Service Learning

Grounded in the School’s philosophy is a strong belief that we gain a better understanding of ourselves through service to others. By helping others in the community, Trinity-Pawling students gain greater insight into the value of service and the importance of strengthening relationships between people. We design each service opportunity with the understanding that any educational experience can begin with empathy. It's about making an effort to go outside of ourselves and understand the other — be it a person, culture, or situation. Our service learning program allows students to become actively engaged in learning the reasons why a particular service is needed in a specific area.

Trinity-Pawling students are encouraged to complete several community service projects throughout the year. The School is continuously working to develop partnerships and community service opportunities with organizations like Habitat for Humanity Dutchess County, Special Olympics, Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership, Pawling Resource Center, and many more. Participating in service projects with these organizations gives the boys the opportunity to engage with the world around them and make a tangible impact.

Giving Back

Service learning is about becoming aware, compassionate, and willing. It's learning to be conscious of those around us and embracing opportunities to do things for others. Taking care of one another — that's what it's all about.

Trinity-Pawling students collecting returnables in CLYNK bags to support Relay for Life

Relay for Life & CLYNK

Every year, Trinity-Pawling partners with Westover School in the annual Relay for Life event. This year, the joint event raised over $8,000 for the American Cancer Society. A great deal of the students' fundraising for the event comes from collecting returnables on campus in CLYNK bags. CLYNK is a program offered through our local Hannaford supermarket that streamlines the redemption of cans and bottles. We look forward to many years ahead of supporting the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives and celebrate life.

Trinity-Pawling student poses with a winning athlete at the Special Olympics

Special Olympics

A group of students supported the Special Olympics Regional Spring Games at West Point Military Academy and the Hudson Valley Region’s Regional West time trials at Woodbury-Monroe High School. At both games, students staffed events such as shot put, long jump, and turbo javelin toss, and were commended for their helpfulness, friendliness, and support of the athletes. It's always a great experience supporting a fantastic community of athletes and their families!

Trinity-Pawling Middle Schoolers buying groceries for the Pawling Resource Center

Pawling Resource Center

Every year during December, the Middle School class takes a trip to the local grocery store to purchase food items for the Pawling Resource Center. They deliver the donations, help to stock the shelves, and learn more about how they can help the Resource Center provide for the community. Just one of many ways that Trinity-Pawling students give back!

A group of Trinity-Pawling boys serving dinner at the Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership

Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership

This group served as volunteers at the Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership (BESP) in Brewster, NY. It is an organization that provides warm meals and a safe place to sleep to those without a home. Trinity-Pawling looks forward to expanding our partnership with BESP and continuing to help them make a difference in our community each year.

Group of boys at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Dutchess County

ReStore of Habitat for Humanity 

This group of Trinity-Pawling boys helped Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County with one of their biggest events and fundraisers of the year at ReStore of Habitat Dutchess! The students helped with setting up the event and assisting customers throughout the day. Another great service-learning experience! 


Mr. Dunbar taught me true character comes from doing the right things without praise. I watched him going out of his way in a snowstorm to pick up trash. The life lesson, “What do you do when no one is watching?” ...I happened to be watching from my third floor window on that cold January day, a lesson I will never forget.
John L. chapman ’77