Student Leadership

There are countless opportunities for students to develop leadership skills at Trinity-Pawling. Our community is intentionally designed to unleash the full potential of each student. Classes, clubs and activities, dorms, community service, and athletics are all venues for students to assume both official and unofficial positions of leadership, build their confidence, and become effective role models.

Boys on the quad as leaders of student life

I learned more about leadership in my two years at T-P than I did in my four years at West Point.
Kevin Emore ’99

Leadership Opportunities


Prefects are seniors who are elected by the student body and faculty. They serve as true leaders for the student body and model School ideals of honor, respect, and hard work. Prefects collaborate with their fellow students, as well as with the faculty and administration throughout the year. Each prefect is assigned a specific area of oversight as part of his leadership responsibilities, which includes student life, academics, the arts, honor, zeal, service, and victuals. Prefects also serve as chairmen of a sub-committee of the Student-Faculty Senate. The role of a prefect at Trinity-Pawling is significant. The group of young men who serve as prefects each year learn that leadership is both an art and a skill. They graduate from Trinity-Pawling knowing what it means to be an effective leader, a good role model, and honorable community member. 


Proctors are upperclassmen leaders who help with overseeing the day-to-day operation of a dorm. While final evening check-ins, disciplinary matters, and more serious academic and social concerns are handled exclusively by dorm parents, proctors have an important leadership role in Trinity-Pawling’s residential program. Proctors are appointed by the Faculty Senior Leadership Committee. As leaders both in and out of the dorms, they set the tone for evening study hall and dorm responsibilities, offer extra help to younger boys, oversee weekly dorm clean-ups, and foster a fun, supportive dorm atmosphere.

Senior Leadership Program

The senior leadership program is an outdoor education experience held each spring with the junior class. During the spring term, juniors participate in the Ropes Course at the Indian Mountain School in Lakeville, Connecticut. For over 25 years, the Ropes Course has served as an experiential learning vehicle that teaches teamwork, camaraderie, and trust. Problem-solving, trust-building exercises, and the high and low ropes elements provide Trinity-Pawling students with the tools and experience to be effective leaders.

Honor Council

Honor Council is formed by select members of the student body and faculty. Its purpose is to nurture a community that values character and mutual trust. When necessary, it will hear cases involving dishonorable behavior and make recommendations to the Headmaster regarding disciplinary consequences. The Honor Council holds the Trinity-Pawling Honor Code in trust for all future and past students, faculty, and alumni in an effort to create an educational and proactive group. 

Student Senate

Trinity-Pawling subscribes to the philosophy that everyone is here to serve others and promote good communication among all segments of the community. The Student Senate was formed to initiate, encourage, and coordinate services and activities beneficial to all. The Senate is an advisory but not policy-making body, composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors elected by their dormitories, the senior prefects, and a faculty advisor. 

Key Club Tour Guides

The Key Club tour guides assist the Office of Admissions in organizing and leading campus tours for prospective families and students. 

Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors are student leaders selected by senior administrators and the Office of Advancement. The Alumni Ambassador program is designed exclusively for outstanding juniors and seniors. These students are proven leaders within the School community, embody the School’s core values, and represent the student body as they connect with our large network of distinguished alumni.

Dean’s Advisory Council

The Dean’s Advisory Council is comprised of 6-8 seniors who assist with matters of attendance, mentoring, and who assist administrators in a variety of weekly tasks. 

Team Captains

The position of team captain is given to those student-athletes who demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship, and respect both in and out of the athletic arena. With this great honor comes great responsibility. A captain must be reliable, dedicated, and caring — providing support and motivation to his teammates throughout each season.

Club Leaders

Trinity-Pawling has over 55 clubs on campus, each one with a student leader. This allows students to assume leadership positions in areas that pique their interests and passions.