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Our students are curious about the world around them, so they are often involved in many, varied pursuits. We encourage the boys to try new things, and clubs are a great way for them to branch out. Trinity-Pawling's clubs and organizations are created and run by students with support from the faculty. And if students can't find the exact group they are looking for, they can start their own! In joining these many activities, students can pursue their passions, discover new interests, and build lasting friendships. Dive in!

Over 55 clubs to choose from!

The 55 different co-curricular clubs and activities offered on campus reflect our students' distinct combination of interests and their freedom to pursue multiple passions at once.

There's no distinction between 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade. All the kids just help each other and vibe so well together in everything they do on campus.CYnthia Bolding P’20

Members of the Dog Walking Club at Trinity-Pawling meet on the quad
Trinity-Pawling Drama Society actors present Peter and the Starcatcher in Gardiner Theater


Amen Boys

This group is responsible for leading grace at family-style meals in Scully Dining Hall and holding meetings throughout each term for fellowship and open discussions. 

Asian Society

The Asian Society at Trinity-Pawling exposes students to the Asian cultures present on campus and to educate them about the customs, food, and language of each nation represented. The club also provides a supportive atmosphere for students from around the world and for those American students interested in learning about other cultures. This club is open to all students — international and domestic.

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club explores the beginnings of human flight, the change in planes over time, and how planes and drones are used today. Beyond the history and future of planes, this club also examines how the planes’ mechanical equipment works and the physics of planes in flight. Members participate in drone flights and flight simulations throughout each term.

Baking Club

Baking Club meets regularly throughout the school year to explore new recipes, bake together, and share their delicious, homemade food.

Bridge Club

In the game of bridge there is a saying, “There are three types of bridge players: (1) Those who can count, and (2) those who can't.” Bridge Club introduces students to the fascinating card game of Bridge, which uses a combination of logic, luck, and a good partner. Students start with the basic understanding of the game and learn by playing. Once a week, the club sets aside an hour to play and welcomes all skill levels. 

Campus Advancement Club

Campus Advancement meets once a week to take on different tasks that will better the community. We plan these tasks as a group and pick one to do each week. It’s a great way to give back to our community and is a positive addition to your college resume.

Chapel Acolytes And Vergers

The Acolytes ensure the smooth execution of chapel services each week. Acolytes assist at the altar and help maintain the sacristy, and Vergers serve as ushers. Acolytes and Vergers are on duty once a week for services and meet once a month for rehearsals and fellowship.

Cheese Club

The Cheese Club meets monthly to sample farmhouse cheeses from around the world. Discussions include the origin and history of the cheese, along with its pairings with companion foods.

Chess Club

Both beginners and experts at "regular" and/or Chinese Chess meet twice a month to learn, improve, have a few laughs, and enjoy some snacks. All levels welcome. 

Coffee And Tea Club

The Coffee and Tea Club seeks to explore the world of coffee and tea. By trying different coffees, making coffee with different water, and trying different additives like milk, cream, and sugar, members seek to understand what goes into making good coffee. In addition, during each session a member is responsible for teaching the group about different aspects of the world of coffee. Ultimately, the goal is to have students feel comfortable in picking out and making good coffee.

Cooking Club

Meeting bi-weekly, the Cooking Club prepares a meal from desire to devouring, from recipe to restaurant-quality repast. In addition to great feasting, students learn a variety of cooking techniques that wow parents, peers, and teachers alike. Membership limited to 8.

Computer Repair Club

The Computer Repair Club teaches students to be ‘tech support’ on campus. They help classmates, faculty, and staff maintain their computers and fix any hardware/software issues as they arise. Students learn about computer hardware, software, and even have the opportunity to build their own desktops!

Cribbage Club

Students learn and play the card game of Cribbage one-on-one and in teams. Tournament play is common at our weekly meetings.

Debate Club

The Debate Club learns the art of arguing. Competing internally and then branching out to debate other schools, student learn the rules and styles of debate and how to construct an argument in a limited amount of time.

Diversity Club

Diversity Club meets periodically to discuss diversity on Trinity-Pawling’s campus and ways to become more inclusive. 

