Quad Transformation

under construction • summer 2021

Students walk across the quad on a sunny spring day
An architectural rendering of the new terrace behind Cluett Hall at Trinity-Pawling School

Transforming the Quad at Trinity-Pawling

For more than a century, generations of students have relaxed, played, and celebrated on the quad. As the heart of campus, this beloved spot behind Cluett is home to years of cherished memories and milestones.

This spring, the School broke ground on an extensive renovation of the quad. Plans include a dynamic outdoor classroom, scenic gathering spaces, and a grand terrace behind Cluett Lobby.

We invite you to play a role in this historic transformation by naming a space and leaving your mark on Trinity-Pawling.

Renovation Overview

  • Upgraded entrances to the back of Cluett, including Gardiner Library, Cluett Lobby, and the Office of Admissions
  • A grand multi-use terrace behind Cluett Lobby
  • A brick walkway around the quad and to all dorms and surrounding buildings
  • Scenic gathering spaces at every corner and at the east end of the quad
  • Elegant lampposts surrounding the quad

Naming Opportunities

  • Terrace behind Cluett: $250,000
  • East seating area: $100,000
  • Scenic corner seating areas: $50,000 each
  • Lampposts: $5,000 each

East Seating area

An architectural rendering of the East Terrace behind Cluett
Scenic gathering space at the East end of the quad, connected by the brick walkway.

An architectural rendering of the new brick pathway and scenic seating areas on the Trinity-Pawling quad
Scenic corner seating areas at each corner of the quad

Light the Way!

As symbolized in Trinity-Pawling’s iconic crest, a lamp represents knowledge, truth, wisdom, and enlightenment — lighting the way for academic learning. This year, as the School transforms the quad walkway, a series of lampposts will be placed strategically around the path. The lamps will illuminate the walkway and gathering spaces at each corner, while signifying the lifelong learning that happens on campus.

We invite you to leave your mark on the School by naming one of these elegant lampposts, lighting the way for generations of students to come.

Lamppost Details

  • 18 lampposts surrounding the quad
  • Lampposts will measure 13 feet high

The Quad Through the Years

The heart of campus...connecting the generations.

Enjoy this photo compilation of the beloved quad at Trinity-Pawling, spanning from the founding of the School in 1907 to present day. 

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