Returning Belongings to Students

Updated May 21, 2020

Boarding students and families, we recognize it has been a challenge to go without your belongings over the last couple of months. We have very much appreciated your patience as we formulated a plan that ensured the health and safety of you and others within the Trinity-Pawling community. To retrieve your belongings from your dorm room on campus, you will be asked to choose one of two options:

  1. Come to campus
  2. Have your things packed and stored or shipped

Please carefully read the information below to begin the process. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Dutch Keel, Dean of Residential Life, at

Option 1: Come to Campus

Students and families may return to campus on a scheduled basis between May 27 through May 31 and June 3  through June 7 to pack up your belongings. The scheduling will be done via Pick-A-Time and students will select time slots on a first-come, first-served basis. Please use this link to schedule your time to come to campus. To ensure safety and social distancing, there will be a limited number of slots available per dorm, per day. Of course, while it is our intention to open this phase of the process on May 27 and continue through June 7, things could be delayed or postponed if circumstances with the virus and/or state health restrictions change.

Schedule Your Time Slot

Critical Safety Guidelines

The following are critical safety guidelines for students and families who choose to return to campus during this window that must be followed for the entirety of your time on campus:

  • Any family coming to collect belongings should be limited to 3 individuals at most. No individuals may come to campus if they are ill. 
  • No visits to other buildings will be permitted while you are on campus.
  • For the protection of faculty and staff, no visits to their homes will be permitted while you are on campus.
  • Families will have 90 minutes to pack the room.
  • Families should bring their own masks and gloves to wear when indoors or in close proximity with others.
  • A minimum social distance of 10 feet should be maintained at all times with Trinity-Pawling staff or other families.
  • Students and families will not have access to the elevator in Cluett.
  • Students and families should not eat or drink during the move-out.
  • Because move-out time will be limited, any issues that arise should be addressed at another time by phone or email, not during the move.
  • One trash bag will be distributed to your room. When you are done, please take this bag, with all of the contents you no longer want, to the compactor behind Scully Hall. Larger items that will not fit in the garbage bag should be disposed of in the dumpster behind the Maintenance Building.
The Packing Process

All items that we could locate that belong to your son (laundry, athletic equipment, art work, musical instruments, etc.) will be in his room. Should there be items that belong to him in another student's room, we ask you to contact that family directly to arrange the return. We cannot store large furniture over the summer for our returning students. Unfortunately, we also cannot accept donations to the Take It or Leave It (TiLi) at this time, including clothes, decorations, or office chairs. Please take these larger items to the dumpster behind the maintenance building at the back of campus. Unopened food can be left in your room, along with items you would like returned to the school (like library books or athletic equipment). All unopened food will be donated to the Pawling Resource Center.

Returning Dorm Keys

Please note that for students returning to campus, we will ask you to return your keys prior to your departure. A staff member will be at your dorm to collect your keys. You can leave any other items that belong to Trinity-Pawling (library books, gym equipment, etc.) in your rooms after everything is packed.  If you are unable to return to campus, please mail your keys back to the School. These can be addressed to the Facilities Department. Please note that a lost key fee will be charged to your T-P Card account should you not return your keys to the School by June 15, 2020. You should keep your Student ID card.

Option 2: Belongings Packed to be Stored or Shipped

For those students and families unable to return to campus to pack, you will need to indicate your need for packing services on the "Student Belongings Inquiry Form," found attached to this link. Your son might have already completed this form.

Complete Student Belongings Inquiry Form

Once the dorm room has been packed, the Facilities Department at the School will email you the number of boxes that were packed on your behalf.  **Please do not reach out to Dorm Room Movers before you receive an email from the School with the details on your belongings.** Families will then need to arrange storage or shipment of items directly with Dorm Room Movers. Dorm Room Movers information can be found on their website. Costs associated with summer storage, or shipping of items, will be the responsibility of individual families.

Dorm Room Movers

Similar to past years, families will need to enlist the services of our partner, Dorm Room Movers, for storage or shipping. If you plan to ship items, families will need to have Dorm Room Movers coordinate the shipping of boxes and other belongings. The packing of boxes for students who will be storing items for next year or will be shipping items to domestic locations will be done with care by a member of the Trinity-Pawling staff. For students who live overseas and plan to have their belongings shipped home, in order to facilitate the inventory required by customs, the packing will be done by Dorm Room Movers staff. 

COVID-19 Updates and Information

Stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding Trinity-Pawling's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Updates