Drama Society/Tech Crew

Trinity-Pawling Drama Society is open to actors, builders, creators, crew members, and more. The club exposes students to the theater arts, acting, technical work, set building, and carpentry. The Tech Crew attends to all the technical aspects of the shows, including designing and running the lights, and running the stage crew sound.

Environmental Council

Environmental Council allows students to investigate global environmental issues and create local environmental solutions.

Film Club

Film Club meets 1-2 times a month for film viewing and discussion. We also make films of our own. Together, we can offer constructive criticism and production.

Dog Walking Club 

Boys in this club are each responsible for one faculty dog as they walk, play, and spend quality time with our many four-legged community members.

Finance Club

Finance Club meets once or twice a month. Each club member receives a fictitious sum of $20,000 to spend on stocks. The club members keep track of the gains and losses made over the course of the term. When students buy or sell a stock they must provide a reason for why they bought it and present research on their stock of choice. The person who has the most gains at the end of each term (fall, winter, spring) wins a pizza dinner.

Flag Football Club

Flag Football club plays Thursdays on the quad during the fall and spring terms. Participants need to be a member of another club to receive effort marks during the winter term.

Gamage's Greenhouse

Get your hands dirty and learn about farming! Club members and faculty grow and harvest some of the vegetables served in Scully Hall. We need boys to help with watering, harvesting, planting, building garden beds, and turning dinner food scraps into compost. No experience needed! Some off-campus trips to local farms may be included as well. Gamage's Greenhouse is located in the field behind Scully Hall.

Health And Wellness Club

The Health and Wellness club considers ways that our students can live healthier lifestyles, including improved nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band exposes students to various jazz genres, teaching different musical styles, instruments, and performance techniques. 

Karaoke Club

Karaoke Club meets once a week during the winter term in The Cave. Providing an opportunity to express your inner rock star — goofballs, show-offs, and the truly talented are encouraged to attend. Full effort credit is also given to regular audience members. 

Key Club (Tour Guides)

The Key Club tour guides assist the Office of Admissions in organizing and leading campus tours for prospective families and students. *Students wishing to be considered for Key Club must be in Groups 1 or 2 and should notify the Office of Admissions of their interest to join the club. This club is by invitation only.

Makers Club

 Students have the opportunity to explore new technologies, make prototypes of their own design, bring in projects, and work collaboratively on something new. Small gas engines, electronics, 3D printing, and theater prop-making are just a few examples of what might be explored. The club meets weekly in the Learning Commons I-Site.

Math Club

Math Club provides a student-driven support system for Trinity-Pawling boys in all levels of mathematics and allows them to pursue higher learning via the AMC 10/12 competitions in February.

Mindfulness Club

What does mindfulness mean? What can practicing mindfulness do to enhance our lives? How can we be more mindful in our daily lives — on the field, in the classroom, with our friends? This club will discuss mindfulness and begin to explore the practice of mindfulness in our daily lives.

Model United Nations

Model UN prepares for the annual Ivy League Model United Nations Conference and discusses world politics, policies, and current events. 

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students plan, lead, and participate in various school and community service projects throughout the year. Students with a grade point average of at least 90% are invited to apply at specific times throughout the year.

Outing Club

 The Outing Club takes students off campus to enjoy local hikes, white water rafting trips, rock climbs, or similar outside activities. Must be adventurous to join!

Outdoor Cooking Club

Meeting bi-weekly, the Outdoor Cooking Club explores the art of cooking in an outdoor brick oven. Students learn how to make pizza by hand using the School’s own student-made outdoor pizza oven. Students in the club are ambassadors of the outdoor oven and are in charge of assisting other faculty, student groups, and advisory gatherings when the oven is requested to be used. Barbecuing and outdoor oven baked goods will also be explored in the club. 

Off-Campus Fun Club

This group takes trips off-campus several times each term to explore fun things in the area. Have you ever been to Chinatown in New York City? Do you know how maple syrup is tapped from trees? Join the Off-Campus Fun Club and check out some of the great places nearby! 

