Reopening Task Forces

In early June, Trinity-Pawling School administrators created multiple task forces that are working both independently and collaboratively to ensure a comprehensive strategy and plan for how we will operate when the School opens for the 2020-2021 year. Each of these task forces are guided by the interplay of the six critical components of our operational strategy listed above. These task forces address the following areas:

Task Forces and Responsibilities

If you have any questions about the above task forces and their role in reopening Trinity-Pawling for the Fall Term, please reach out to Donna Bellini, Assistant to the Headmaster at

A portrait of Headmaster Bill Taylor at Trinity-Pawling School

A Message from Headmaster Bill Taylor

As the need for more task forces emerge, more will be created. As mentioned above, these task forces are designed to be interdependent and reflect the School's belief that learning and preparation are more comprehensive and thoughtful when done collaboratively.

The work of these task forces constitutes the foundation of the plan that will guide our operation in the coming school year. Much progress has already been done to gather the necessary data that will allow these task forces to come together with a comprehensive plan. This plan will allow Trinity-Pawling to deliver an exceptional learning experience on campus that has been constructed in ways that work to accommodate the necessary provisions that must be in place to respond to the challenges caused by COVID-19.

- Headmaster Bill Taylor