity-Pawling's Most Committed And Generous Educators

Trinity-Pawling School makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the students entrusted to her through the care, compassion, and guidance of the faculty and staff. Through deliberate recognition of this opportunity and the responsibilities associated with this opportunity, the School grows stronger by the mentoring relationships that strengthen as a result. Our work to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students is what MacGregor was all about and it is what Trinity-Pawling is all about. We will honor MacGregor by making a difference this year in the lives of the young men we will teach, coach, and advise.

His life’s work was built upon the awareness that mentoring is one of the most meaningful gifts an educator can provide his or her students. He excelled in that role because he was blessed with many caring role models throughout his life.  It was MacGregor’s ambition to create a program at Trinity-Pawling that would be dedicated toward nurturing the mentoring skills of our faculty and staff as a means to further distinguish the School.

The MacGregor Robinson Endowed Chair for Mentoring will be named for MacGregor (1964 – 2017), one of the School’s most committed and generous educators. This endowed chair was his vision and what he was working on with the time and energy he had since his diagnosis. In honor of MacGregor, donations may be made to this endowed fund or as a memorial gift to the Trinity-Pawling Fund.

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