Mission & History

History of Trinity-Pawling

Dr. Frederick Luther Gamage founded the Pawling School in 1907. He sought to create a new institution that embodied his own educational philosophy, grounded on the idea that effort across the board is the foundation on which all achievement ultimately rests. Three words permeate the ethos of Dr. Gamage: courage, love, and faith. He strove to instill these three traits in "his boys," and every decision Dr. Gamage made revolved around one question: What is best for the boys?

The seven headmasters of Trinity-Pawling, from Dr. Gamage through William W. Taylor, have been guided by two principles: the ethos of effort and a commitment to help every boy discover his distinct gifts and develop new skills. In turn, the faculty provide engaging opportunities that spark a student’s curiosity and cultivate his mind, body, and spirit. Young men graduate from Trinity-Pawling with greater confidence in their academic, athletic, artistic, and leadership skills. 

Aside from a brief period (1973-1985) when girls attended the School as day students, Trinity-Pawling has chosen to remain an all-boys institution dedicated to the education of young men. For more than a century, our faculty has hewed to best practices of helping boys grow into confident young men, as each student taps into his true potential.
Our School has a history of close faculty and student connections. No one falls through the cracks at Trinity-Pawling. Dr. Gamage viewed the school as a natural extension of his own family and that ethos persists today. Faculty and staff are invested in guiding young men. Generations of alumni speak of ‘the Brotherhood,’ the enduring bond forged from living and growing with 300 brothers that lasts a lifetime.
Trinity-Pawling has long cultivated a broad and diverse community, attracting students from around the world. Alumni often attest that their ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds or beliefs was nurtured in their Pawling years. Fostering respect for other cultures is fundamental to the Trinity-Pawling experience and integral for today’s global citizens.

Trinity-Pawling is remarkable in its continuity of philosophy. Dr. Gamage's forward-thinking educational philosophy continues to support a student-centered approach to teaching and learning, one that puts the needs of the students at the center of everything. Such an approach invites both tradition and adaptation. It is timeless. 
Head of school Bill Taylor

Our Mission

Trinity-Pawling School will provide an educational experience that makes a transformational difference in the lives of its students by enabling them to discover and pursue their distinctive gifts and talents.

Core Values

Excellence • Character • Community • Curiosity

A group of Trinity-Pawling students socialize on the quad terrace.