School Response to COVID-19

This page serves as an archive of all school communications, health and safety policies, and decisions made by Trinity-Pawling School during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Last updated: Spring 2021

Building a Bridge to the Future

"I am proud of how our school community has responded to the COVID-19 challenges we have faced since March 2020. Over the last several months, we have demonstrated adaptability, flexibility, and a heartfelt commitment to the common good as we safely re-opened campus and provided both in-person and hybrid learning options to our students. I believe that these same traits will lead us forward into the future, with COVID-19 hopefully behind us.

Trinity-Pawling would not be in a position to open its campus if it were not for the courage of our faculty and all those others who are dedicated to the healthy learning and growth of the boys whom we teach. We continue to educate and instill a value system that prepares young men to be contributing members of society amidst the challenges of an ever-changing world — it’s our mission. Onward!"

- Head of School Bill Taylor

Spring Term 2021

Winter Term

Fall Term 2020: Reopened

The Pride Pandemic Pledge

When we are able to get off of this bridge on the other side, we will do so with the wind at our sails and traction that will allow us to quickly regain the momentum that we have established over the past several years at Trinity-Pawling. I also believe that we will be even a stronger and more vibrant School on the other side of the bridge because of the collective learning and growth that will have taken place.