Commitment to Student Safety

Trinity-Pawling School has a responsibility to effectively protect our students and serve our community in accordance with the highest standards of care and integrity. We have a solemn duty to all students, alumni, and parents to live up to the trust they have placed in us, be good stewards of the institution in service of our entire alumni community and society as a whole, and ensure that our practices adequately reflect these commitments. Most importantly, we want to ensure that students today and in the future feel — and are — safe at Trinity-Pawling. 

Setting Higher Standards - Protecting Students Today

Trinity-Pawling must always cultivate a safe and nurturing environment and continue to earn the trust of Trinity-Pawling students, parents, and alumni. To that end, in June 2016 we adopted and communicated enhanced policies and operating procedures, which we remain committed to regularly reviewing and updating whenever we see room for improvement. These include:

  • In addition to at-hire and ad hoc training, faculty and staff are formally trained on a yearly basis on our policy against sexual contact and appropriate boundaries with students, as well as the consequences for violating that policy;
  • The School has a hotline where anonymous reports can be made of any inappropriate or unethical behavior. This hotline is posted in all dormitories and other prominent places on campus; and,
  • We have written a new protocol for investigating and reporting any future violations to ensure that our actions are thorough, fair, and fully documented.
  • The School adopted a Code of Conduct in the fall of 2017 that all faculty, staff, and students receive annually and are expected to adhere to at all times.

Contact Information

If you have knowledge of misconduct of any kind that occurred at Trinity-Pawling, we would encourage you to share that information through one of the following:

  • Contact Head of School Bill Taylor directly through office phone 845-855-4801 or by email;
  • Use Trinity-Pawling's EthicsPoint Hotline, our highly confidential, anonymous reporting portal hosted by Navex.