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a weekly, student-produced newspaper, using the traditions established by The Pawling School Weekly. We seek reporters, editors, and writers for news, sports, features, fiction, and opinion, as well as technical help for layout and production. We meet weekly, and deadlines for written works are every Wednesday.

Poker Club

In this club, students will learn to play poker and the theory and mathematics behind winning poker strategies.

Radio Show

The Voices of Trinity-Pawling is a live, hour-long radio show held at the local Pawling Public Radio Station each Friday evening during the school year. Any and all are welcome to participate with a show of your own or a regular segment. The segments are recorded and available on MixCloud.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life raises money to combat cancer. Throughout the year, the group organizes fundraisers to support the organization. In May, the students partners with Relay for Life club members at Westover School and together, host a day of celebration and support. Relay for Life is always in need of volunteers to help with raising money through athletics, can/bottle collections, and organizing the day’s events.

Rock Band

Trinity-Pawling’s Rock Band exposes students to various rock genres, musical styles, instruments, and performances. Participation in Jazz Band is a prerequisite.

Rubik's Cube Club

Meeting weekly, this club is designed to teach students to solve this 3D, cubed wonder in record time.

The School Spirit Club

The School Spirit Club will strive to bring zeal and school excitement to our fans. Initially focusing on signage for home games, this group leads the way in supporting the Pride in every athletic event.

Strategy Board Games Club

This club allows members to relax and enjoy the playing of strategy games of all types. The club has a large collection of games including Seven Wonders, The Resistance, Cosmic Encounter, Dominion, Pandemic, Twilight Imperium, Dixit, and dozens more. No experience necessary — we'll teach you all you need to know!

Strength and Conditioning Club

In this club, students will participate in weight lifting and physical conditioning.

Students' Corner

Students’ Corner is a committee-styled group focused on creating discussion-based training programs for the Trinity-Pawling community. The focus of these training programs are flexible and student-led and primarily focuses on sexual-assault, bystander intervention, race, and gender. The club meets every 2 weeks.

String Music Club

The String Music Club meets once a week for rehearsals. We cover classical music for those who can read music and play violin, viola, cello, acoustic guitar, and piano.

Student Activities

Students in the club assist the Director of Student Activities with the planning and promotion of a wide variety of student activities, including school dances, concerts, speakers, events, and outings.

Student-Faculty Senate

Trinity-Pawling subscribes to the philosophy that everyone is here to serve others and promote good communication among all segments of the community. The Student-Faculty Senate was formed to initiate, encourage, and coordinate services and activities beneficial to all. The Senate is an advisory but not policy-making body, composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors elected by their dormitories, the senior prefects, and a faculty advisor. 

3D Printing Club

The 3D Printing Club teaches students to use 3D design programs to make their own objects on the School’s 3D printer.

Theater Trips/NYC Club

To take full advantage of the live theater offered in New York City, the Theater Trips/NYC Club offers monthly outings to plays, musicals, and theater performances in the city. Please note: students do not receive an activity rating for attending theater trips.

Trading Card Game Club

Trading Card Game club provides a space for students to come together and enjoy collectible card games. Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering are perennial favorites, but we are happy to try new games too. Join us!


Trinity-Pawling’s premier vocal group performs on and off campus for a variety of special events, holiday, and Chapel celebrations. Membership is by audition only. 

Type-In Club

The purpose of the Type-In Club is to educate fellow students about the interesting and creative way of typing on a typewriter. We meet twice a month on Mondays before study hall in the library. The members learn how to touch type and can use the typewriters provided to do some creative writing, draw, play games, or even complete homework.

Usher Club

The Usher Club trains and provides ushers for school concerts and events in the Chapel and Gardiner Theater, including school plays, music concerts, Trinitone concerts, lectures, and visiting artist presentations. Students are required to arrive at the facility 15-30 minutes before the event, hand out programs, help with the seating of the audience, and assist at the end of the event by picking up after the audience leaves. Ushers should participate in one other activity to ensure an activity rating. 

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is the Science Department’s student-produced magazine — published twice a year. Joining the club allows students to explore, research, and write articles for each publication.

Yoga Club

Yoga Club meets once a week to practice Yoga. No experience is necessary. Members provide their own mats.