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Guidance for Parents During Remote Learning

A message from Dean of Counseling Katie Berlandi and Director of the Center for Learning Achievement Roberta Lidl

Recognizing that this is uncharted territory for both students and parents, we as teachers at Trinity-Pawling are wholly and completely committed to your son's learning and growth as we work with them remotely. This process will require creativity, collaboration, and patience as we connect across the globe. Key to the success of each boy's learning is a strong focus, a set schedule, healthy eating, exercising, and time to socialize with family and with friends via social media. Staying connected to the Trinity-Pawling community, academically and socially, will only strengthen the benefits of this remote experience, and we ask that you encourage regular communication, especially when challenges arise. 

Our students are living amidst an uncertain time and are about to embark upon a new way of learning. Both of these circumstances raise a level of angst for them and the adults in their lives. Dr. Mark Reinecke from The Child Mind Institute offered the advice below.

How to Make Home Feel Safe for Kids

Creating a secure home environment is important so that you and your children can deal with stress and uncertainty in a healthy way. Drawing from developmental psychology, here's what parents can do:

  • Be predictable and consistent 
  • Be responsive
  • Be nurturing and affectionate
  • Model calm reassurance and thoughtful problem solving

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Contact Information

Please know that we are here for you. Please reach out at any point along this journey. As always, we committed to you and your son's evolution as a student and a citizen of the world.

Katie Berlandi, Dean of Counseling:
Roberta Lidl, Director of the Center for Learning Achievement:

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In the midst of the rapidly evolving situation around the COVID-19 outbreak, we are here to answer all parent questions and concerns.

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