The Trinity-Pawling Advantage

Advantages of a Small Boarding School

A sunny, summer day on the quad at Trinity-Pawling

When it comes to reopening campus, Trinity-Pawling has distinct advantages over larger public schools, independent day schools, or even larger boarding schools with regard to student safety.

  • Trinity-Pawling can provide robust health monitoring protocols because we have nurses who live on campus and a Health Center that is supervised on a 24-hour basis.
  • Most Trinity-Pawling students board on campus, creating an environment where residents' health is easier to monitor and safeguard.
  • Our Center for Learning Achievement, featuring our distinctive LEAD and ESP programs, benefits from a time-tested and unique curriculum that guides instruction, rather than merely providing a support structure for extra-help (something which is available from all of our faculty on a daily basis). All of this is highly accessible at Trinity-Pawling. While we succeeded at providing this type of distinctive programming remotely, its benefits are far more effective when we are all on campus.
  • Most of the dormitories at Trinity-Pawling are small, and all of them are subdivided into smaller units which creates easier monitoring of social distancing parameters.
  • Because we have a much smaller day student population, especially compared to an all-day population, Trinity-Pawling can provide daily screening for students coming onto campus.
  • Trinity-Pawling has a 230-acre campus with many areas to gather outside for meaningful purposes. By many accounts, the virus does not live as long outdoors, and the sunlight is a critical component in mitigating its virulence.
  • Trinity-Pawling has limited entrances to campus which can be monitored. All deliveries can be re-routed to areas not frequented by students.