Board of Trustees

Trinity-Pawling School Board of Trustees

Officers (2022-2023)

Erik K. Olstein ’86, P’11,’14,’17 – President
William W. Taylor – Vice President
Douglas E. Ebert ’64 – Vice President and Treasurer
G. Christian Roux, Esq. ’73 – Secretary

Headmaster Emeritus 

Phillips Smith P’79

Current Members

Thomas F. Ahrensfeld, Jr. ’73 – Private Investor
Elizabeth P. Allen – PublishingVolunteer
Christopher M. Ambrose ’80 - Commercial Real Estate Broker
Dianne P. Avlon P’96 – Volunteer
Richard H. Bauer ’70 - Metallurgical Engineering
James L. Bellis, Jr. ’72 – Entrepreneur
Polly Shih Brandmeyer P’25 – Independent Scholar
Michael V. Cerny P’17 – Attorney
W. David Coughlin ’56 – Retired Educator
W. Wallace Danforth ’82 - Investment Advisor
John B. Ferrarone ’98 – Residential Construction
Samuel S. Hemingway ’70 – Corporate Executive
Janet M. Keating P’99 – Volunteer
Michael A. Kovner ’58 – Retired Real Estate Executive
Peter J. McCabe ’68 – Retired Marketing Executive
J.L. Osei Mevs '94 – Government Relations and Healthcare Executive
Maureen F. Miller P’12,’15 – Volunteer, Landscape Designer
Daniel V. Parker ’07 – Banking
David M. Sample ’67 – Retired International Business and Sales Executive
Ryan Schell ’92 – Medical Sales Professional
George T. Stewart – Superintendent of American School Foundation Monterrey
Robert Waegelein ’06 – Chief Financial Officer

Committee Members of the Trustees

Henry B. duPont IV ’86 – Private Investor
Morton L. Fearey II ’84 – Private Investor
Charles E. Stewart III, Esq. P’05,’07 – Attorney and Real Estate Broker

I am proud and honored to be President of the Board of Trustees at Trinity-Pawling. I have the opportunity to give back to an institution which has had such an impact in my life. It's exciting to be a part of contributing to Trinity-Pawling's future growth and success in educating young men."
Erik K. Olstein ’86, Board President