Strategic vision for Trinity-Pawling

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on September 25, 2021

A portrait of Head of School Bill Taylor

A Note from Head of School Bill Taylor

For the past two years, a dedicated and creative group of board members, faculty, and administrators have worked together to reimagine the future of boys’ education at Trinity-Pawling. The outcome is an ambitious strategic vision that will advance the School for the next five years. Our new mission is committed to growth, both for our students and for the School. We are excited about our future, our strategic goals, and the dynamic initiatives that will help us make a transformational difference in the lives of our students. Thank you for your commitment to Trinity-Pawling and your continued support as we move forward.

William W. Taylor, Head of School

Trinity-Pawling always looks to the future.

The Strategic Vision for Trinity-Pawling provides a broad map that will steadily guide the School on its journey in the coming five years. It is aspirational and adaptable, allowing for nimble thinking and flexible responses. Based on two years of inquiry and analysis, the overarching vision encompasses a revised mission statement, four core values, and five strategic goals — each part working interdependently and in unison to impel the School forward.

In creating this vision, the School identified its truly distinct elements and strengths — its core values — excellence, character, community, and curiosity. These represent the foundation of the Trinity-Pawling experience.

The vision is centered on facilitating and ensuring students’ success and transformation. The five strategic goals — mindset, teaching and learning, belonging, campus, and resources — define our priorities and lay the groundwork for how the School moves forward and educates our students.

The learning experience at Trinity-Pawling reflects a deep understanding of what it means to 'provide an educational experience that makes a transformational difference,' and enable students 'to discover and pursue their distinctive gifts and talents.' This transformational experience has remained the essence of a Trinity-Pawling education since our founding in 1907.

Mission Statement: Trinity-Pawling School will provide an educational experience that makes a transformational difference in the lives of its students by enabling them to discover and pursue their distinctive gifts and talents.

A graphic representation of Trinity-Pawling School's Strategic Vision

A group of Trinity-Pawling students work together on a project

Strategic Goals


Trinity-Pawling School will maintain and reimagine the campus resources necessary to provide a healthy and vibrant environment that promotes and supports its transformational agency.

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Enjoy the State of the School Address, presented on March 3, 2022 by Head of School Bill Taylor and Board President Erik Olstein ’86, P’11,’14,’17.

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Trinity-Pawling will always adapt while maintaining the foundation of community, brotherhood, and commitment to innovation and excellence in boys’ education.
Erik Olstein ’86, P’11,’14,’17, Board President