The Pride Pandemic Pledge

Building the Common Good of Trinity-Pawling

The Pride Pandemic Pledge is a social health contract for the Trinity-Pawling School community. It was shared with students, parents, faculty, and staff prior to the re-opening of campus for the Fall Term. The commitment outlined in the Pride Pandemic Pledge is essential to the health of our community as we navigate the Fall Term and beyond. It requires each community member to comply with specific on-campus health protocols and mitigation strategies to protect the health and safety of all on campus.

As a member of the Trinity-Pawling School community, I pledge to:

Practice social distancing and wear a mask when required

Register all self-health information as part of the daily health screening process

Interact safely with others and respect all health and safety protocols on campus so as to build and protect the common good of the community

Demonstrate healthy habits, including washing hands regularly and keeping spaces clean

Encourage others to do their part in promoting the common good in order to keep the Trinity-Pawling community safe and healthy